The pressure cooker is one of the most useful tools in the kitchen: did you know, however, that it can also be electric ? This type of pressure cooker is modern and functional, it is activated with a simple button and can perform various operations (not only normal cooking, but also for example steam cooking, browning, sterilization of containers, etc.).

Electric pressure cookers are available on the market in numerous models : they differ in size, power, programs and other characteristics. Thanks to such a pot, you can prepare healthy and tasty dishes and plan cooking even 24 hours in advance. At the preset time, pressure is generated, just like with classic gas pans, and the food cooks quickly.

The advantages of electric pressure cookers

Electric pressure cookers have a number of benefits. Basically, they are comfortable and practical to use, and are ideal for those with little time to devote to cooking. In fact, the foods will be cooked in a few minutes, faster than traditional methods.

Another positive side concerns energy saving : the best pressure cookers that fall into this category consume small quantities of electricity . These tools make it possible to significantly limit energy waste, an always important goal in domestic environments.

Let’s not forget that foods cooked in an electric pressure cooker are more genuine , since this technique allows you to preserve macronutrients and vitamins – something that does not happen with other methods. The meat remains soft and tender, the vegetables keep their flavor intact even if it is delicate. In short, with electric pressure cookers you get excellent results in the kitchen!

Electric pressure cookers and functions

In principle, all electric pressure cookers have functions such as timer , temperature, pressure and cooking time . In this way, food preparation is customized: it is possible to adjust all these parameters to decide the cooking duration, to increase or lower the pressure level , to set cooking in the following hours, to change the temperature of the pan itself.

To these fundamental functions are added others, including that to sterilize containers , baby bottles, glass jars and so on. The number of functions of an electric pressure cooker varies greatly.

Electric pressure cooker buying guide

As we have already mentioned to you, there are several elements to consider when buying an electric pressure cooker: among these we mention the size and power .

The standard capacity of the pot fluctuates between 4 and 6 liters, but there are also larger or smaller items. The choice, more than anything else, depends on how many family members there are. The power can also change, ranging from 450 to 1,400 watts approximately.

Another criterion to keep in mind is the presence of accessories such as silicone gaskets, steel or tempered glass lids, the removable steamer basket and the ceramic one. All these details clearly result in a higher price .

Latest generation electric pressure cookers

If you love to experiment in the kitchen and don’t want to give up technology, a must for you is the smart electric pressure cooker : the one that connects to an app with bluetooth , and therefore can also be managed and controlled remotely . For example, this solution is perfect if you come home late from work and want to find a hot dinner ready.

In addition, a pot of this type is made to share recipes , to send photos of the dishes and to stay in touch with a real community!

What can be cooked with electric pressure cookers

A great advantage of electric pressure cookers is the ability to cook many things. Pasta , rice and soups , of course, but also meat (roasted and braised), yogurt, soups , vegetables , sauces such as ragu and so on and so forth. For each food there is a function, including yogurt, beans (legumes), poultry (poultry), meat (meat) etc.