True innovation is made when the world least expects it and Franco Moschino managed to do it in the 1980s . His fashion di lui was ironic, irreverent, but also very engaging because it started from the classic and became something totally new.

A disease never fully understood took this brilliant designer away at the age of 44, but his style remains in the world thanks to the legacy collected by his collaborators . Because you can also make fashion with sympathy, even with those small transgressions that do not disturb but enrich.

Let’s see in the new post dedicated to famous Italian stylists, the history and innovations introduced by one of the forerunners of Italian fashion: welcome back to our portal!

Franco Moschino, from the province to the big catwalks

Franco Moschino was born in Abbiategrasso in 1950 but lost both parents when he was only 8 years old. He is welcomed into an uncle’s house in Milan and here he grows and develops his artistic spirit that will lead him to attend the Marangoni Institute . His idea of ​​him is to become a tailor, but his creativity di lui also leads him to invent his own clothes.

While still a student , he began to practice in Gianni Versace’s atelier , then worked as a designer for the Cadette fashion house. In 1980, in full youth rebellion, he launched his Moschino Couture on the market with jeans and a purely casual style. It is the gradual passage also to lingerie and elegant dresses that makes him discover the world of great fashion and opens the doors to the great catwalks.

Versatile career signed Franco Moschino

At the end of the 1980s, Franco Moschino’s name was already associated with a highly prestigious brand and the company decided to expand into other sectors as well. In fact, Moschino also began to design footwear, perfumery, evening dresses. On a personal level, the designer’s sketches become paintings that are exhibited in successful exhibitions.

The purpose of the Moschino style is to always amaze , by any means. These are incredible garments: for example, skirts made with hundreds of ties, suits with pinwheels instead of buttons, “single-sleeved” shirts and other extravagances that however drive the young people of the period crazy, as well as fashion critics. more demanding. You could not resist such a breath of creativity, which still manages to have a lot of style and get unanimous approval!

A serious and never fully clarified disease – colon cancer according to some sources, AIDS according to others – led Moschino to retire from the business in a few years. He died on 18 September 1994 and his company di lui was carried on by his trusted collaborators, until in 1999 it was  taken over by Ferretti.

Moschino in the world

Franco Moschino’s clothes were seen by millions of people wearing Fran Drescher in the famous American TV series La Tata , but movie stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow , Anna Friel and the major supermodels of the time also wore them

Moschino never disdains to lend his work also to the theater, not only by creating stage clothes but also by acting himself in some shows, especially in Lombard dialectal companies. This is also a sign of an artist who had no limits and did not even put any in his fashion di lui.

Our post dedicated to the famous Italian designer Franco Moschino ends here. See you next time with the insights dedicated to Fashion and its protagonists, by our portal!