The big and the small screen made us daydream through the characters of films and TV series that we will never forget. Their stories glued us together and made us feel unique emotions.

In an instant we became fans of the characters and the actors who played them, identifying the two figures. We assumed that those couples of friends or boyfriends on screen had been in real life too. The unforgettable love stories, the truest friendships, for the fans were real in all respects.

Yet, sometimes, the distinction is clearer than it seems. Actors and actresses do not always have a good relationship on set, contrary to what is shown in their films. With the cameras off, in fact, movie stars often couldn’t stand each other, feeling contempt and revival for each other. Couples, therefore, had never existed except for script requirements.

And many couples, even after so many years, have not remained friends. In short, we have never suspected it , thanks to their talent in the field of acting, but reality has gone beyond imagination .

Let’s find out together the 11 couples in the cinema who hate each other off the set:

1) Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie

The two stars have starred in several films together, but it is on the set of The Tourist that mutual dislike reached a climax. Johnny Depp , in fact, during the shooting would have defined Angelina Jolie as an “ arrogant and presumptuous ” woman. She, for her part, would have accused him of being an actor with no respect for his colleagues, given the delay with which Depp would have presented himself on the set every day.

2) Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams

Fans will be disappointed to know that the protagonists of this wonderful love story titled “The Pages of Our Lives”   actually weren’t nice at all. The arguments during filming were constant, so much so that Ryan began to insist that his co-star actress be changed. The irony in all this is that at the end of the shooting the two actors began a relationship that lasted 3 years.

3) Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth

A historic couple and a friendship that we have all desired. Brenda and Kelly made us dream! But Beverly Hill 90210 ‘s best friends  wouldn’t be friends on set! To reveal it is the autobiographical book by Jennie Garth which tells of the rivalry between the two stars and a fight that took place during the filming of the series. Today the 2 actresses have a civil relationship but Kelly’s best friend would be Tori Spelling, or the actress who played Donna in Beverly Hills 90210 .

4) Teri Hatcher against the other Desperate Housewives

Well, Westeria Lane’s 4 friendly housewives wouldn’t really be that friendly to each other. In particular, Teri Hatcher , Susan in the television series Desperate Housewives , would never have had a good relationship with the other 3 actresses either on the set or off. The star, in fact, almost never attended the various events in which the three colleagues, Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross, attended. In addition, rumors have reported that Teri Hatcher would always have a detached attitude from her colleagues during the filming of the television series.

5) Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray

Filming ” Dirty Dancing” wasn’t easy at all. Patrick Swayze accuses Jennifer Gray of being irritating because she forced everyone to repeat the scenes several times. She also said that the actress was too sensitive, and that she would cry when she was criticized. The famous dance laugh scene was not in the script, but they had filmed it so many times that they decided to include it in the film.

6) Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

Nobody expected it and, instead, Gossip Girl  ‘s Serena Van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf are no longer friends. According to rumors, the strong friendship that bound Serena and Blair , the 2 characters that the stars played in the series, would never translate into a real friendship between the 2 actresses. In the last few seasons of the show, apparently, relationships would have deteriorated so much that they were permanently estranged from each other. Today, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester have taken two different paths and no longer hang out.

7) Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett

Between the two actors the alchemy would never break out. It would have been a natural mutual dislike that Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett would have discovered during the filming of the film that starred them in 2003, Hollywood Homicide . According to rumors, Hartnett allegedly stated that they spent their breaks separately, even locked up in their own cars, and would never engage in any discussion or exchange a few words.

8) Shannen Doherty and James Lee

Once again we find Shannen Doherty, who doesn’t seem to get along with anyone at all! After the problems with Jason Priestkey in £ Beverly Hills 90210 ”and with Alyssa Milano in“ witches ”, she is now the turn of Jason Lee, with whom she played“ Generation X ” . Apparently all of them described her as a difficult person. Lee, in particular, said that working with Shannen was extremely unpleasant.

9) William Baldwin and Sharon Stone

Theirs was a love story lived only on set. William Baldwin and Sharon Stone , in fact, starred in Sliver in the role of lovers but on the set their relationship would not have been so great. The rumors even refer to a singular episode that would have led Sharon Stone to bite vigorously, and purposely, the tongue of her colleague, causing him a wound that lasted for days.

10) Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes

Claire Danes was only 16 when I play Juliet, in the movie “Romeo + Juliet” and yet she complained about the immature jokes of Leo, who was 22. The actor found Claire very reserved and cold. It seems they barely spoke off the set, and even today things haven’t changed.

11) Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon

The two stars never found a meeting point during the shooting of the film All Together Inevitably , due to their different working methods. Reese Witherspoon loved rehearsing scenes before shooting them, while Vince Vaughn preferred improvisation. Their relationship, far from serene, has worsened to the point of leading them to attend, for the film’s red carpet , separately .

12)  Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

An antipathy that is almost a hatred. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte would be enemies since 1994, the year in which the two actors shot the film Special Envoys . He, according to rumors, would have said that the colleague would not have been a nice person. For her part, she would have called him a disgusting being .