Tattoos to do: don’t settle for just any symbol . There is a whole universe of ideas and meanings that you can use, not only to be original but also to bring a personal message to the world.

Tribal signs , esoteric symbols, but also foreign languages ​​such as Asian or Arabic can help make your tattoo special .

The most beautiful of all are the Polynesian tribal tattoos . These are real works of art imprinted on your body. Many athletes – especially men – do them just to show their courage in the face of pain . But women also love them and some wear them with pride.

Tattoo, the word is already Polynesian

Today we all know that tattoo comes from the word tattoo , which we all believe to be English. In reality this term comes from Polynesia, from the island of Tahiti . The first European explorers did not understand the name of the Tahitian tribe well and renamed it tai-twoo . Obviously the hallmark of the tai-twoo were precisely those hundreds of “drawings” on the body.

For the Polynesians, carving the body with tribal, divine or propitiatory signs was a real ritual of identity and growth. Those signs were an expression of their character and their strength. And the pain was real, hard.

The Polynesian tattoo was engraved with a nail impregnated with natural ink and “beaten” by a hammer on the skin. The more signs you had, the stronger the resistance to pain and therefore the power and prestige.

Polynesian tattoo rules

Even if today the means have changed, the pain is reduced to a minimum and so are the risks of infection, the same age-old rules that have characterized Polynesian tattoos are followed.

These signs are made according to a very precise logic:

  • On the face, neck and head – to express spirituality and mental supremacy;
  • Upper trunk (above the navel) – to express generosity and sensitivity;
  • Lower trunk, up to the thighs – to express resourcefulness, sexual power or (for women) the ability to procreate healthy children, strength, loyalty;
  • Arms and shoulders – to express courage.
  • Hands – to express creativity
  • Legs and feet – bias towards the future, optimism, growth.

Most beautiful Polynesian tattoos

The most beautiful symbols of Polynesian tattoos are:

  • Shark’s Teeth , small equilateral triangles placed in a row that symbolize courage and determination;
  • Ocean, or small curly waves that indicate a desire for change, for renewal;
  • Spearheads , which are drawn horizontally and indicate resourcefulness;
  • Ray , fish that symbolizes protection but also grace and elegance.

Other very important symbols, for the meaning but also for the beauty, are the Tortoise which indicates health and wishes for a long life; the Gecko or the lizard which indicate good luck; the Centipede with the Sting which means courage of a warrior; Kena, the warrior hero , symbolizing strength of mind and physique.

Pay attention to the symbol of Moko: it is a sign that must be done on the face, but it is also a strongly sacred, almost divine symbol. Whoever wears it on his skin must always show an upright and loyal behavior to avoid retaliation for bad luck!