Sandals are perhaps the oldest accessory in the world! Mentioned several times in the Bible , some specimens have been found in Spain dating back as far as 6,000 years before Christ and it is not said that they are the oldest recorded so far. You can see images of them in cave paintings, in Roman engravings. The ancient Greeks made it a symbol , with strings weaving up the leg. And it is strange that among so many revolutions, sandals have managed to survive undisturbed, anywhere in the world.

In this new post dedicated to fashion accessories, we see together the history of the sandal and the most popular models. 

History of Sandals

Although the findings are much older than the Egyptian era, today fashion starts the history of “modern” sandals from the very civilization of the Pyramids. The shoes formed by a straw sole – or leather – held by strings and ropes around the foot and ankle are testified by the “history” of many Mediterranean civilizations, starting precisely with Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. 

However, there were many differences: for the Egyptians, for example, shoes were seen as a privilege by the rich, therefore sandals were worn by nobles and kings; the Greeks , on the other hand, saw them more as exclusively women’s shoes; finally the Romans used them more practically , for all social classes and genders.

With climate change and the spread of closed shoes, the sandal became a shoe “for the poor” and in the Middle Ages it was worn by the less well-off. 

It then disappeared for centuries, only to reappear between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century , practically unchanged but only in summer use. And only in the holiday resorts. We must arrive at the end of the twentieth century to see it transformed into a trendy accessory.

But what are the most beautiful and sought after models of summer 2021? Let’s see it in the following lines!

Sandals: the most popular models today

Between the end of the twentieth century and the 2000s , flip-flops, “Greek” laces and many other sandal models that seemed relegated to poorer or less urban classes returned to fashion. The elegance of this type of footwear has been rediscovered which, especially in summer, keep the foot fresh and healthy. Today flip-flops have heels, sandals have elegant buckles, trendy colors and are worn with evening dresses.

2021 is the year of flat shoes , with almost zero heels, and therefore sandals are the rulers of the summer. Here are the most popular models, not only this year .. but always!

  • Ancient model sandals : they are totally low sandals, with wooden or eco-leather sole and laces that rise up the ankle “Greek style”, or stop with a metal ring on the calf as was used by some slaves of the Roman period. Among the trendiest examples we find the Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent brand sandals;
  • Vintage sandals: simple sandals as they were once used, rigid sole, rope or fabric laces, minimal and with natural neutral colors (Alvaro, Lanapo). Excellent to be worn by both sexes;
  • Flip- flops: there are different models, today like today, but the most elegant are those that slip on the big toe with laces that go up all the way up to the ankle. Or with a heel strap (Deasandals, Ugg). They can be colored and with patterns or with added details. For men they are more sober and always in neutral colors;
  • Fisherman sandals: they are almost completely closed sandals, with thick leather bands that intertwine on the front of the foot and behind the heel, as well as with resistant closures. They are preferred in men’s fashion but are also suitable for women (see models by Hermes, The Row, Cappelletto);

Our in-depth analysis related to the history of sandals and the most popular models in summer 2021 ends here. See you next time with our posts dedicated to fashion and lifestyle!