Models in bikinis: the most famous of social networks

How do you prepare for summer? Starting a diet, exercising and starting to think about the bathing suit to put on. Maybe even imitating the beautiful models who are already being photographed in bikinis and set trends or simply invite you to enjoy the moment. A bikini cannot be worn by anyone, you need the body, of course, but you also need the ease of wearing this bathing suit as if it were an evening dress. With class. Some know how to do it more than others.

Dayane Mello

Fresh from GF Vip, the Brazilian super model Dayane Mello opens the summer season with a magnificent selfie in a bikini, showing off a sexy pose and a floral pattern perfectly in trend with the fashion of the moment.

The high-waisted briefs are original, very vintage but made modern by the central buckle.

Ines Trocchia

Housewife photo instead for Ines Trocchia, a bit saucy with that grimace that lightens the provocative pose of the hand that lowers the panties. The leopard-print bikini is very seductive and the shot she put on Instagram with a more than lived-in bedroom behind her is very seductive, or the pink bikini worn on a Californian beach, which so much recalls the atmospheres made famous by the Baywatch show, is beautiful.

Alessandra Ambrosio

The model Alessandra Ambrosio never denies herself: beautiful as always, every year she shows off a different and trendy bikini, which every woman would like to imitate. Fiery red in 2019, teal in 2020, delicate pastel – and partly covered by a shoulder cover – for this upcoming summer.

Eva Padlock

Spanish model Eva Padlock shocks everyone with a pose that highlights a more than generous “B-side”, with a skimpy light green bikini. The thong is barely visible , while the top reveals only the laces on the backā€¦ the imagination will do the rest for the bra.

Bella Hadid

Almost a million likes for Bella Hadid and her sexy black bikini , whose upper band barely holds the generous breasts, which makes the heads of men of half the world spin, or her colorful bikinis, where almost nothing escapes the imagination of the social user. She is beautiful and really beautiful, but in a bikini even more. Perhaps also for this reason it is requested by the fashion houses all over the world, and also in the lingerie and swimwear sector they compete to hire you to launch their own collections.

Chiara Ferragni

The Italian entrepreneur and model, this year, is still too busy being a mother with the very recent arrival of little Vittoria. But everyone eagerly awaits her annual photo of her in her bikini, as she is one of the most famous and beloved two-piece stars on social media. At the right time, the beautiful blonde will not disappoint.

Emily Ratajkowski

Another mother who amazes and, this year, the American model Emily Ratajkowski. Already the undisputed queen of bikini selfies in 2020, for the moment she dedicates her beautiful curves to the newborn baby. But her followers are already waiting for the first costume shot of the season.

Jasmine Sanders

One of the stars of the annual bikini, Jasmine Sanders, this year sports two stunning shots with two different and fascinating swimsuits: one gold with long fringes and the other green with a pattern.

The rest is done by her screaming body that attracts clicks from all over the world, as well as trade magazines such as Sports Illustrated, which dedicated the cover to her in 2020.

Kim Kardashian

An explosive 2021 is expected for the super model and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, who sports a very tight bikini with a neutral pastel color, almost torn by the bursting breasts and generous hips of the scandalous and beautiful star.

Mathilde Tantot

The Franco-Iranian model sports several bikinis, all super mini when compared to the spectacular curves they are supposed to cover.

Our post dedicated to famous bikini models ends here. See you next time with the insights dedicated to the world of fashion style, by our portal!