For motor fans, we have dedicated our list today to trying to find out which motorcycle brands are emerging the most in the current two-wheel market, although, as always, it is the consumer who has the last word. We start. 5 best scooter brands for the city
For those who move around the city, any of these motorcycle brands can be a good purchase option. 5. Vespa Vespa motorcycles are a regular in the lists of scooter motorcycle brands preferred by the public, precisely because, despite its long experience, the firm has not given up perfecting its designs, adapted according to the times.
High above other well-known Italian competitors in the sector, the Piaggio group has revolutionized the two-wheel market with its Vespa Elettrica. With just four hours of battery charge , this non-polluting version will allow you to travel 100 kilometers, a distance that can be doubled by adding an additional battery. 4. Daelim
The Korean Daelim has managed to carve out a niche for itself as one of the best scooter-type motorcycle brands , both this year and previous ones.
The Daelim S16, of 125 cubic centimeters, combines a simple and light design, something ideal for moving around the city, with affordable prices for the tightest pockets. Although its equipment is basic for this type of motorcycle, its features are ideal: a handlebar with clocks to know the level of gasoline, a voltmeter and a speedometer to count the kilometers traveled.
In addition, the S16 is equipped with a standard trunk in which we can store our helmet . 3. Suzuki
Thanks to its robust frames, the Suzuki motorcycle brand remains unbeatable as one of the favorites when it comes to opting for a city scooterthat, although less economical than those of other companies, guarantees a higher quality of displacement.
Specifically, the Suzuki Burgman 650 , with an almost futuristic appearance, is one of its most powerful versions, due to its double displacement engine. 2. Piaggio
The Piaggio group opens and almost closes our ranking today. Their 50 cc Aprilia scooters, such as the SR 50 Motard and the SR 50 R , are two of the examples of why one of the motorcycle brands currently on the market has been crowned.
The SR 50 Motard is a simple moped that combines the analog with the latest technological innovations. In this sense, it incorporates a security system capable of turning off the engine if a fall occurs., in addition to a new exhaust pipe that reduces the level of emissions, staying true to European regulations.
Those who opt for the Aprilia SR 50 R should know that it is not exempt from modifications compared to previous models: its frame is based on sports motorcycle models (and if you will, ‘aggressive’), not so much on those of highway. As for its engine, which has also been adapted to comply with regulations, it is cooled thanks to a water tank that prevents overheating and incorporates a new air filter. 1. Honda
The Japanese giant has always been found in the highest positions, both car and motorcycle manufacturing. This time, Honda has established itself as the best motorcycle brand in the world, thanks in part to two refined scooter models: the Integra and the X ADV.
In the first place, the Honda Integra scooter mixes the most defining features of this means of transport, with that of chain-drive motorcycles.
In second place, we have the Honda X ADV, with a more modern appearance than the Integra and perfect for young spirits who want to get away from the more classic models. 5 best road motorcycle brands
If speed and curves are your thing, write down which road motorcycle brands you should take into consideration. 5. Ducati
For years, Ducati motorcycles lacked the improvements they currently have. Fortunately, their engineers went to great lengths to equip them with improvements that would increase the reliability of their products.
Despite the fact that they are currently part of the favorite motorcycle brands for many users, the price of a road Ducati is still far from being affordable for all audiences. As an example of improvement, we are left with the Ducati Scrambler 1100 or the Ducati Monster . 4. Kawasaki
Kawasaki has taken the typical image of motorcycles from the 60s and 70s and added a powerful 111 horsepower engine to burn the asphalt of the road. The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX Sport Tourer, for example, is a great option for those looking to travel long distances and get lost in the curves. Kawasaki has spared no expense to avoid compromising rider safety, so the Ninja H2 has the latest technology to prevent accidents, such as a curve management device or a cruise control navigator. 3. Suzuki
In the middle of the list, as has already happened in the previous one, we find the titan Suzuki. Capable of adapting their models to the demands of the market, the motorcycles that Suzuki has released for sale during this last year , maintain their double-cylinder engine, a detail that the faithful to the firm appreciate, since it allows to reduce fuel consumption. .
However, the only market launch during the past year (that of the SV 650 X), has hurt Suzuki, thus preventing the brand from advancing higher on the list. Let’s hope they correct their lack of productivity and can come back during the next year . 2. Yamaha
Over the decades, Yamaha has endeared itself to lovers of speed on two wheels. In recent months, the Japanese have positioned themselves in most of the top motorcycle brands , both scooters and road motorcycles; which is surprising, since they had always stood out among the manufacturers of the first.
Now, its large displacement motorcycles have also conquered the hearts of customers,as is the case of the Mt-09 and its three-cylinder engine with up to 115 horsepower . With this original proposal, Yamaha hopes to bring a different way of driving until now that will end up captivating even the last unbeliever. 1. Honda
Again, another Japanese motor giant monopolizing the top spot. At Honda, they have been able to combine their most successful designs with contemporary electronics like no other. Proof of this is the great GL1800 Gold Wing .
This new Honda was reduced in size compared to its predecessor, but maintaining the six-cylinder engine, capable of storing 110 liters and 125 horses, gaining in aerodynamics.
Other additions that we find in the “golden wing” are the possibility of starting without a key, two-wheel drive control and different driving modes according to the pilot’s preference.