Spending hours sitting in front of a computer is one of the daily activities that currently steals the most time from us. Bearing in mind that these artifacts have become one more extension of our body, today it seems inconceivable to live without using a computer , something especially unthinkable for fans of online games.
Especially dedicated to the latter is our article today, which will deal with the best gaming chairs, basic to prevent bad posture , after long games in front of the PC.

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What is a gamer chair? Gamer
chairs are individual seats with a backrest, designed for people who are going to be sitting for a long period of time . These pieces of furniture are padded to guarantee greater comfort and, thanks to their ergonomic design, they will ensure correct postural health in the sensitive areas of our back (cervical, dorsal and lumbar); which is where more injuries are concentrated, the result of bad habits related to the continued use of computers.
To contribute to this comfort, most gaming chairs also include armrests, whose height can be adjusted to suit the consumer, in addition to the possibility of reclining the backrest when we want to change position. As if that were not enough, most brands equip their products with four rotatable wheels, to facilitate movement without forcing users to remain static .

How to choose the most suitable gamer chair
Before launching into the adventure because yes, it is convenient that we reflect on some previous questions if we want the investment to be profitable:

How much am I willing to spend
This question is practically mandatory whenever we are going to spend a considerable amount of money, because although there are cheap gaming chairs, in general they are not cheap items . Now, some are worth the price to pay.

Why do I want a gamer chair
? Clear and concise question: do you need a gamer chair because you spend hours in front of the screen, either playing or working, and you are worried about back pain
? of so many fashions, it seems good to you
. We repeat, these chairs represent an expensive investment that must serve a purpose , beyond filling the compulsive consumption habits of a few.
Likewise, if you use the computer for your work, it may be better to look for an option more similar to the typical office chairs, which have the same ergonomic purpose as gamer chairs ; although their design is more minimalist, they are not as sporty, nor are they equipped with as many accessories.
On the contrary, if you want to merge, literally, with the video game, you will probably be interested in something that has more accessories designed to amplify the feeling of immersion , for example: speakers on the sides of the head or a vibration system for sequences of more action.

What do I look for in a gaming chair?
As always, there are several brands and models of gaming chairs, of different designs, comforts and styles; so thatIt will be our task to weigh that we need to incorporate the one we choose for our game center.

The 5 best brands of gamer chairs
Browsing through different portals of the great network, we have found that the brands of gamer chairs that are most repeated as preferred options by consumers, are the following:

1. Omega
Reduce the risks for the back and improve postural hygiene is something that Omega has as main objectives. All this, without giving up, obviously, the maximum realism of the gaming experience .
At Omega they have seen fit to adapt their chairs to the different kinds of games: from “simple” seats with reclining backrests and removable cushions for the cervical or lumbar spine, to complex racing car cockpit simulators with a steering wheel included, for those who are passionate about four-wheel competitions.
Among the Omega gamer chairs, the Pro Racing or Pro GT models stand out , although the manufacturer also covers the needs of those who require a good office chair.

2. Klim
Specially designed for those who are going to spend a long time in front of the computer screen are the Klim gaming chairs, which will keep us stable in the position in which we place ourselves. To this contribute theexcellent quality materials , something worth spending a little more money on this brand, one of the best and most comfortable for any video game sanctuary.
Perhaps it is not one of the best known, because the manufacturers of Klim have spared extra expenses in advertising, which have been destined for a global finish with better materials and greater durability .

3. SongMics
If you are looking for a gamer chair at a more affordable cost , combined with a good ergonomic design, SongMics will meet this need.
Due to the importance of maintaining a good body posture when we are sitting in front of the computer, this firm has been concerned with using the most cutting-edge materials with which to manufacture its chairs, whose sensation at first is regal, but little by little it they mold to our shape as we get used to them .
If you are convinced by this brand, we suggest you try the OBG72R , which also includes a footrest, or the OBG56B.

4. Diablo
Don’t be fooled by their excessively busy and colorful appearance: the Diablo are an excellent alternative on which you can rest without risk of injury and whose catalog
It includes from more sporty ranges (ideal if you are going to play a few games), to more serious options.
Among its comforts, they have removable armrests, optional head, cervical and lumbar cushions, as well as mechanisms to adjust the height and the degree of inclination (which reaches 180ยบ, allowing us to take a nap without problems). In this sense, the base is solid enough to support up to 150 kilos of weight , so do not rush for stability.
The best valued Diablo correspond to the X-eye and X-One horn models .

5. Dx Racer
Inspired by the seats of motor racing bolidos, the firm Dx Racer seeks to dazzle lovers of speed to conveythe feeling that they are at the controls of a fast racing car .
In their Dx Racer 5-R model they have perfected the final finish, adding a breathable canvas to prevent heat build-up on the back. It is also a perfect gamer chair for the tallest (1.85 and up), being one of the best valued brands on Amazon.

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