Fashion , as we know, dictates new laws every year. What was good the year before may no longer be “in” after 12 months, but there are timeless classics when it comes to matching clothes and jewelry . By following these tips you will be perfect on any occasion and you will be able to enhance every outfit with the right bijoux !

How to choose earrings

There are earrings of every shape, color and material, and a varied and essential supply in every woman’s jewelry box. Sometimes we tend to match them only based on color, or in combination with a necklace, but earrings can be excellent allies in improving the appearance of our face.

In what sense?

Well, it is important to pay attention to the shape of our face and the earring we want to wear. In fact, this jewel not only embellishes and illuminates the look, but can also produce an optical effect on the viewer, allowing you to rebalance the shape of the face.

If you have a round face , for example, avoid wearing earrings that recall the same shape, such as pearls or hoops, which would create an inelegant effect, making your face appear larger.

If you have an elongated or oval face, it is not advisable to wear very elongated earrings or earrings with thin and long pendants: your face would in fact risk appearing even more elongated.

If you have a heart-shaped face (or triangle, with the forehead wider than the chin) you can fill the void left by the lines of the face with drop or round earrings.

If you have an angular face or with marked features, choose rounded or circular earrings, or the chandelier model, which can smooth the harder features of the face.

This type of earrings is also great for those with a square or rectangular face, who will instead have to avoid angular geometric shapes and prefer curved lines.

How to choose bracelets and necklaces

Often you don’t think about it, but even choosing the right bracelet for your wrist can work wonders!

If you have thin wrists and you want to highlight them, choose circle bracelets or in any case not too thick, perhaps in a beautiful shiny metal or enriched with light points (such as Swarovski bracelets). If, on the other hand, you want to hide an important or not very thin wrist compared to the arm, choose bracelets with a wide band or with more threads.

Bracelets can be difficult to combine with an outfit, but as a general rule it is always good to combine a flashy one with a minimal look and a more sober one with a more whimsical outfit .

Very similar rules apply to necklaces, but in this case the neck and the shape of the shoulders must be taken into account. On very special occasions you can show off a set combined with earrings, while a very voluminous or colorful necklace can go well with a very sober look and neutral colors. A thin necklace can brighten up your face if you are wearing a light dress or blouse, and is perfect for summer.

How to choose the rings

Also in this case, before choosing a ring , let’s stop and observe the shape of our hand, and especially of the fingers. A ring can enhance a strength or hide a slight defect.

If you have long or tapered fingers, choose rings that are not too narrow and have a slightly elongated and regular shape, or a wide band.

If you have short fingers, choose rings with asymmetrical or diagonal lines, otherwise you may make your fingers look even shorter.

Then look at your hands: if they are small, choose thin and not too obvious rings, otherwise they may seem stubby. If, on the other hand, you have big hands you can be daring and wear more voluminous rings.

If your hands feel too large or bulky, avoid wearing rings on each finger, but maybe only one or two at the most. If your hands are a little chubby, do not choose models with a band or thin band style, to avoid the “bagged” effect; these rings will do just fine if you have thin hands and fingers.