The use of short tongue twisters is a method that will favor the pronunciation of the little ones , when they begin to expand their vocabulary or present certain difficulties in the articulation of words.
Any child can practice and lose their embarrassment reciting the short tongue twisters of different difficulty that make up our article today. A good alternative to going to the speech therapist, without a doubt.

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28 short tongue twisters to practice pronunciation
Tackling diction problems and improving fluency is possible by practicing any of the following short tongue twisters. 1. Three sad tigers swallow wheat in a wheat field
. What better way to start than with a whole classic of the short tongue twisters that they taught us in school ? 2. The sky is made of bricks, who will unbrick it?
The unbrick to unbrick it, good unbrick sera

With the hole in the ozone layer, the strange thing is that the sky hasn’t already fallen on us. 3. The key ring has no keys Who took the keys from the key ring
An excellent tongue twisterto practice the digraph of / ll/ . 4. Side, ledo, lido, mud, ludo, say it backwards, I doubt it. Ludo, mud, lido, ledo, side, what work it has cost me!
It doesn’t have to make any sense, the point is that it serves to practice pronunciation. 5. Count how many stories you tell, because if you don’t count how many stories you tell; you’ll never know how many stories you can tell
As Fred said to George Weasley in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: “try to say it 5 times and faster each time”. 5. Juan had a tube, and the tube that he had broke. To get back the tube he had, he had to buy a tube just like the tube he had
. At this point in the movie,there are still those who confuse the simple past perfect “had” (from the verb ‘have’), with “tube” , a cylindrical piece. 6. Paco buys a few drinks and, since he buys a few drinks, a few drinks, Paco pays
Paco is the protagonist of this short tongue twister. We were left wondering why he wanted so many drinks. 7. Pablito nailed a little nail What little nail Pablito nailed
We don’t know who came up with this tongue twister for children, but if he wanted to complicate it, he could have put a “bald head” in the middle, to complicate things even more. 8. Where I say “I say”, I don’t say “I say”, I say “Diego”. There where I say “Diego”, I don’t say “Diego”, I say “I say”
Clear as crystal clear water, right ?
/ * Yes corporal, it fits

I already thought it was a joke, what a disappointment! 10. Love is madness for the priest, that if the priest cures him, it would be madness for the priest who cures him
The real madness is in trying to recite these short difficult tongue twisters the first time. 11. If Sanson doesn’t season his sauce with salt, he gets bland; Sanson’s sauce turns out bland if he seasons it without salt
. Be careful Sanson, the problems derived from excessive salt consumption are very serious! 12. The hippopotamus Hiccup is hiccuping. Who takes away the hiccups from the hippopotamus Hiccup
? And what will happen to the hypoglycides of the hippopotamus Hiccup after his hypocaloric diet?13. Pancha irons a stain on the pitch boat; On the pitch boat, Pancha irons a stain
. Someone tell Pancha that before ironing he has to rub well to remove the stain. 14. Pepe freckles bites potatoes. With a beak, with a beak, chop potatoes Pepe freckles
“Pepe freckles pipa pacas…” oh, I was wrong. Let’s see again: “Little pepas pica pipas…” Nothing, there’s no way! 15. Parra had a dog. War had a vine. Parra’s dog climbed the Guerra vine. Guerra hit Parra’s dog with a truncheon and Parra said to Guerra: “Why has Guerra hit Parra’s dog with a truncheon
And Guerra replied:“* If Parra’s dog hadn’t climbed up on Guerra’s vine, Guerra wouldn’t have hit Parra’s dog with his baton.”
Can anyone volunteer to recite any of these difficult tongue twisters for us ? 16. Little by little, Paquito packs cups into a few packages If
the customs police stop him, Paquito is going to have to give many explanations about what those packages contain… 17 The King of Constantinople is Constantinopled. It is known that Constance could not deconstantinople him. The deconstantinoplier who will deconstantinoplise the King of Constantinople will be a good deconstantinoplier.
Many tongue twisters follow a similar structure, since their lyrics are not as important as their purpose: to help with pronunciation or to win bets. 18 . Erre con erre I can’t find, erre con erre go three; another animal that in my story with reindeer, donkey and beef erre The sound of /rr/ is one of the most difficult to pronounce to the little ones. Teach them how to overcome this diction problem through short tongue twisters like this one, which allow them to practice. 19. I buy little coconut, because I eat little coconut, I eat little coconut, I buy little coconut
Nutritious fruit, coconut, there is little doubt. 20. I have been told that you have said a saying, a saying that I have said. And that saying that they have told you that I have said, I have not said it. But if I had said it, it would be very well said for having said it myself. I said
But, who said that What a mess with the participles!21. If I eat, eat, eat, and you eat like you eat, how do you eat, eat, eat
? If I eat, eat, eat!

You are what you eat and how you eat, according to this tongue twister for kids. Paco keeps the few glasses, which, little by little, Paco took out
. Do you remember Paco, the one who had bought so many glasses and we didn’t know why?
Well, that’s fine, in fact he still keeps many of them in his favorite collection. 22. I always shut up, like the lackey who shut up when the lackey who always shut up fell
To practice with this short tongue twister, you must pronounce the /ll/ and /y/ sound correctly . 23. When you step on floors, count how many floors you step on, because, when you step on floors, you don’t know how many floors you step on
In other words, be careful what floors you step on. 25. No one breaks stone like Fred Flintstone; And if someone breaks stone like Pedro breaks stone, it’s because Pedro Flintstone taught him how to break stone
Apparently, Pedro Flintstone worked overtime in the quarry as a master stonecutter. It was normal that he then came home and found the door closed! Wilma would be tired of waiting for him until late at night… 26. The public of the republic is warned that public water is going to run out. What will the public of the republic do without public water to drink?
Some short tongue twisters make it easier to understand and remember by making them rhyme .27. If your taste doesn’t like the taste that my taste likes, much disgust my taste takes knowing that your taste doesn’t like the taste that my taste likes
Prize for whoever finds the meaning of this most convoluted tongue twister for children. 28. Chlorine does not lighten the face of the parrot with a gold ring, of course chlorine does not lighten the gold ring on the parrot’s face
. Animals can also star in difficult short tongue twisters, which not even the oldest will be able to recite at once. first.

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