Are you worried because love is not going well for you, your luck seems to be in the doldrums, you feel more unhappy than usual, and it seems that you have a hard time overcoming this situation?
For many people, you may have reasons for discouragement, since maybe you should know if you have the evil eye in order to remove this curse .

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What is the evil eye?
Before how to know if you have been given the evil eye, let’s review what this curse consists of and how this enchantment can affect our lives, according to those who believe in it.
The evil eye is a curse that generates all kinds of misfortunes to those who suffer from it. According to superstition, it is said that there are people with the ability to give their future victim an evil eye just by looking at it.
Since ancient times, this exceptional quality has been attributed to witches and people who know the esoteric, who with their evil arts were capable of causing terrible things to happen to those who suffered their consequences, without anyone being able to do anything to get rid of their evil. eye.
popularly,It is said that someone has been given an evil eye, to refer to their bad luck , although the meaning of this expression does not mean that they have been bewitched.

How do you know you have the evil eye?
There are a series of physical and psychological symptoms that are associated with having the evil eye. Now, be careful that it is not going to be a series of negative coincidences and you are interpreting it in the wrong way.
After all, these manifestations by themselves can mean that your health is not going through a good time, but together they may imply that someone has cast an evil eye on you.

1. Physical symptoms of the evil eye
The most reported are usually intense headaches, stomach painsthat do not mitigate and that do not remit, generalized weakness and malaise, swelling of the eyes or numbness of the limbs.

2. Psychological symptoms of the evil eye
To detect an evil eye, it is also important to pay attention to our mental state, since it manifests itself through ailments at this level.
These are generally depressive moods, which may be accompanied by feelings of apathy, emotional lability (that is, ups and downs or sudden mood swings) or anger. It is also not uncommon to find concentration problems, insomnia, recurrent nightmares and even hallucinations.
It should be noted that a vital characteristic to detect the evil eye is to know if the person has had hallucinogenic visions for the first time, since this symptom is very indicative in this type of curse (of course, rule out the toxic cause before anything else) .

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    ? A common question.

Can the evil eye be removed?
Okay, we already know how to know if we have the evil eye and what we should look for. Let us now try to explain why the superstitious believe in this spell. If we understand how it occurs, we can remove the evil eye and stop suffering its effects.

1. Self-fulfilling prophecy
Also known as the ‘Pygmalion effect’, it is an unfounded belief that will have repercussions on the person’s thinking and behavior, without the person having evidence in favor of it.
Ultimately, our convictions shape our thinking and, consequently, we interpret the world around us based on them. Through the experiences lived and our way of interpreting the environment, expectations will be generated that we unconsciously hope to see fulfilled. Thus, if it seems to us that someone has looked at us badly and, a short time later, we feel a pain in the stomach or a headache , it is for many more than enough evidence that it would prove the evil eye.
Those who want to believe in black magic or the evil eye, will interpret that a time of bad luck as we all have, during which it is difficult for them to fall asleep, they may suffer from nightmares, or their mood is more depressed than usual; It is actually the fruit of a curse in the form of the evil eye. In this way, they will probably attend a tarot reader who will read their cards or a healer who will recommend some type of sanitation ritual , before submitting to a medical examination.

2. Confirmation bias
Acting somewhat as a result of the self-fulfilling prophecy, there is the confirmation bias, a tendency to give more value and consider more credible those information that best fit our belief system. On the other hand, any option to reply will be ignored and discarded as a possible explanation, however well-founded or objective these ideas may be.
With the passage of time and through experience, we become more reluctant to change our way of thinking, precisely because through the confirmation bias, all those opinions that we consider real become entrenched and reinforced; and making it impossible to assess other options as possible.
It is precisely in this last point where one of the negative consequences of the confirmatory bias lies, that of considering that we are right and that others are wrong. Thus, this type of bias conditions beliefs and superstitions, such as those of those who believe in Black Magic or the evil eye , just because they present some of the manifestations that supposedly appear when one suffers.

3. The credulity of some and the bad faith of others
Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It’s that simple and there is no technical name for it: simply, many people are more credulous than others and part of their thought scheme is based on magical or supernatural ideas, which collide head-on with those of more rational people.
We do not intend to teach moral lessons with these statements or deny that something does not exist only because we cannot see it or it has not happened to us. However, we cannot avoid the feeling that for some, reality sometimes becomes so unbearable and so full of disappointments, that all events are attributed to forces beyond our control and that would explain why certain things happen. How many times has the ‘Devil’ or God’s passivity been blamed for misfortunes on Earth?
In these cases, another person’s curse would play the same role.
Let’s not forget either the intrusiveness in esotericism, or who are the supposed “experts” in charge of detecting when someone is under the influence of an evil eyeor any other Black Magic spell. Frequently, cases of false santeros and tarot readers come to light who have been arrested after having swindled huge amounts of money from their victims, enticed by unscrupulous people who have taken advantage of the beliefs of others to profit from it.

Conclusion on the evil eye
We have already said, but in case it is not clear, we repeat it, that it is not the intention of this article to want to undermine the faith of those who think differently. We can believe that there are energies that surround us, that penetrate us and that are involved in the way we interact or relate to the environment .
Whether we call it ‘The Force’, ‘synergies’, ‘destiny’ or any other mystical appellation, as human beings that we are and graced with free will, we are not vetoed to believe in what we want, but be careful with the role that we grant to our beliefs or expectations and how we let them take control of our existence.
After all, only we have control and decision-making power over what we do with our lives. Not everything happens by the intervention of fate, sometimes it is mere chance that acts. Our brain does the rest.

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