Dark is a German original Netflix series and the first to be broadcast from this country. To the delight of all his followers, the platform has just announced the launch of the second season . The series, whose first season aired on December 1, 2017, was a great success and has been well received by critics.
Some have even compared it to another Netflix original series, ‘Stranger Things’, although as the chapters progressed, Dark began to stand out for herself . The complexity of the plot and the rhythm of the episodes were its most outstanding aspects and acclaimed by the public.
This Netflix original series has been created by Baran bo Odar, known for his film ‘Hackers: no system is secure’ and for Jantje Friese, screenwriter and film producer.

Release Date
Dark Season 2 will air on Netflix on June 21 . The premiere date of the series has been announced along with the first trailer for the second season, a small preview to open the mouth of the new season of Dark.

Dark Trailer
The first trailer for Dark Season 2 features the series’ main characters facing death in different forms and at different times. In the trailer we can see the protagonist, Jonas, in a practically post-apocalyptic future, and in which he tries to survive and return home. The images go backwards and it is explained that everything is connected and that the Apocalypse has to happen.
Still from the second season of Dark. | Netflix.
The trailer, which lasts just 40 seconds, extends over two time lines to form a plot to which we cannot help but get hooked by the intense images that are revealed.
The triggering factors, the fear of what happened, what will happen to our favorite characters and what the families will do to defend themselves are the intrigues that will be revealed with the premiere of the second season of Dark .

The argument
This Netflix series is based on the fictional German town of Winden, where some children suddenly disappeared. This incident reveals the secrets of four families (the Kahnwalds, the Nielsens, the Dopplers, and the Tiedemanns) and their fractured relationships, their double lives, and how the children’s incident lies in a mystery that spans three generations, along with the importance of the local nuclear power plant.
The series is set in 2019, but switches between the past and the present, specifically 1986 and 1953 due to time travel.
Dark season 2 will follow the journey of Jonas and Stranger(believed to be Jonas Kahnwald from the future) trying to stop the time loop that is the main cause of the missing children, the wormhole that opened, and everything that has gone wrong in Winden, including that officer Ulrich’s brother disappeared in 1986. Can they finally stop Noah, the priest who is hell-bent on wanting to control time travel

? What will happen in the second season of Dark
“Welcome to the future”. Thus begins the trailer for the second season of Dark.
Since Jonas had traveled to a post-apocalyptic desert at the end of the first season, it seems clear that much of the action of season two will be devoted to understanding exactly what happened to precipitate the apocalypse.of 2052 hinted at during the first season, and if anything can be done to stop it.
Of course, with the characters intertwined through time and the mysterious “Noah” seeking to control and rewrite all of mankind’s history and future, there are hundreds of unanswered questions in this series of mystery and intrigue.
Trailer for the second season of Dark. | Netflix.
It has been confirmed that the second season, made up of eight new episodes, will include new characters and new time levels, both in the past and in the future.

The new cast members who will be part of this new season are Sylvester Groth, Winfried Glatzeder and Sandra Borgmann .
The actorLouis Hofmann plays the role of Jonas Kahnwald in the series. He is a high school student who is struggling to cope with the death of his father, who committed suicide.

Oliver Masucci plays the role of Ulrich Nielsen, who is a police officer and belongs to one of the families whose secrets are being revealed. He is the husband of Katharina and the father of Magnus, Martha and Mikkel.
The third major character in the series is Charlotte Doppler, played by actress Karoline Eichhorn . She is Winden’s chief of police in the present.
Actress Lisa Kreuzerplays the role of Claudia Tiedemann and was the director of the nuclear plant in 1986. This is the plant under which there is a wormhole.
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