A break of almost two years to see the first chapter of season 8 of Game of Thrones . An excessive time for the nerves of lovers of the saga, but enough to calmly review all the seasons. Since then, the hype among the community has not stopped growing, giving rise to multiple theories about the ending. Today, finally, we have our dose of Game of Thrones.
The series has not stopped growing in budget and that is appreciated. The parallelism between the first sequence of season 8, whose protagonist is a boy who contemplates the arrival of Daenerys’s army, and Arya’s scene in the opening bars of the series is more than evident, but the amount of extras and CGI does not has nothing to do.
In this sense, the first chapter of this eighth season is loaded with hints and references to the first season . Too many to expose them here, so we will dedicate their own space to them.

Meeting the Family
Daenerys’ arrival at Winterfell is anything but warm. If anyone believed that the dragon queen would be hailed by the northern populace, they were dead wrong. The one who continues to act like a thorn in her side is Sansa , who is stoic at an initial compliment from Daenerys. I fear that, for much of the season, Sansa will continue to look out more for the interests of Winterfell and the northern lords than for the imminent danger that approaches from the north.
Tense relationship between Sansa and Daenerys. | HBO.

The one who never tires of warning of the arrival of the walkers is Bran. Beyond his initial warning (what a roll cut), during the rest of the chapter he just looks at people as if he had caught them singing in the shower. The three-eyed raven knows everything and does not hesitate to blush anyone who gets in his way.
We confess it, we feel a certain devotion for Arya. The reunion of her with Jon next to the Heart Tree has lived up to expectations and has awakened more than a sigh. Her hug is the most tender and warm thing we’ve seen in the series, so congratulations to Maisie Williams and Kit Harrington for knowing how to transmit the love between brothers wonderfully. Real love in Game of Thrones, where has it been seen
The emotional reunion between Jon and Arya. | HBO.
Several more reunions take place in the following sequences. Tyrion and Sansa are the first. They didn’t have time to hit it off too much before the purple wedding, so it’s no surprise that their relationship is now rather distant. Equally tense is the reunion between Arya and The Dog , but deep down there lies a mutual respect that is difficult to hide on screen. How well that couple works!
But this 8×01 (Winterfell) is not only a chapter of reunions, but also of revelations.

Cersei already has an army (but without elephants)
Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Cersei receives the Golden Company between satisfaction and disappointment. Although she gets the army she was looking for, for some strange reason she expected a herd of elephants to cross the Narrow Sea. After the tantrum about the elephants, she lets Euron Greyjoy get what she wants : a night of passion. Now Cersei has more power over Euron than Euron himself thinks.
Night of passion with Cersei and Euron. | HBO.
Bronn follows his own and, while an army of the dead scourges the north, he is dedicated to frequenting the brothels of King’s Landing (everyone takes the end of the world as they want). Maester Qyburn’s visit will force him to get back into action, and he is commissioned to kill Jaime after he betrayed Cersei. We’ll see if this time he puts friendships before gold.

A movie kiss
The chemistry between Jon and Daenerys was one of the central themes in the previous season, but far from hiding their attraction, they have decided to declare themselves as an official couple. The dragons, who are like sons to Daenerys, have fitted the relationship well and even allow Jon to take a dizzying ride on Rhaegal’s back.. This dance of dragons is one of the most spectacular moments of the entire series. Goosebumps.
Jon and Daenerys kiss. | HBO.
After parking
the dragons, comes the almost embarrassing scene of the kiss. A tender and gooey moment with a huge waterfall as a backdrop. Drogon’s gesture seems to say “you lovebirds, we have seven kingdoms to save”.

We knew that at some point in Season 8 Jon would have to face the truth about his family, but we didn’t expect it to be so soon. Who better than Sam to plant in his face that he has never been a bastard, that he is the secret son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen and that he is the rightful heir to the iron throne. It is not an easy dish to digest for Jonbecause it implies two things: Ned Stark has been lying to him all his life and he will have to tell the truth to the almighty Daenerys.
Sam, who has just learned that the dragon queen charred her father and brother, tries to convince Jon to claim his rightful right to his throne. But of course, he already knelt before Daenerys. More headaches for poor Jon.

The message
Edd el Penas, Beric Dondarrion and Tormund get the scare of the chapter. Following the death trail of the Walker army, they stumble upon a chilling message from the Night King: Little Lord Umber’s skewered body on a spiral of mutilated limbs. This macabre symbol has been the subject of speculation in this first episode of season 8. What does it mean?
Who is it addressed to?
The spiral has unleashed the most diverse theories. | HBO.
The pilot of the series already showed us that the White Walkers love to draw patterns with the bodies of their victims, although the first spiral appeared after the massacre in the Puno de los Primeros Hombres. Furthermore, Bran’s visions give us certain clues about the spiral : the symbol has its importance in the culture of the Children of the Forest and is related to the creation of the Night King. meat of theories
By the way, seeing Lord Umber turned into a bloodthirsty little beast has given us a very bad feeling.

Bran knows everything
The cliffhanger of the chapter is Jaime’s arrival at Winterfell. The Kingslayer has been slow to figure out which side is the coolest, but he comes to the North ready to fight for the living. Another thing is that he obtains forgiveness from Daenerys, but we assume that Tyrion acted as a mediator between his brother and the queen. Bran, whose role is to bother with his eyes left and right, is the first to know of Jaime’s arrival. Brian knows everything. Bran even knows when you go to the bathroom. Bran is the cutest roll we’ve seen in a long time.
Bran, giving Jaime an uncomfortable look. | HBO.

We are sure that practically no one has been disappointed with this first episode of season 8. It has not been limited to being an episode of reunions and has offered us some transcendental moments, such as the revelation of Sam to Jon or the message from the King of the night.

The best:
I have the feeling that the series gives us the moment of calm before the storm. This is noticeable in some relaxed situations and even comical winks (“stay away, you have blue eyes!”), but after almost two years of waiting, fans of the series deserved an episode that would not leave bittersweet feelings . Nostalgia makes its appearance in Game of Thrones.

The worst:
10 million budget per chapter can not leave usAn aerial view of Winterfell so unbelievable . Beyond those few seconds of footage, we can’t blame 8×01 (Winterfell) for anything. Perhaps the reunion between Tyrion and Sansa knows little, but we understand that, at this point, there is no time for flourishes. The thing looks very good.
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