Sister is her best friend. She is one of the few people who will come to your aid at any time and will also sincerely rejoice for you in your moments of happiness. We offer you a collection of long and short texts, with wishes Happy Birthday, containing thousands of pleasant words and phrases for your sister.

The whole family, the sisters, the brothers who want to surprise their sister will find here suitable greeting cards for any holiday, which can be sent via SMS, written on Facebook or said at the festive meal during the toast.

Choose the most beautiful birthday message for your sister, whether it is from her brother or from a twin sister, and rest assured that she will appreciate your sincerity and kindness!

Beautiful messages Happy Birthday for the sister

Any holiday is not only a time of gifts, but also a good occasion for good wishes and kind words. When you write a β€œmessage for my sister of many years,” the words should bring warmth, love, and joy.

However, the sister is the person who has been with you all your childhood and has always supported you, so it is necessary to have beautiful messages for many years for the sister, incomparable and full of soul.

 πŸ›Ž  Sister! I wish you a festive mood and a happy day! Have a positive attitude towards life and confidence the next day! Do what you think is necessary and don’t look back!

 Dear  sister! Always smile and treat failures with humor! Have your head on your shoulders and don’t run after the crowd! May sincerity, kindness and sympathy always be open to you! Dear sister, congratulations on your birthday!

 πŸ›Ž  My dear sister, I wish you not to count the years, because the soul always remains young, not to regret what has passed, because there are many interesting things before, not to be afraid again, because risk is a noble cause!

 πŸ›Ž  Happy birthday, sister! Let the family be your joy and a reliable support on the way to life!

 My dear  sister! Don’t be afraid of household chores and workplace difficulties. Don’t know sadness and fatigue. May your health be excellent, your nerves of steel and your mind sharp, to help you with all your problems!

 My  sister! I wish you were always at the right time and place. Always find reasons to rest! Happy Holidays, sister, happy birthday!

 πŸ›Ž  Today, all the congratulations are for you! Dear sister, you already have your own family and a comfortable nest, you have achieved a lot in life, but there are still so many ahead of you! I want you to keep and increase what you already have and get what you are still looking for. Enjoy every moment and every day!

 πŸ›Ž  Today is a wonderful day! You have become an adult and you are rightly considered a woman, not a girl. Grow culturally, grow morally and remain a unique person. Do not follow others, but choose your own path.

 My dear  sister! I wish you good luck in all your efforts, and may perseverance help you to get everything done. With love for you, from your sister.

 πŸ›Ž  You are a good witch and a tender fairy! You always know how to interest and entertain children. So, be a dream come true for your husband! As if by magic, let your homework and fatigue get around you. Let the family holidays be fabulous! Stay smart, creative, sociable! Happy birthday, dear sister!

 Ridic  Today I’m raising a glass for my beloved sister! On this joyous holiday full of joy, I want to wish you happiness! Let there be a lot of new, interesting, fascinating events in your life!

 πŸ›Ž  Honey! Spend time with benefits and pay attention to rest. Set a goal and go for it with confidence. Love, dream, smile! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ›Ž  You are a creative person and I wish you inspiration and a high flight of fantasy! Let the thoughts always find a way out, with the right words, and the hand should not tire of writing them. Let your muse not go on strike, but always keep in touch. Create, write, create! Happy birthday, dear sister!

 Sister  , my dear, I wish you a happy birthday! Let everything work exactly as you intended. I wish your life not to be boring, and the surprises to be pleasant and to bring you benefits!

 πŸ›Ž  My dear! Never lose your temper in difficult situations and find a way out of any inconvenience! With love, your sister. Happy Birthday!

The most beautiful messages for many years for the sister

Giving joy to the family is so simple! You don’t have to think about a message from my birthday to my younger or older sister for days on end, because our collection contains dozens of special congratulations. Here are the most beautiful messages from her birthday for her sister:

 βœ±  Sister! I want to wish you true friends, smiles, joy, positivism, always be in a great mood. Know that I will always be by your side and helpful at all times!

  I’m proud to have a sister like you ! I wish you the sweetest moments and true friends! Be on the wave and never get bored. Always be beautiful and elegant!

 βœ±  My dear, dear, gentle, beautiful sister! Congratulations on your birthday! It blooms every day! Good luck in all! Original ideas! Positive friends!

 βœ±  Know that wealth is not only in the wallet, but also in the achievements of life. I love you darling! I wish you happiness and love so much that your head spins.

 βœ±  Allow me, sister, to congratulate you with all my heart and wish you never to lose your sense of humor, not to forget your friends and relatives. Avoid all troubles, overcome all obstacles easily! Be surrounded by attention, care and love!

 βœ±  Sister! Health and well-being! I will always be with you! I love you very much!

 βœ±  My sun, my sister! I’m so glad we’re so friendly! I wish you to find a great love that you will carry until the end of your life! I am sure you will be a happy mother and wife!

 βœ±  My dear! Romantic surprises, less sadness and worries! Have an unforgettable experience, called life! Meet the faithful prince as soon as possible on a strong horse with a bag of money in his hand!

 βœ±  My dear, good and beloved daughter! Congratulations on this long awaited day! Hatred!!! You were born into the world and made us all happy! I love you! Know that you only deserve the best!

 βœ±  Sister! I’m throwing everyone at your beautiful feet! Love and respect yourself, my dear!

 βœ±  Angel, princess, my sister. You are a great friend and a good interlocutor! You always support me and you understand me! You listen to me and support me! I wish there were only faithful and loving friends in your life! Keep up the good work! Happy birthday, it’s the most beautiful day of your life and ours!

 Dear  sister! I am sending you a huge bouquet of congratulations in honor of your birth! May every day be happy, may the night be quiet, good luck every moment!

 βœ±  My dear! May the guardian angel be with you! Always be loved at home, revered by co-workers, fun and cheerful in the company of friends! Good luck!

 βœ±  My dear! Dear sister! Another year has passed, but for me you will always be a child! Tender and kind, beautiful and receptive! May all the flowers be at your feet today!

 βœ±  Sister! Meet people as good as you at every step! Happy Birthday! Thank you for being born and making us happy.

 βœ±  Sister! We, your whole family, can be proud of such a woman as you! Good luck in all your efforts! Stay the same sweet, beautiful and kind girl! And if you cry, only from the greatest happiness of your life!

 βœ±  According to my parents, you are my closest and dearest person! I wish you Happy Birthday! Many times we quarreled with you as a child, we couldn’t get along and we couldn’t share much. But I’m still proud of you, my dear! Be happy not only today, but always!

 βœ±  My dear! Get flowers not only for the holidays, but every day! And you go through life with a smile on your face, meeting only happiness. Happy Birthday!

Messages Happy Birthday for the best sister

Sister is a close person who has been with you since childhood. Of course, she should be congratulated in a special way. Choose messages Happy Birthday for the best sister that will be remembered for a long time and will remain in her heart. He will certainly appreciate such a warning from you!

 πŸŽ  With all my heart, I congratulate my wonderful and dear sister, dear and beloved! I want you to be the most amazing and extraordinary woman on the planet. May peace, harmony, joy always reign in your home, may there be much happiness and warmth.

 πŸŽ  Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! I wish you prosperity, career advancement and good prospects. I want your brain to generate new creative ideas and your hands to embody them. Have a goal and always go for your dreams.

 πŸŽ  I want to congratulate my beloved sister and wish her much joy and kindness, warmth and light in her soul. I want inspiration in your heart, to warm those close to you and your loved ones and to inspire faith where darkness dominates.

 πŸŽ  My dear! I want you to be like a candle, to burn and shine for others, to show the way in the dark and to illuminate the darkness of the night.

 πŸŽ  With all my heart I congratulate my dear sister, a charming and beautiful woman, on her birthday! I wish you wisdom in life, success in your career, prosperity.

 πŸŽ  On this day a wonderful woman was born, my sister! Always be the happiest. I wish you were always first and foremost perfect. Be the standard of beauty and feminine grace.

Congratulations to the best sister! Dear ones, always waiting for you at home. I want you to work for the soul. Always have inspiration and don’t let talent get you down!

 πŸŽ  My dear! I want you to be a professional in your field, to be a high class specialist. Let everyone take an example from you. Happy birthday sister!

 πŸŽ  For your birthday, let the sun warm you and make the sky transparent! Many happy years!

 πŸŽ  My sister was born today! Have many unforgettable impressions, vivid emotions, warm words and pleasant wishes. Let your head spin with happiness. I wish you exciting events and a lot of mood.

 πŸŽ  On such a wonderful and solemn day, I congratulate my dear sister! You are the ideal woman! Only happiness!

 πŸŽ  Happy birthday, my sister! Let the laughter never disappear from your face and let the joy never cease. I wish you did not know despair and sorrow, that no problem affects you!

 πŸŽ  Sister! You are an inspiration to others. You are our beacon. I wish you a lot of optimism, laughter, smiles and joy.

 πŸŽ  For your birthday, all that is best is for you! May your heart always be warm, tender and caring. Let the soul not become rigid. I wish you would not encounter obstacles in your way. Happy birthday, sister!

The most stunning gifts and welcome happiness! Let dreams come true, miracles happen. Let your friends and loved ones be close. Happy birthday, dear sister!

 My  dear sister! May your life be meaningful and joyful. I wish you not to waste time, but to spend it unforgettable in a variety of adventures and discoveries. I wish you faithful friends, good family relationships, understanding and patience.

 πŸŽ  You are the most magical and amazing woman. Happy birthday, sister! Let the holiday bring you amazing impressions, pleasant gifts, warm confessions and good wishes.

 πŸŽ  My dear! I wish you to always be in the circle of loving and close people. Let peace, harmony, comfort and warmth always surround you.

Funny messages from my sister for many years

Here you will find a large selection of unique texts and funny messages for many years for my sister, especially suitable for sisters who turn 18 years old. Each greeting card has a note of sincerity and tenderness for the close relative.

 πŸ€©  My dear sister, I wish you a happy day! I wish that in your life, like a bright carousel, happiness always rotates in a circle and does not stop, so that life is full of fun and lively emotions, and luck follows you as an obsessive and always your dream comes true!

 Sister  , I want a magic scale that shows the ideal weight, a magic mirror that reflects beauty and a magic wand that fulfills all the other small dreams.

 πŸ€©  Honey! I wish your nails would never break, your friends would not be envious, your health would not fail, and the love of your life would be charming and beautiful. Good luck, my dear!

 πŸ€©  Happy birthday, sister! I want you to be a sweet chocolate for loved ones and a slice of sour lemon for ugly personalities. Everything should be easy for you.

 πŸ€©  My faithful friend and blood relative, congratulations on your birthday. Sister, I want there to be a worthy gentleman in your life who will fulfill all your whims, your versatility will allow you to be a pretty daisy girl, a charming rose and a beautiful sakura.

 πŸ€©  Sister, happy birthday! I wish your life were in chocolate, your lips in expensive lipstick, your exclusive dishes in your stomach, and you would never be hit by a cold.

 πŸ€©  Sister! Be a sweet candy in a beautiful package, so that the enemies can’t get you even with the screwdriver.

 πŸ€©  Happy birthday, my sister. I want you to live like a sheikh in the Emirates; to dream like a fairy-tale princess; Let there be a personal goldfish in your life, and let there always be a smile on your face with all 32 teeth.

 πŸ€©  Sister, dear, happy birthday! You are my clear sun, always be so bright. Keep your strength in your fist, reach heights and maintain your health! Let your heart always be warmed by the handsome prince. Always remain such a fun beauty with a child’s soul!

 πŸ€©  My dear sister, I wish you a happy day. My joy, I wish you not only butter, but also caviar on bread, sound songs, dances to the tub, in general – complete fun. Let the mind of your shining head be focused not only on important matters! I wish you to always be a happy girl and an irresistible diva.

 πŸ€©  Sister, happy birthday to you. I would like the money in my wallet to multiply like flies, so that your life allows you to wake up whenever you want, to do what you like and not to communicate with those you don’t like.

 πŸ€©  Happy birthday, sister. I wish you a good mood and a wonderful outfit for every day. Sister, let luck never slip out of your hands, always be careful and on a positive note in life.

 πŸ€©  Sister, I wish you a happy day. Let the beetles in your head not to revolt, and at “one, two, three” to fulfill your dreams.

Messages Happy Birthday for my older sister

In life, there is no one closer to his parents than his sister. Under her strict guidance, you went to the first meetings, and with her blessing you left your father’s house. You, as two soul mates, despite your distance, will always feel each other and understand each other perfectly. Therefore, the congratulations must be special and convey all the love and affection you feel for her.

  • Dear, beloved, the best sister in the world, I wish you a happy birthday. Thank you for always being by my side, for always supporting me and helping me!
  • Thanks to fate for giving me a sister like you. Thank you for your communication, advice and care. May life be good with you!
  • I wholeheartedly congratulate my dear sister on her birth in the world! I wish you indescribable moments and beautiful emotions!
  • Something special and amazing can happen today. I wish you the sweetest moments and unparalleled success, my sister!
  • Huge happiness for you, my older sister! Always live singing. Let your husband carry you in his arms, let the children adore you. I wish you happy company and noisy parties. Always stay young in your soul and be attracted to new and unknown worlds.
  • Happy birthday, our angel, dear sister! Every day be happy, enjoy all the charms of life and the gifts of fate. I wish you all the best, kind, beautiful. May the soul always be young, regardless of age. After all, our years are our wealth.
  • I wholeheartedly say happy birthday and congratulations, my sister! Be the first of all and the best, the most promising, hardworking, prosperous and kind. I wish you would never lose your charm, beauty and feminine attraction.
  • Congratulations! I want you to dive into the pool of passion. Let the hurricane of love twist you. I want you to be the happiest and most beautiful woman. Be kind, charming, sweet and gentle. Be the best housewife and a nice lady!
  • My dear older sister, accept from me all the warmest and brightest birthday cards. This holiday carries the mystery of magic and wonders. Let the atmosphere of this day bring you not only a good mood, but also a positive note throughout the year. May the Lord protect you. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear older sister! Accept the most sincere declarations of love and wishes of happiness, inspiration, luck in your bright celebration – birthday! Let the soul not know the cold, and let the heart always be warmed by the warmth of relatives, friends and lover. I wish you all the best on earth!
  • Sister! You are beautiful, smart and for me you are an example. You always help me, we live together and we have fun, for which I am very grateful. I wish you happiness, never be sad, to fulfill all your dreams!

 πŸ€©  Sister! Thank you very much for always being by my side, you are and will be my friend. Thank you for the advice! Happy Birthday!

 πŸ€©  My dear older sister! Happy Birthday! May the holiday bring you luck, a sea of ​​joy and positive, unlimited inspiration. Eternal flowering of your soul, dear!

My sister! May everything you dream of come true and all your cherished wishes come true even without the magic wand!

 Dear  sister! I am happy to congratulate you on this wonderful, joyful holiday. Happy Birthday!

 πŸ€©  My sister, you are the prettiest for me, an example in all! Thanks for being like that. May all your days, especially this one, be full of sunlight and incredible happiness!

 You  are my older sister, which means a lot to me. I will give you a real piece of happiness today. May the Lord help you in life and do not give up in difficult times.

 πŸ€©  Sister! I will always be there. I am ready to share with you all the bitter and good moments. Happy Birthday!

 πŸ€©  My sister, you are a friend, a mother and a mentor. You are the person who shows me all the facets of adulthood. I was very lucky to be able to boast of your spiritual closeness to you. I wish there was no room for old things in your wardrobe, a separate room for shoes, and cosmetics in the most visible place (this wish is already for me!).

 πŸ€©  My dear older sister! Receive these warm congratulations from me. Know that in this world, I really need you. Your advice has helped me many times. Your words have repeatedly pushed me toward exploitation. You always know what to tell me. Today, I want to remind you that I love you. Happy Birthday!

 Sincer  I sincerely congratulate my older sister on her birthday. Always look down on everything. After all, in life you are worthy of all heights. May happiness come on this day. Happy Birthday!

Messages Happy Birthday for my beloved little sister

The younger sister’s birthday is a holiday for the whole family. And it should be celebrated with songs, dances, hugs and the most emotional SMS of many years for my beloved little sister.

πŸ”΄  My dear sister, I want to wish you a happy birthday! This day has brought you a lot of joy and a little sadness as you get older. But don’t be sad – with a new day you become more beautiful and more open than a flower. I want you to be strong and courageous, because only such people are subject to the sea of ​​life.

Wonderful  sister! I want to tell you that such a person as you no longer exists on the entire planet! I wish you good health, and that your enthusiasm can always inspire others, as it happens to me! Congratulations!

πŸ”΄  My little gold! My sister! When you were born, people on this planet immediately became happier! And today I am happy to congratulate you on your birthday! I want you to always be full of strength! Let the path of your life be smooth, like the surface of a lake.

My dear little sister, congratulations on your birthday. Although you have become one year older, you are younger every year and at the same time you are becoming wiser. Looking at you, with all the fibers of my soul   πŸ”΄  I would like to wish you to keep that inner light and warmth that warms us all!

πŸ”΄  For your birthday, I want you to always find the best way out of difficult situations. Buddhist monks envy your peace of mind, and small children – joy!

Honey! I wish you health and a long journey in life!

πŸ”΄  I would like to congratulate my sister on her birthday! The world has welcomed you with joy, so let it bring you joy every day. The problems are for others! You are destined to be queen and I want you to find your king!

Honey  , take care of yourself and walk through life with pride! Happy Birthday!

πŸ”΄  Sister! On this important day in your life, your birthday, allow me to congratulate you and wish you: – a sea of ​​smiles and flowers; – photos and beautiful fans; – pleasant impressions and wishes; – fulfilling all your wishes!

πŸ”΄  Today, for you, dear sister, I send my warmest and most wonderful wishes. Even though you are younger, you are my support, my advisor. You are an integral part of my life. I wish you a happy birthday and a real joy. As pure and beautiful as you are!

πŸ”΄  Dear little sister! Accept my kind words and tender confessions. We are connected by a family thread and we will keep the feeling of fidelity and devotion until the end of our days. Be happy, young and beautiful – on this day, tomorrow and always!

πŸ”΄  Happy birthday, dear sister! All plans will be fulfilled, intentions will be realized, everything conceived will become reality. I wish you were never sad, but always optimistic, cheerful, happy!

πŸ”΄  Sister! Let your laughter ring throughout the apartment, so that only the sounds of joy and delight can be heard. Happy Birthday!

πŸ”΄  Sister! I wish you the sunniest days and a bright fate. Let there be much joy, delight, smiles. Happy Birthday!

My  dear sister! You can be so hot that you could get cold in the winter. May no frost freeze your heart. I wish you a strong spirit, faith and an unparalleled hope. Let love, kindness and generosity invariably fill your soul.

Dear  sister, today is your birthday! 18 years is an important holiday in every girl’s life. You’re an adult now. I want you to be able to set priorities right in life and set your goal. To be able to complete the thing you started. Be confident, strong! Get what you want!