Gorgeous and shiny dresses, perfect and always shiny hair, crystal shoes, magical castles and the inevitable prince charming; who has never dreamed of being a Disney princess for at least one day just to have all this?

As Cinderella says “dreams are desires” and in this case we are not talking only about the dreams of the girls, but also of the celebrities , who never miss an opportunity to wear outfits that are nothing short of enchanted on the occasion of the red carpet, to be able to feel like real princesses for one evening.

That of the Disney princesses now seems to be a real fashion; from designers who create magical clothes inspired by their world to live-action remakes of the most famous fairy tales, such as Cinderella or Snow White, now it seems we can’t talk about anything else.

In the latest film adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” you will surely be fascinated by the striking resemblance between Emma Watson and Bella, but wait until you see the other, to say the least , amazing similarities between Disney princesses and the most famous Hollywood stars.

10) Blake Lively

The radiant Blake Lively during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival wore a wonderful and wide sky blue dress by Vivienne Westwood, decorated with floral details on the top, leaving the photographers stationed on the Red Carpet of “Ma Loute” speechless for her extraordinary resemblance to Cinderella . She may be for the updo or the dazzling sweet smile, but the former Gossip Girl star seems to have truly come out of a fairytale . Maybe in the future our beloved Serena Van der Woodsen could play the sweet Cinderella from the Disney film of the same name.

9) Emma Stone

It’s hard not to notice how much Emma Stone remembers Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”. Big clear eyes, bright red hair and a lot of personality, Stone seems to be the youngest of King Triton’s daughters. If you fell in love with the nice actress watching her dance and sing to the tune of “La La Land” for sure you are already imagining her wallowing at the bottom of the sea singing “As I wish”, and maybe one day our fantasy could become real.

8) Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes at the 2014 Met Gala wore a gorgeous gold dress accompanied by natural makeup and loose hair. She only needed the company of Lumiere, Mrs Brick and Tockins to be beautiful , the princess of “Beauty and the Beast”!

7) Jennifer Lawrence

The sweet Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty” made us dream with her fairy tale. She is saved by prince charming with a kiss after facing a ferocious dragon. Jennifer Lawrence briefly reminded us of her during the 2015 Oscars, when she won the Best Actress award. The actress in her large Christian Dior dress looked like a real princess.

6) Christina Hendrix

She’s not exactly a Disney princess but her resemblance to Jessica Rabbit is shocking to say the least, we’re talking about Christina Hendrix . During the “Mad Men” presentation, the actress wore a long, sparkling red Vivienne Westwood dress to complete her Jessica Rabbit look. With her hypnotic green eyes, her sinuous shapes and her thick red hair she can’t help but remind us of the wife of the goofy rabbit Roger Rabbit.

5) Candice Swanepoel

What about Victoria’s Secret enchanting angel Candice Swanepoel ; it may be for her ice-colored eyes or for her flowing blonde hair, but with this simple light blue dress at the CFDA Fashion Awards it reminds us of her, the snow queen, Elsa, one of the protagonists of one of the animated films Latest Disney. Who knows that in a future representation of the film the beautiful Candice can, with her angelic face, bring warmth to Elsa’s icy heart, interpreting her.

4) Katy Perry

She was the first Disney princess: sweet and loving, she lives with 7 dwarfs and is saved from the kiss of a handsome prince. We are talking about the little Snow White , princess who seems to have been inspired by Katy Perry in this outfit. The beautiful singer with this blue dress is just a princess! The bushy black bob, the make-up that frames her big green eyes and paints her lips a bright red do nothing but help her to make her resemblance even more evident.

3) Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine Tookes , here’s another model / princess! The beautiful Victoria’s Secret angel could only be the female protagonist of Aladin, the beautiful Jasmine. The model seems not to have only her name in common with the sultan’s daughter. Everything is reminiscent of Princess Jasmine, from long hair to big black eyes. On the occasion of the last Halloween party Jasmine Tookes wanted to play on this likeness of her by dressing up as Jasmine. She looked like she was straight out of the movie!

2) Lucy Liu

Recently there has been talk of creating a live-action remake of Mulan and the race in search of the best interpreter of the beautiful princess has immediately started, but the role should be given without any kind of hesitation to Lucy Liu . The former Charlie’s Angel looks like he was born for that role! The beautiful Chinese actress during the 2016 Tony Awards wore a gorgeous yellow Zuhair Murad dress with a plunging neckline and embroideries in front of her, truly an enchanting and fairytale vision.

1) Angelina Jolie

Maleficent is not really a Disney princess, rather she is the antagonist. Only a few years ago the remake of “Sleeping Beauty”, Maleficent , was made , but Maleficent was chosen as the protagonist, and what better actress to play her if not the wonderful Angelina Jolie. At the premiere of the film she wore an amazing black Versace dress , perfect outfit to remember the fearsome Maleficent.