How many long and passionate kisses has the Hollywood world given us through your films ? Many, indeed many. Love scenes so realistic that they made us think of a true understanding between the actors . Instead, it was all fiction .

In fact, many super-famous stars around the world have declared that they would have gladly done without kisses on set with their co-star. The reasons are many and some are more than reasonable.

As we all know, due to script requirements, many actors are forced to change their physical appearance, losing weight or gaining weight, but they were also forced to kiss someone or someone unwillingly and new.

Brad Pitt , Bradley Cooper , Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie are just a few of the Hollywood beauties who have had problems with kissing, or rather, with their co-stars. Let’s find out together the 15 couples who didn’t want to kiss on set :

1) Kirsten Dunst and Brad Pitt

Guess who the actress Kirsten Dunst gave her first kiss to ? She was only 11 at the time and she had to kiss Brad Pitt . Envy of all! But not for her, as little more than a child described her first kiss as disgusting. “ It was just a kiss. Brad had that long hair. I remember him thinking he was a lousy, cold hippy. Everyone told me I was so lucky to kiss Brad Pitt, but I found it disgusting . ”Such a terrible experience, in Interview with the Vampire, that Dunst no longer kisses anyone until the age of 16.

2) Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst

Really memorable and super romantic scene between Toby McGuire and, once again, Kirsten Dunst in the movie Spiderman . A beautiful kiss but in a really difficult position to replicate, so much so that the actor complained a lot during the shooting. Hanging upside down, with water to reproduce the effect of rain, it was really a super hero feat to be able to kiss the colleague. In addition, the mask made it impossible to breathe well and more than a romantic moment, McGuire described it almost as a drama .

3) Leonardo DiCaprio and Virginie Ledoyen

The Beach , was a huge success, certainly much of the credit goes to the actor, Leonardo DiCaprio . Virginie Ledoyen, however, I do not particularly appreciate the actor: among them there was chemistry, but the actress defined Leonardo as a “nice” person but with little passionate and anonymous kisses, so much so that she did not remember them.

4) Dane Cook and Kate Hudson

Dane Cook  called the kiss with  Kate Hudson  the  worst of his career . You wonder why? The actress had purposely eaten a raw onion before the kiss scene! Her intent was to play a joke on her colleague and, of course, she succeeded! Her breath was really unbearable.

5) Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise

Here are two other actors who didn’t want to kiss: Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise . The criticism comes from the actress, who called Cruise’s kisses “unpleasant and slobbering”. Newton complained so much that the romantic scenes had to be shot multiple times to avoid shooting their disgusted faces.

6) Vanessa Hudgens and James Franco

James Franco is one of the most beautiful actors in Hollywood, and is the dream of many girls, except his Spring Breakers co-star Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa says she definitely prefers kissing a girl rather than him. It must be said, however, that in this film James was not exactly attractive. Hudgens was finally “satisfied”: I kiss the actress Ashley Benson!

7) Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

Even the kiss between Emma Watson and Rupert Grint , in Harry Potter , is not a memorable memory in the words of the actor. To get to shoot the scene perfectly 5 attempts were needed. According to Rupert, who has known her colleague since they were 9, it was very difficult to simulate attraction and romance when, in reality, there was really nothing between them.

8) Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

Also Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper , in the film The Positive Side , and among the couples of actors who did not want to kiss on set. She was the girl to complain about the kisses of the male co-star. In fact, Jennifer called Bradley’s kisses too wet . The latter, offended, said: “ Nobody would like to hear it, it’s not a compliment “.

9) Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence

But even for Jennifer Lawrence there has been a lot of criticism of her kisses. Among her partners on the super-critical set, the first was Josh Hutcherson . In fact, the actor has stated that the actress’s kisses, in The Hunger Games , were too wet for her tastes. “Compliment” returned and collected by Lawrence!

10) Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence

There is still criticism of Jennifer Lawrence . In fact, even the actor Liam Hemsworth was not so nice towards Lawrence, indeed the comment on the kisses exchanged on the set really unkind. In fact, Liam stated that Jennifer had very bad breath . It seemed that she had even eaten some garlic or onion.

11) Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman

Even for very experienced actors like Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman there can be little problems with the more intimate scenes. In fact, the actor stated that, during the filming of the film Australia , he found himself not quite comfortable having to shoot sensual scenes with his colleague in front of 70 people.

12) Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel

Lily and Marshall in How I Met Your Mother , respectively Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel , are a very close couple on the set. But it was difficult to reach this understanding: the fault of the cigarettes that the actor smoked . Initially Alyson refused to kiss her colleague until he finally gave up on this bad habit.

13) Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson

According to Reese Witherspoon , Robert Pattinson would not be a very good kisser. In fact, in the movie Like Water for Elephants , due to a bad cold, the handsome vampire didn’t really make a good impression. The actress is confident that during the filming of the kiss, Pattinson continues to pull up the mucus from his nose .

14) Steve Carell and Dwayne Johnson

The kiss between the two straight actors Steve Carell and Dwayne Johnson , in the film Agent Smart Total Casino , is certainly unwelcome and not very spontaneous . Johnson, very jokingly said, ” His tongue was like a cat litter and his lips like a cat’s fingertips .”

15) James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie

Finally, among the embarrassing kisses , also the one between James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie . The kiss scene , in the movie Wanted-Choose your destiny , was shot on the same day the actors had just met . In addition, the male interpreter would have defined the kiss with the most desired woman in the world “clumsy, sweaty and not very beautiful”. Ungrateful!

16) Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller

In Spectacular Now , the protagonists Shailee Woodley and Miles Teller seemed to be in tune, but despite this both said that kissing was not too pleasant. Shailene was taking Chinese herbal supplements that tasted unbearable for Miles!