The History Channel channel confirmed in early 2019 that season 6 of its hit series ‘Vikings’ was going to be the last of the series . Thus, the series is expected to return with a new installment of 20 new chapters, divided into two parts of 10 episodes each.
The two batches of chapters will be divided by a fairly long period of time, as has happened with previous seasons.

When will season 6 of ‘Vikings’ be released?
The History Channel has not yet published the official premiere date of the last season, but if we take into account that the previous ones were released in November , it is possible that the last installment of the series is for those dates, for the next autumn.
We must bear in mind that the series premieres on the History Channel but in Spain we will see it through TNT .
As we have mentioned before, the new installment will consist of a total of 20 chapters, divided into two batches of 10 each . This is not the first time they have done it, since they have been applying this strategy since season 4 of ‘Vikings’. This information is official, since it was reported that they will continue to do so when their last renewal was announced.

the trailer
At the beginning of the year, a first preview of what will be the new installment was released, which you can find at the beginning of the article. In it, some details of what we will be able to see soon were advanced, such as the fact that the action will move from Europe to Russia, where Ivar will leave his mark after having left Kattegat, and who will be the leading trio that will accompany us in the new episodes.
Bjorn and Lagertha the main protagonists of season 6 of ‘Vikings’ | History Channel

What will the next season 6 be about?
We must remember that the fifth season ended up leaving different plots open. On the one hand, it is to be expected that in the new installment we will see a fight for the leadership of Kattegat. Ivar is still alive and he has it a bit complicatedto assemble an army competent enough to overthrow and dethrone his brother Bjorn and recapture Kattegat.
We will also see what he actually spent in the cave with Floqui and what will happen to Ubbe and Torvi, depending on the direction their adventures take. Also, although it has not been confirmed, it is said that it is possible that we will see Rollo in the new season .
According to what we have been able to observe in the advance, in the last installment we will see Lagertha return to combat , although she wanted to have a slightly more secluded and peaceful life. At the same time, we see Bjorn very busy being king while his brother Ivar is still looking for trouble and heads towards kyiv, which aims to be one of the main stages of the season.
In addition, according to the writer of the series, Michael Hirst, the other main stage through which the characters will pass this season will be the Silk Road : “We are going to the Silk Road. Every Viking warship had a banner of Odin of which we have only found a fragment, and a small piece of cloth from it, but it was silk. So we know that the Vikings were on the Silk Road. We don’t know if they came to China, but we do know that they traded, because they were merchants as well as fighters.”
So everything points to the fact that after the conquest and expansion through Northern Europe and Western Europe, now it is the turn of Russia and beyond this country.
Ivar will give a lot to talk about in the final season of ‘Vikings’ | History Channel

What characters will we see
Certainly there are very few signings announced so far. The only one who is certainly known is Danila Kozlovsky, who will play the role of Oleg of Novgorod, a Varangian prince who was the founder of Kievan Rus’ .
On the other hand, we will also see the usual characters of the series , such as Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Gustaf Skarsgard (Floki), Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn), Alex Hogh Andersen (Ivar), Marco Ilso (Hvitserk), Jordan Patrick Smith ( Ubbe) and Peter Franzen (Harald), among others.

Will there be a spin-off of the series
Although both the History Channel and the creator of the series, Michael Hirst, have decided to end the series, it is quite likely that they want to extend the franchise. Thus, although no further details are known, it is quite certain that a spin-off of the original story will be made . We will have to wait for it to be officially confirmed.

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