Part of the cast and crew of ‘Cobra Kai’ were present last Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con where they revealed some details of the upcoming season 3 of the YouTube Premium series.
Among those present were the Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Martin Kove, Xolo Mariduena, Mary Mouser, Tanner Buchanan, and executive producers and creators Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg.

What happened in season 2 of ‘Cobra Kai’
In the second season, the series went beyond the bad blood between enemies Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) to include the students in his dojo. The season culminates with an outburst at the high school where Robby (Tanner Buchanan) pushes Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) over the stair railing and toward an uncertain fate. The shocking result sets the stage for the two instructors to question their teaching philosophy in the upcoming season.

What will happen in season 3
Part of that self-reflection will consist of delving into the origins of each of the dojos. Throughout the series, Daniel has deeply felt the loss of his sensei, Mr. Miyagi (the late Pat Morita). In Season 3, part of his exploration of Miyagi-Do will involve digging deeper into his roots .
As Josh Heald commented, “We found that Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do dig into those origins a little bit. On that trip, we will see Daniel LaRusso return to Okinawa .” Fans of the franchise originally saw Daniel visit Mr. Miyagi’s hometown in the sequel to the original film, ‘The Karate Kid II’. In that movie, Daniel met and had a brief romance with Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita).
Daniel’s understanding and appropriation of karate is primarily due to his interactions with his sensei. After Miyagi’s death, Daniel’s apprenticeship seemed to have stalled , though he used the glory of his former karate tournament in his work, when he talked about beating the competition or offering an extra bonsai for customers at his car dealership. cars.
Some main characters of ‘Cobra Kai’ | YouTube Premium
Although the cast has not yet started shooting the third season, Xolo Mariduena said that although Miguel may have a broken neck and back, his loyalty is with Johnny and added that “I think he understands that it is not his fault. of Johnny what happened to him.”
On the other hand, William Zabka says that the feeling is mutual regarding Johnny’s attitude towards Miguel, but the teacher’s real son, Robby, may also need his help in season 3 after the accident that caused the injury. Zabka doesn’t know what would happen if Johnny had to choose between the two boys, but he wanted to take care of them and “give them some beer and bullshit.”

When does it premiere?
YouTube Premium will release past seasons of ‘Cobra Kai’ for free . Thus, all episodes of season 1 will be available for free on August 29, while season 2 will be released one episode per week starting on September 11.

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