William and Kate ‘s wedding was certainly one of the most followed and most envied in recent times. A super romantic tale: the handsome Prince who falls in love with an ordinary girl (or almost).

A few years have passed since that April 29, 2011 but the curiosity about that day continues to fascinate a lot. After learning everything about Kate’s dream wedding dress, the rumors aren’t over yet.

It has been defined the event of the century , all the newspapers and TVs in the world have turned their spotlight on the marriage between William and Kate and it will hardly go dark anytime soon.

We all remember them beautiful and in love, promising each other eternal love but also for their wedding some little tricks were needed . Indispensable for the perfect success of this unforgettable wedding. Let’s find out together the 12 secrets of Kate and William’s wedding day:

1) William and Harry’s breathable uniforms

One of the problems during the wedding day is the unbearable heat for many spouses . A little ‘temperatures and a little’ emotion, men’s suits are not very light, even worse if you have to wear a uniform . To withstand the heat and tension caused by the event, William and Harry ‘s uniforms were made especially for that day in a particular way. In fact, the material used to package them was the breathable one . In this way, the heat and heat inside Westminster Abbey, where the wedding was celebrated, was made more tolerable.

2) DIY makeup for Kate

If you think that among the exaggerated costs for Kate and William’s wedding were also included those for the bride’s make-up, you are very wrong! In fact, the make-up for the wedding day was not made by a super famous make-up artist but by the bride with her own hands. Kate , to prepare for the most important day of her life, followed some self make-up lessons and she was able to do well on her own, managing to create a romantic and refined style.

3) Kate respected the traditions for marriage

Kate was very careful to respect the traditions reserved for the bride for the wedding day. In fact, she wore something old , something new , something borrowed and something blue , perfectly following her etiquette. Specifically: parts of her lace were old, the earrings were new and were a gift from her parents, her tiara was loaned by Queen Elizabeth and Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton sewed a blue ribbon to the inside of her dress.

4) A bouquet dedicated to her husband

The choice of flowers for Kate’s bouquet is very romantic . In fact, in addition to having been made with fragrant hyacinths and lilies of the valley, the main flower was the Sweet William , also known as the carnation of the poets. A choice certainly not by chance for one of the most followed and envied weddings of the century. For the composition, the bride entrusted the floral designer Shane Connolly .

5) Many guests in the church

On William and Kate’s wedding day, the guests were very numerous. In fact, there were about 2,000 people , all crammed into Westminster Abbey to attend the ceremony. Many VIPs were among those present . They could not miss the closest friends such as: the spouses David and Victoria Beckham , the singer and friend of the late Lady D Elton John and the actor Rowan Atkinson , alias Mr. Bean.

6) The bridesmaids’ crowns: an important meaning

We know that mothers cannot avoid putting a little of their personal touch even in the preparations for their daughters’ wedding. Of course, Kate’s mother was also no exception. In fact, the bridesmaids’ crowns had a very special meaning. Made with flowers, they were the same as the model worn by Carole Middleton on her wedding day in 1980.

7) The 8-story wedding cake

The 8-story high wedding cake was created by the famous cake-designer Fiona Cairns . The cake was decorated with icing, cream and 900 sugar flowers of 17 different types. In the center of the cake, the same motif of the decorative garlands of the Picture Gallery , the same room in Buckingham Palace where the wedding cake was exhibited, was taken up.

8) Numbers and costs for safety

The security costs for Kate and William’s wedding day amounted to around 20 million pounds and were all borne by the state and therefore by British citizens and taxpayers . For that day, London was overrun by security officers to guard the procession, Westminster Abbey and the royal palace. In total, 5,000 policemen were made available .

9) William did not receive the faith

For this wedding, only one wedding ring was made , that of Kate , in gold mined in Wales. William, on the other hand, did not receive any rings at the wedding ceremony from the bride. This was a personal choice of the groom and not an imposition to respect the royal protocol.

10) Two wedding receptions

The very formal wedding lunch was offered by Queen Elizabeth after the ceremony to 600 people , while the second in the evening, reserved for 300 guests , was offered by Carlo. The bride and groom William and Kate hosted relatives and friends during a reception with traditional food, toasts and dances.

11) The car of the spouses

William and Kate left Buckingham Palace in a very special Aston Martin . In fact, that car is owned by Prince Charles who had received it as a gift for his twenty-first birthday. As a tradition, the friends of the couple had decorated the car with cute balloons, ribbons and with the Ju5t Married license plate.

12) A surprise honeymoon for Kate

Prince William managed to keep the destination of the honeymoon a secret from both his wife and the media until the end. Only later did it turn out that they had spent two weeks in a private villa in the Seychelles . The newlyweds were thus able to stay together without court pressure. Some paparazzi still managed to “pinch” them on the beach.