After waiting more than two years to be able to continue enjoying the series ‘Big Little Lies’ in season 2, we can say that the wait has been worth it. With the addition of Meryl Streep to the fantastic cast of actresses, starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Shailene Woodley , the new installment has been received with the success it deserves by all viewers of the HBO platform.
However, in the absence of an episode for the end of the second season, a question comes to mind : will there be season 3 of ‘Big Little Lies’
Although all his followers would love to be able to continue seeing the five Monterey girls, Everything indicates that the production of a third season is something almost impossible.

A season 2 was not planned
The series, winner of several Emmy and Golden Globe awards , was not initially going to have a second season. In fact, the book by Liane Moriarty on which the series is based was already adapted in its entirety with the first installment. However, after the great success it obtained, it was when it was decided to launch a second batch of episodes.
The renewal of the series was quite a surprise for its fans, although the decision to carry it out was a very thoughtful idea and discussed by all the parties involved and the team. As initially the project was planned as a limited miniseries of only 7 chapters where the novel was completely adapted, the fact of making new episodes depended, apart from the availability of the actresses, on being able to guarantee a story that was really worth producing.
In this way, in this new installment of episodes, a territory not covered in the homonymous novel by Liane Moriarty on which the series is based is explored. However, the author of the book has played a very important role together with the creator of the HBO series , David E. Kelley, when it comes to continuing to tell the different adventures and vital turns experienced by the protagonists in the new stage.
The protagonists of the acclaimed series ‘Big Little Lies’ | HBO

Will there be a season 3 of the series
From HBO they have stated thatthe realization of a third season depends mainly on the availability of the main actresses . According to statements by the president of HBO, Casey Bloys, which he made earlier this year to TVLine, “I love this group of people, I would do anything with them. But the reality is that they are some of the busiest actresses in Hollywood. We have agreements with some of them. Nicole Kidman is doing her next series ‘The Undoing’ with us. I think it would be unrealistic to think about the possibility of a third installment.”
He also added that “If they call me and say “We have adjusted our schedules!”, then without a doubt. But I don’t think it’s possible .”
Thus, it is expected that this second season will be the lastand, for this reason, it has been confirmed that the plot will not leave any loose ends. “The second season was an opportunity for everyone involved to finish in a way that was satisfactory,” said the director of the network.

When does the series end
Next Monday, July 22, season 2 of ‘Big Little Lies’ ends and we can see it on HBO Spain. Thus, it is to be hoped that it will be the last episode of this wonderful series.

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