The next season 5 of ‘Supergirl’ is full of news and more renewed than ever. One of the most noticeable changes that we can see in the new installment of chapters is that the protagonist has radically changed her look, abandoning the characteristic miniskirt of her suit for pants.
As actress Melissa Benoist has confirmed to Twitch, the character of Kara Danvers will have a new outfit when she returns in the new installment next fall and she will leave her iconic red skirt to replace it with a pair of pants.
In this way, the character played by Melissa Benoist becomes empowered, and this is how the actress wanted to convey it in a publication on her official Instagram account. In it we can see thechange of look and costume of the heroine with respect to the previous seasons . As the actress told Entertainment Weekly, “I’ve always felt that, until recently, it was like, ‘something has to give’.”

Why does she change her costume?
The change in the superheroine’s look has not been caused only by Benoist. The showrunners of the show, Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner have also tried to change it from the beginning , “so we had to find the right moment to design the suit, and between seasons it gave us an opportunity. But this is something we’ve been thinking about for a while.”
This has also been confirmed by Melissa Benoist in the interview with the aforementioned medium, where she affirms that this change has not come out of nowhere and is something that had been brewing for a long time, for this reason already in the last season a reference to it is made when the Red Daughter mocked Kara’s outfit during one of their confrontations.
The protagonist of ‘Supergirl’ will no longer wear a skirt | Warner Bros. Television

The protagonist will direct an episode
Although not much is known about the fifth season and the details we have are rather scarce, it has been confirmed that Melissa Benoist will direct the next episode 17 of the new season, thus fulfilling one of her dreams for years.
I’ve wanted to direct an episode since season three but last year I couldn’t because of scheduling so David Harewood did it first. I’ve been drawn to it for two seasons because you know the show so well, the character, his world, the tone of the show… you know everything so well that you can’t help but imagine how you would do certain scenes. I want to play with that.”, confirmed the actress.
Melissa Benoist has also added regarding the fact of directing the team that “it is a question of talking with the actors, making sure that everyone feels creative and collaborative even though there are big restrictions on the budget and special effects. I have realized that it is like a game of chess. You move your pawn around here and then someone takes your rook away from you because you can’t do a stunt you wanted. It’s about committing and being as creative as possible within these limits, a great challenge.”

When does
season 5 of ‘Supergirl’ premiere next October 6 on the streaming platform HBO.

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