Milan Fashion Week: all the protagonists of the Milanese event dedicated to fashion

In pursuit of the latest trendy news, Milan too – after London and New York – has concluded its fashion week , from 17 to 23 September 2019. And while the ball passes to Paris for the grand finale of the season, here’s what emerged from the Italian event.

Many big names on the catwalk: from Laura Biagiotti to Gucci to Burani , and even Armani , Scervino and Ferragamo, just to name a few.

Glamorous protagonist is the model Irina Shayk, back from a tormented love story but more beautiful than ever, in the role of Versace, Moschino and Bottega Verde. The laws of fashion are strict, even if they are beautiful, and when she takes off, she just takes off.

On the other hand , the names and clothes of Milan make you forget everything else.

Milan Fashion Week in the name of provocation

There is never a lack of Armani style which in Milan more than ever stands out for its class that is always identical but adapts to change. And then here are the long skirts, the veil skirts, the jackets with rounded shoulders, the wide sleeves, the embroideries on the vests.

Everything normal so far? Almost!

The extravagances of the colors (blues and pinks mixed, blacks and celestials skilfully matched)  certainly do not betray the elegance but foreshadow the theme of the Milanese week. A little healthy madness .

Absurd, spatial, robotic , “straitjacket” dresses are the provocation instead of Gucci, which continues with accessories in very bright colors, almost out of tune with each other.

Clothes reminiscent of Picasso’s paintings are Moschino ‘s shocking gimmick . Super mini skirts and shorts by Scervino, which closely follows the provocative trend. They are also joined by Alessandro dell’Acqua, with wrinkled dresses, torn at critical points, wraparound skirts that can be transformed into sexy petticoats with a single gesture.

The woman of Milan Fashion Week is pure sensual provocation.

Popular fashion that becomes useful

But the woman of Milan Fashion Week also maintains the same style as the American or British ones.

Popular, street, everyday fashion that becomes practical , useful, not bulky. But we are still in Italy and therefore… elegance is not given up in any case!


For example by associating “useful” items with “classic” ones: an elegant white shirt with wide trousers underneath with a side pocket; a jumpsuit held at the waist by a belt and worn with 12 heel shoes; gentle blouses associated with rough long coats, which provide excellent protection from the cold and so on.

Practicality is also associated with ecology and nature , as Versace or Dolce & Gabbana with their original “Sicilian Jungle” remind us very well .

Men’s fashion is absent from Milan because it has already taken place in the summer, but the man as a reference image is well present in the proposals: baggy jeans, shirt with untied tie, jackets thrown over the shoulder … even women taste men’s fashion, at least one bit’. And here comes the elegance of the suits, but on short trousers, or the gray suit with men’s socks and tie, as proposed by Max Mara in his “ spy women ”.