We’ve been wanting to know more about Stranger Things season 3 for months . With the premiere of the trailer and the revelation of the release date, some doubts were cleared about the plot arc of the third installment of the Netflix star series.
The end of the second season left us with a bittersweet taste. Eleven managed to close the Upside Down World, but after the school dance it became clear that the Mind Flayer, that huge multi-armed beast, was still stalking the quiet
town of Hawkins.

What is Stranger Things season 3 about?
As is necessary, the advance begins with eighties music. In the previous two seasons, the series created by the Duffer brothers has been able to take advantage of the nostalgia of the 80s to tell a horror story, yes, suitable for all audiences. This time it will be no different and the soundtrack promises to be up to the task.
Trailer for the third season of Stranger Things. | Netflix.
There will also be references to the cult cinema of the 80s. We have already seen how those responsible for the series paid particular tribute to mythical films such as ET The Extraterrestrial or Ghostbusters. Now it is the turn of Back to the Future , which will have a specific weight on stage or in the locker room, among other things.
Apparently, as was the case with season 2, there will be a considerable time jump. The children grow older as the story progresses and discover more about the secret organization that held Eleven captive. That will also be noticed in these 10 chapters and in their friendships.
The action starts in the summer, which means we’ll see fewer scenes at school and more freedom to explore the town of Hawkins. The starting point is the celebration of the 4th of July , announced loudly by Mayor Kline.
On the other hand, we continue to witness the beautiful relationship of friendship (and something else) between Mike and Eleven. The second season closed with a school dance and an emotional rapprochement, so in season 3 (and as we can see in the preview) the relationship between the two evolves. Both discover what love means at that age, with its pertinent insecurities and doubts.
Trailer for the third season of Stranger Things. | Netflix.
We also delve into the relationship between Police Chief Jim Hopper and Joyce Bryes . This love affair seems doomed to failure, because both are quite complicated people full of traumas. Actor David Harbor stated the following about his character: “The funny thing about all this is that, if that ever happens (the relationship between the two characters), it will also be a disaster.”
The one who will have the easiest things in this season 3 will be Will. The boy had terrifying precognitive visions in the second installment and we were all anguished to see how Mike’s best friend suffered the worst of it. Although he will continue to deal with his inner demons , the character played by Noah Schnapp will have a well-deserved rest.
As the trailer progresses, we realize that this time it may be Dustin’s turn to suffer , who has a curious altercation with his favorite toys and ends up spraying good old Lucas with pepper spray.

cast As we have noted before, one of the new additions is that of Mayor Larry Kline (Cary Elwes), which is the stereotype of the corrupt political leader of the 80s (as if there were none now). Who also appears in the trailer is Robin (Maya Hawke) , a girl who does not fit into society but who could make good friends with Nancy and, above all, Steve.
Trailer for the third season of Stranger Things. | Netflix.
The rest of the cast is completed by the stars who have already participated in the two previous installments, such as Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Calen McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, David Harbour, Natalia Fyer, Winona Rider or Joe Keery among many others.

Release date
Season 3 premieres on the same day the fiction begins: July 4either. Netflix has always made excellent marketing campaigns for the series premiere, as it did with the second installment on Halloween, so we expect some important news before the premiere.
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