The zodiac sign reveals many aspects of a person’s character , about his preferences, inclinations and predispositions. It is plausible to think that it can also indicate how much one is predisposed to be bad or good depending on the case. Badness and goodness are two elements that are part of the nature of man and which have often been discussed in the philosophical, psychological and astrological fields. In all of us both goodness and badness coexist.

From the most empathic, to the most jealous or materialistic signs, everyone has their own qualities or defects, which are more familiar and typical of one sign rather than another.

Obviously, to say that a sign is “worse” than another implies an evaluation of its characteristics, not of the individuals born under that sign. Surely, the cynicism of Scorpio, as well as his tendency to always and only appear focused on himself, does not belong to everyone who was born under the sign. Equally, the kindness and positive attitude with which the Aquarius approaches other people does not exclude that those born under this sign may have an irascible character.

So, let’s find out together what the Zodiac reveals about each sign, here is the ranking from the worst to the best zodiac sign :

1. Scorpio

Scorpio can definitely be considered the “worst” sign . Obviously, we are not talking about the tendency to hurt others but only the fact that he can appear short-tempered and indifferent . In fact, those born under this sign seem to be inclined to get angry easily and not to show generosity towards those around them. Among other things, Scorpio has always been accused of being cynical and selfish .

2. Cancer

The moody and dreamy nature of the Cancer sign does not always play in favor of those around him. When hurt or disappointed, cancer transforms and becomes devilish and angry . This negative inclination often leads him to seek revenge in a cold and detached way, letting himself be carried away and overwhelmed by the dark side of himself.

3. Pesci

The sign of Pisces contains characteristics that are truly antipodes . And capable of being extremely kind and a moment later unleashing uncontrolled anger. In this sense, the unpredictability of the sign of Pisces tends to represent a serious problem for others who surround it and who are unable to manage it. It is not possible to predict the reaction of this sign which also tends to harbor a lot of resentment.

4. Capricorn

Unfortunately, anyone who considers the nature of Capricorn benevolent and calm is wrong. Capricorn is a sign with undeniable grit that can really bring out the worst when a situation gets out of hand or realizes that a person doesn’t like it. Among other things, he is one of the proudest and most touchy signs that being around him is anything but easy .

5. Gemini

Gemini has always been characterized by a dualism in which opposites coexist perfectly. This characteristic leads them to be present in the ranking of the worst signs precisely because, for Gemini, there are no half measures . They can be very good, generous and sweet but when the other side of their character prevails, they have nothing to envy to anyone in terms of wickedness.

6. Leone

Leo does not forgive . If he receives a taunt or someone disagrees with him, his nature begins to change and most of the time he moves away from that person for good. In general, the sign of Leo does not like to be contradicted , he takes this attitude very badly and behaves accordingly, without using the hard way, but eliminating that person from his life in a definitive way.

7. Aries

The stubbornness of the Aries leads him to lose patience from time to time by taking really hard and severe attitudes towards others. Aries has very exaggerated reactions in both deeds and words , often hurting those around them. However, they have a soft heart at heart and often regret their reactions. They apologize, trying to recover the relationship with the other.

8. Toro

Taurus is a very stubborn and angry sign . He does not like to be contradicted, he often thinks he is right even when it is obvious that he is wrong and this can make him annoying. Very often the Taurus assumes provocative attitudes to achieve his goals at all costs. Despite this, it cannot be considered “a bad sign , more than anything else it seems to close itself in his convictions and to think like a strategist in order to be right.

9. Sagittarius

The calm of Sagittarius is disarming . It is difficult to anger or irritate this zodiac sign who has a good and generous disposition . Obviously, anyone can sometimes lose his temper, when it happens to Sagittarius it is difficult to appease him but he apologizes and is ready to admit his mistakes . A quality to be appreciated and praised.

10. Libra

Libra is the furthest away from an angry and impulsive sign. It is a very thoughtful, calm, sociable, relaxed and very positive sign . Having a Libra around means feeling satisfied and cheerful. When they are upset by something, they tend to isolate themselves, close in on themselves, pushing away those who have hurt them in a completely defensive attitude. For the rest, Libra has a remarkable balance of character , to be appreciated and taken as an example.

11. Virgo

The sign of Virgo is very introspective, thoughtful and kind . He is often jealous of his things about her. In fact, when someone tries to enter her private sphere, the Virgo tends to stiffen and get annoyed and it is not difficult to make his reasons understood but without causing disputes or exaggerated reactions . It is a staid, sweet and calm sign, but it is also touchy so you need to be careful .

12. Aquarius

It is Aquarius that closes this ranking because it qualifies as the best, kind and most helpful sign of all. The positiveness of the Aquarius is instilled in every person , thanks to his cheerfulness and goodness that leads him to avoid clashes and quarrels as long as it is possible. When the Aquarius gets irritated, he does not allow himself to be overwhelmed by the other and responds with charisma , trying to calm souls and assert his reasons.