Christmas is near and it is now time to choose the gift for your partner.

What better gift idea can there be than that of a nice intimate outfit , perhaps with a Christmas theme, to give to your partner?

The fashion of lingerie as a Christmas gift was launched by a well-known lingerie brand that has proposed underwear at all levels as an essential part of a woman’s outfit. Since then, many have chosen a sexy lingerie item as a Christmas gift.

Lingerie as a truly unique Christmas gift

Women have always been passionate about lingerie, and receiving it from their partner as a Christmas gift is certainly an appreciated gesture that will make them feel beautiful and desired. Also even if you decide to give your friend an underwear as a gift.

Women’s lingerie: the trends of the moment

Obviously not all lingerie items are the same and those most in vogue at the moment are certainly those in lace , which women and their partners like, just as the desire to make simplicity prevail over eccentricity is becoming increasingly popular. .

The favorite colors in women’s underwear are always black and red , which recall sensuality, passion, elegance and mystery, which must never be lacking in a relationship in order not to extinguish the flame of love.

To be particularly appreciated, as we explained in our post dedicated to sexy women’s underwear , are also the animalier garments (those to be clear that have streaks similar to those of animals), which this year are receiving a lot of acclaim and appreciation among the consumers.

The range that the underwear market makes available is really very wide and the choice must fall on the garment that most represents the person to whom it is being given as a gift.

The advice is to stick to the classic Christmas red, which is never risky during the holidays; then off to the imagination as regards shapes and fabrics.

Physical store or e-commerce?

As regards the theme of the place where to buy the product, obviously the choice is vast, between specialized and non-specialized shops, as well as the most modern e-commerce, which have the advantage of being able to order the product you most want and do it arrive directly at home without the need to physically go to the store. For those who are somewhat in awe of being seen in the store and asking for a garment of underwear for their girlfriend / wife, e-commerce is a path practiced by many, who can then decide to have the package sent anonymously. at home.

One of the e-commerce specialized in women’s underwear is La Mutanderia, which offers a wide range of models to choose from. On the site you will find top brands such as  Bracli , a well-known Spanish brand of underwear, also famous thanks to the Sex and the City series , and  Obsessive , which with its products in stretch fabric, nickel free, hypoallergenic and finished in every detail, is synonymous quality.

In short, the choice is really vast and you can easily find the garment suitable for every need, always with extreme attention to the specific needs of each woman.

In short, why give yet another scented candle or a simple bag, when you can make your partner feel loved and desired?

Lingerie as a Christmas gift could prove to be a really good choice and be seen as a trendy, elegant gift and as a sort of recognition of the beauty of your partner.

We leave you with some pictures of models available from the “La Mutanderia” site: