In a few days it will finally be summer, the favorite season of those who love heat and sun. The days on the beach and evenings at the disco, the catchphrases on the radio and the watermelons to eat will return.

But what will women’s fashion for summer 2019 be like? What will the new trends be? What are the colors to prefer? Let’s find out now together in today’s post edited!

Women’s fashion summer 2019: the items that cannot be missing

According to the new trends, the absolute protagonist of summer 2019 will be the crop top , the short t-shirt, tight or soft, which leaves part of the abdomen and shoulders uncovered. He can also have short or three-quarter sleeves.

Back on the catwalk and shown with ease on the most important red carpets, the crop top, if tight, is perfect for those with small breasts and a narrow waist, while soft and ideal for those with large breasts. It can be combined with a pair of skinny jeans or a skirt, as long as they are high-waisted.

Another item that absolutely cannot be missing in the summer wardrobe is the cycling shorts , to be combined with blazers, wide denim jackets and slightly oversized outerwear. Whether they’re ultra flat black or colorful and patterned, cycling shorts are super cool and trendy. They can also be worn by girls who have wide hips, combined with long shirts or mini dresses. With sequins and rhinestones they are also perfect for the evening.

Summer is also the season of miniskirts, shorts and printed t-shirts, mini dresses and crochet dresses.

If you love a casual and simple style, this summer you can’t help but wear the wrap dress , the dressing gown or wrap dress that softly wraps the body. You can choose a long, short or medium model, one-color or patterned, enriched with sequins and glitter or embroidered. Suitable for any situation, the wrap dress best dresses every woman with grace and femininity, making it beautiful and seductive.

What are the trendiest colors of summer 2019?

Summer 2019 will be full of joy and color. In addition to black , simple and elegant, the 7 trendiest summer colors are:

coral , lively, joyful and energetic;

fiery red , to be worn before and after sunset;

orange , a warm and sensual color that emphasizes femininity;

white , synonymous with freshness and cleanliness;

pale pink , delicate and light;

turquoise , the color of optimism and calm;

military green , decisive and deep;

If you love patterned fabrics, don’t worry, because dresses with floral and striped prints, polka dots and animalier (zebra or spotted) are still in trend and never go out of fashion: Dolce & Gabbana choose roses, Blumarine choose flowers of field while Armani the python effect.

Particularly trendy are also the squares, which become modern when combined with stripes and scribbles, and the fruits, an evergreen of summer.