To avoid that when we browse the Internet we come across fraudulent links to the pages we try to access or because we are not interested in visiting certain websites, there are very simple tutorials that will allow us to block web pages in the most effective way possible and that will allow us to have protected our team against any potential threat.

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Why block some web pages
The less experienced in the use of technology may not understand the utility of blocking pop-up web pages, however this form of control can be a good option if you share the same computer with other people or of wanting to limit access to the same of the smallest, what is known as “parental control in Google”.
Beyond installing antivirus and installing programs that block access to or download certain links, an alternative way can be to block web pages in Chrome, something that will help us whether we use a computer or a mobile phone.

How to block web pages in Google Chrome
Preventing access to certain domains is possible by following these steps:

1. Open Google Chrome
From here, we have to look for the “Customize and control Google” menu , which we will find in the upper right corner (represented by three vertical points). In the window that will be displayed next, look for the “Settings” option and then click on “Advanced settings”. This last step will open hidden controls.

2. Privacy
This is one of the controls that remained hidden in the previous section. Once we enter, we locate “Content settings” , which is in the penultimate position of the first table of alternatives. From there, we will click on “Images” and, from there, on “Manage exceptions” or “Block”, depending on the operating system.

3. Select the links that we want to avoid
If we press the “Add” button we will be able to list those links that we want to prevent .

How to block web pages on Android
As we said above, it is also possible to prevent pop-up windows on Android, something that not all users of these mobile phones seem to know about. Here is the most basic formula to achieve it

1. Download “Block Site” program
This free application, available in the Google store, is ideal for blocking web pages from your mobile . Typing the name in the search bar will appear as the first option and we can proceed to download it.

2. Enable “Block Site”
Already in the memory of the phone, we open the application and click on “Enable” , in this way we will be setting it up so that it is useful to us. Once prepared, we will confirm by pressing the “Understand” button.

3. Enable “Block Site” from the configuration tool
“Block Site” is an option found in the “Accessibility” menu and is activated as follows: clicking on the option and turning the switch off (slide it from left to right) next to it.

4. Reopen “Block Site”
If you have closed Block Site, you have to open it again and look for the “+” button, which you will find in the lower right corner of the screen.It is from there that we will open the site that will allow us to block unwanted web pages.

5. Select the links that we are going to avoid
To avoid pop-up windows and those domains that we want to eliminate, we must enter the complete url in the corresponding text field that will appear at the top (selecting it or typing it by hand).
Then we will mark the “seen” symbol, or “tick” in English, which is in the upper right margin. Once we accept, the links will be added to a list of web pages blocked by BlockSite and which cannot be accessed from Chrome.

And what to do to unlock these pages
Fortunately, all these steps can be reversed in case we want to re-enable pages that we had previously blocked. To undo the option, you just have to click on the famous garbage can icon that appears on the right when we enter the name of the web.

How to block web pages on Mac
To be able to use this type of restriction on a Mac computer, you need to do it as an administrator of the account.

1. Open “Terminal”
We will find this application in Spotlight , clicking the magnifying glass of the search engine. Just write the word to find it.

2. Write “sudo nano / etc / hosts”
This code is the command with the hosts files that will give access to some websitesand restrict the same to others. Once finished, you have to click on “Enter” and put the user password in the box that appears and again, “Enter”. In this way, we will be authorized to proceed.

3. Indicate the page that we will block
For this step, we must include new lines for each prohibited web page. We have to go down to the bottom, click “Enter” and write “” and, on the right, the link with the “www” and the “.com” to block the web pages that we want.
It is important to remember that each line will correspond to a new page, otherwise it will not work.

4. Save the changes
To complete the action successfully, it is necessary to exit the editor once the changes have been saved.

5. Renew the history cache
In this way, we update all the registered changes so that the browser prevents access where we have indicated that it should not.

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