A few weeks after the premiere of ‘Annabelle Comes Home’, Warner releases a new trailer in which we can see the revenge that the doll is preparing against the Warrens after the events of ‘Annabelle 2’.
In the trailer we can see again the most profitable marriage of horror movies, the Warrens ( Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson ), in their most anticipated return.

The new trailer for Annabelle 3
The Warren universe continues to be a money-making machine for Warner, who does not hesitate to exploit the success of this saga that began in 2013 with ‘The Warren File’ ( ‘The Conjuring’ ). On that occasion, director James Wan returned to the horror genre the emotion and tension that he had lately lost.
In addition to the success it was at the time, it left behind invaluable material that the producer has known how to exploit around the Warren couple (Ed and Lorraine Warren, a couple of renowned demonologists who succeeded in various types of exorcism in the seventies) . Within the franchise, ‘Annabelle’ was released in 2014 , by director John R. Leonetti.
The first part remained a commendable attempt, but far from the trail that James Wan had left in ‘The Warren File’ and his repetition of success, in 2016, with ‘The Warren File 2’. A year later , David’s ‘Annabelle: The Creation’ was released. F.Sandberg, with a more acceptable result, although still far from the potential offered by the franchise.
Now, Gary Dauberman tries to unleash all that potential around the doll that stars in the first two films and is the subject of creepy demonic possession. In the trailer we can see the Warren couple returning home after the events of ‘Annabelle: The Creation’ and locking the doll in a locked cabinet .
Ed and Lorraine want to stop Annabelle from wreaking havoc, but the doll’s power is uncontrollable and, one night, it awakens the evil spirits with a clear objective, the Warrens’ ten-year-old daughter , Judy, and her friends. .
First official trailer for ‘Annabelle Comes Home’. | Warner Bros. Pictures.

When does ‘Annabelle come home’ premiere?
In the first movies we saw the terrifying games to which this diabolical doll had accustomed us: on one occasion he wrote messages to the tenants of the house, on another he rocked on a seesaw in astonishment of the girls of the house. In this new trailer we see her throwing a coin to the friend of the Warren’s daughter.
From what we see in the trailer, it seems that Gary Dauberman does not stray too far from the atmosphere that permeated the first and second parts of ‘Annabelle’: home environment, apparently childish games, evil spirits and effective scares. The question is whether he will know how to go one step further and free the saga from certain traps that have distanced it from the genius of James Wan.
At the moment, there is a couple of good news that invite optimism: James Wan has participated in the script , specifically in the construction of the story, and we can also savor the return of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who did not appear in ‘ Annabelle’ nor in ‘Annabelle: Creation’.