We are not new to talking to you about this topic: after providing you with useful tips to become popular on Instagram we have already compiled a mini ranking of the most popular fashion influencers in Italy.

But let’s immediately see who is at the top of our ranking!

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan sits at the top of our highest paid influencer rankings in the world : with 48 million followers around the world, the American beauty influencer , born in the United States of Iranian parents, after opening her blog in 2010 , almost immediately achieved popularity. So in 2013 she launched a makeup brand and as mentioned about her being famous for her on social media means that a promotional content of her costs around 18,000 dollars. If she publishes 9 posts a day on average, you do the bill of her daily salary .. TOP Influencer !

cameron dallas

In second place in our ranking we have Cameron Dallas , influencer and one of the first to publish videos with some success on Vine. Today he is a brand ambassador for D&G and with 21.5 million followers on Instagram, it costs $ 17,000 to get a promotional post from him!

Jennifer Selter

On the podium is Jennifer Selter , American fitness model and influencer , who became famous for her B-side, which literally drove Americans crazy. Jennifer has around 12.6 million followers on Instagram and an engagement of 6.3 million users per month. So if you want to advertise with the most famous fitness influencer in the world , you’ll have to write a $ 15,000 check for just one post. Work-out!

Nash Grier

Nash Grier is in fourth position and this time he is not a face related to fashion and has not been successful for his beauty. Nash is in fact a comedian, made famous by his sketches uploaded to YouTube, so much so that he has become one of the most influential on the net with about 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and 10.8 million followers on Instagram. A promotional post of him costs 13,000 dollars: please don’t laugh! 

Zoe Sugg

With Zoe Sugg we return to beauty as a weapon of mass seduction. Known online as @ Zoella , and become famous for live shows and stories on fashion, and her videos on YouTube have a good audience, reaching 12 million subscribers on the channel, while on Instagram she has fewer followers, so to speak: 11 million. A promotional post of her would cost you $ 13,000. Good luck!

Chiara Ferragni

The only Italian on the list could only be her: Chiara Ferragni ! The founder of the blog ” The blonde salad ” with her millions of followers around the world (almost 16 million) is very expensive for brands that decide to rely on her as an advertising testimonial: 12,000 dollars for a single post for the very blond mother di Leone and wife of the Italian rapper Fedez.

The others in the standings

As for the other positions of our top influencer ranking, we must point out the last four places. At number 7 and 8 in the ranking we find two American fashion bloggersJulie Sarinana  and  Aimee Song , who share the same number of followers on Instagram, about 5 million. The first has a cost per post of 10 thousand dollars, the second of 9 thousand.

The last two places of honor in our ranking of the highest paid influencers in the world are for Danielle Bernstein who has about 2 million followers on Instagram with her WeWoreWhat profile and $ 7,000 per post and Liz Eswein , photographer, who has 1, 4 million Instagram followers with a $ 6,000 fee for a sponsored post.