If you need a quick English class or want to reinforce knowledge already acquired, here we bring you a selection of basic English questions that you should know to manage with this language and be able to communicate with English-speakers.
In addition, we bring you questions and answers in English, so that you know not only to ask these questions but also to answer them. Of course, here we will work on a basic level. If you already have intermediate or high knowledge in this popular language, you probably won’t acquire new knowledge.

25 questions in english with answers
With these questions and answers in English you will learn the basics and fundamentals to defend yourself in this easy language. Don’t worry, go over the questions and their answers several times until you become familiar with them. Feel free to practice them with a friend or family member.

1. What’s your name
– My name is…

A basic question in English that I’m sure you already knew. If you want to ask the last name you will only have to add “last” before the word “name”.
What’s your name
My name is (name).

2. ¿How are you
– Very good, and you

Among the questions in English this is one of the most used, for the simple reason that it can even be used as a greeting , as we do in Spanish with “How are you?
” or “How is it going
How are you
or more informal: “What’s up

I’m fine, and you

3. Where are you from
– I am from…

We start with the questions in English about the origin of the other person.
Where are you from
I’m from Spain.

4. Where were you born
– I was born in …

Among the interrogative sentences in English, it is very common to ask the nationality when you are traveling. Sometimes your place of birth does not coincide with the place of origin . Here it goes:
Where were you born
I was born in Spain.

5. Where do you live
– I live in…

As with the previous questions in English, the place of birth and origin do not have to coincide with the place of residence. Normally in this question it is usually specified a little, beyond the country, it is usually answered with the city or the town.
Where do you live
? I live in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

6. How old are you
? – I am… years old.

In many contexts this question in basic English is not usually asked out of respect. In any case, in informal contexts, it is essential.
How old are you
I’m [years in English]. Or the most extended version: I am [anos] years old.

7. Can you help me
– Yes, of course

If we come across problems that we cannot solve alone or have doubts, starting with this question in English is key.
Can you help me
? Yes, of course.

8. Do you have…
– Yes, I do.

If we need to know if the other person has a specific object, with these questions and answers in English you will find the solution:
Do you have [object name]
Yes, I have it.

9. Where is X
? – Is it straight ahead and to the right?

If you are looking for a specific place, this question with an answer will help you.
Where is Buckingham Palace
It is, all straight and to the right.

10. How can I get to…
If you are in a car or you are interested in knowing the instructions in more detail, this question in English is suitable, but be careful, the answer in English that you receive may be of a somewhat higher level .
How can I get to Buckingham Palace?

11. Is there any… nearby?
Maybe you don’t look for a specific place and just look for a hospital, a bathroom or a restaurant. For those cases, this question in English is perfect.
Is there any hospital nearby

12. What time is it
– It’s 10 o’clock
A classic of the basic

English questions that you have to know.
What time is it
? It’s ten o’clock.

13. What area do you
live in – I live in …

You may be interested in knowing in which specific neighborhood someone lives.
Which area do you live in
? I live in Camden Town.

14. Have you ever been to…
– Yes, I was … years ago

This is one of the questions in English in the past tense that we can find on this list.
Have you ever been in Mexico
Yes, I was 3 years ago.

15. How long have you been in…
– I’ve been 2 years
Hopefully you’ve been discovering the world for a long time. If they ask you, you can say:
How long have you been here / How long have you been in London
I have been 2 years.

16. What do you do
– I work in a store, near here

Without a doubt, also one of the most basic English questions of all time. A must that you should know and use. Keep in mind that this is a very general question, it can be interpreted as “what are you doing right now
” or “what are you doing in this specific context
What do you do
I work in a shop, near here.

17. What (is what you like the most)
– I like…

Sentence in English fundamental to know the other person. The content in parentheses is optional and allows you to narrow down the question to something favorite.
What do you like (the most)
I like [activity].

18. Do you like…
– Yes, I love it

A basic English question that you will use a lot, for sure.
Do you like chocolate ice cream
Yes, I love it.

19. What is your telephone
number – My number is…

If despite your poor knowledge of English, you have the opportunity to ask (or answer) this question, do not hesitate:
What is your telephone number
My telephone number is [phone number].

20. How much does it cost…
– It costs 20 euros

Ask in basic English when you go shopping.
How much is it
? It cost 20 euros.

21. I need a…
Can’t find what you’re looking for
? Ask!
I need …

22. What is this
– This is…

Perhaps you are seeing something that you do not know how to identify with the foreign language. Question:
What is this

Depending on the distance you can ask, what is that
or what is that
What is that

23. What does it mean… (word or phrase)
If you want to ask the meaning of a word or phrase that Concrete:
What does [word or textual phrase] mean

24. The bill, please
If you are in a restaurant and you have already (or have) finished eating, you can use this easy question in English to ask them to bring you the bill:
The Bill, please.

25. Can you repeat it, please?
If after a question in English or a sentencewe have not understood what they have communicated to us , we can answer:
Can you repeat it, please