Resentment is like that burning that we have inside us, it is a feeling that can be similar to hatred and that arises, above all, when we feel that someone has betrayed us or that they have not met our expectations because they wanted to hurt us. With the phrases of rancor and resentment you will be able to think and reflect on these terms knowing what certain authors thought and also how other people have met before it happened to you. This feeling is very negative and can lead to others such as rage, having an inner discomfort that can cause moments of great anger and even anger. Use these grudge phrases to express how you feel and free your soul from such a heavy burden.

Short rancor phrases

  • Despite all the pain you caused me, when you left me lying, I wish you the best. That’s love.
  • Resentment is a bottomless abyss. Or a burning paramo without borders.
  • Hate, resentment and the spirit of revenge are useless baggage for the artist. His path is difficult enough for him to purify his soul from everything that could make him even more so.
  • Even the one who loves blindly gets tired of giving everything for someone who doesn’t give him a crumb of bread.
  • You couldn’t be full of hate and be pretty. Like any girl, I wanted to be pretty. But she was full of hate.
  • I have no grudge. I look forward, not back.
  • To achieve happiness, we have to defeat the temptation of revenge, rage, pride, anger and disgust.
  • Life is spiteful and unforgiving, but despite everything, it’s worth it.
  • So they dropped the subject and played cricket, which is a very good game for people who are upset with each other, giving plenty of opportunity to vent grudges.
  • There were so many of your excuses that I hated you.
  • This city is not appeased with fire, this laurel with rancor is not felled. This rosebush without venture, this lavender exhales joy.
  • Let us not forget those words, and all that they imply, such as hatred, bitterness, resentment and greed, intolerance, fanaticism; let us renew our faith and promise man his right to be free and to be the same.
  • Resentment is like touching fire: only you burn.
  • Resentment is the safe deposit box of evil.
  • Christianity has in its very essence the resentment of the sick, the instinct against what is healthy, against health. Everything that is well built, proud, brave and, above all, beautiful offends their ears and eyes.
  • Disgust towards someone and contempt are nothing more than signs of weakness.
  • The last few weeks have refreshed some grudges. Or perhaps they have become more stale.
  • In politics nothing is as absurd as rancor.
  • Forgiving your enemy is the best thing you can do, there is nothing that pisses him off more.
  • Resentment could be an adaptive feeling until we realize that it affects our self-esteem.
  • It is the acid test of non-violence that, in a non-violent conflict, no rancor is left behind, and in the end the enemy is turned into a friend.
  • Do not make hot decisions, because resentment and thirst for revenge will lead you to repentance.
  • Our resentment stems from the fact that we have fallen short of our means without being able to reach ourselves. And we will never forgive others for that.
  • Greatness inspires envy, envy resents and resentment lies.
  • Next time I won’t treat it “forever”, but “as long as it works”.
  • To live happily you have to live without resentment.
  • How easy it is to forget grudges when someone has something you need.
  • Resentment drives your soul when it prevails over forgiveness.
  • It is not possible to take flight if we are anchored to the ground prisoners of resentment.
  • Because memory can do more, much more: it tenaciously performs the miracle of concluding peace with time gone by, in which any hint of resentment vanishes and the soft veil of nostalgia is deposited over everything that was perceived as hard and steely.
  • Happy people have bad memories and beautiful memories.
  • I don’t want things to go wrong for you, but I hope that when you’re making love with another person, my name escapes you.
  • Memory that does not forget, resentment that does not appease.
  • Rancor is like taking poison and expecting it to kill your enemies.

Phrases of rancor and hate

If you have read all the phrases of resentment and hatred that we have selected for you, you will have verified that many are written so that you can send them directly to the person who has hurt you, or so that you write them in the WhatsApp status and in this way that you can read it and know that it is addressed to him or her. However, other short grudge lines are meant to announce to you what you may know, which is the identification of an emotion like this and all the evil and negativity that you can attract if you let it continue to flourish in your soul. These phrases will help you think and you can even debate them with your friends to think if they are right or not, or what they think about this term. For this, just share them on Facebook or Instagram and you will see how many will feel identified with them.