Oriana Sabatini

Born in 1996 in Buenos Aires and the name to keep an eye on the catwalks of the future. She is the daughter of a well-known Argentine actor and granddaughter of tennis player Gabriela Sabatini, she is Oriana and a beautiful young model with black hair and cat eyes. She has already been requested by the major stylists in the world, today she is devoting herself mainly to a career as a singer.

Belen Rodriguez

Famous for many things, especially in Italy, Belen still loves to parade from time to time. On the other hand, she brought her here a fulminating career that began when she was only 17 (in 2001) with Miss Sixty, Yamamay, Pitti and Cotonella, passing from the covers of some fashion magazines and Playboy. 

Valeria Mazza

Gorgeous over forty, born in 1972, we must also mention her because despite her age she has not lost a single gram of beauty. And she still lends herself to parading at world events, she is unique and immortal. She of course she is the dean of the beautiful Argentine models but also a talent scout of new emerging models.

Zaira Nara

Born in 1988 and sister of the more famous Wanda, model and showgirl, she had a brilliant modeling career from childhood to early adolescence. She then she abandoned fashion to follow other paths, although she still appears every now and then on the catwalk.

Wanda Nara

Zaira’s elder sister, she was born in 1986 and followed her career as a model and dancer until the beginning with her love affair with footballer Maxi Lopez. Her relationship brought her to Italy where she met her current partner, another footballer, Mauro Icardi.

louisana lopilato

Born in 1987, she is actually known more as an actress than a model. But in her homeland she is still remembered for some of her fashion shows that in fact make her fall into the ranking of the most famous models.

Ines Palombo

Born in 1985, she began her career as a teenage model to then deviate, at the age of twenty, towards acting. She today she is a TV star at home.

Giselle Gomez Rolon

Born in 1988, she is a well-known face mostly in sports fashion. You recently also hosted some programs dedicated to football in Argentina.

Jessica Toscanini

Sporty face also that of Yesica, born in 1986. Famous more for the body than for the face, she has paraded with the best brands of swimwear, underwear, sportswear – especially those linked to the world of swimming.

She is considered one of the most popular sex symbols in her country. And she certainly deserves it.

Johanna Lasic

Born in 1985, she won Miss Argentina in 2009. She took part in several other beauty contests, even reaching the Miss Universe finals but without winning the title.

Today her career is still on the rise, although the temptation to try the world of cinema and television is very strong in her too.

The other Argentine models of the moment

Here are the other most famous Argentine models at this moment on the world fashion scene, placed in alphabetical order.


Gimena Accardi
Macarena Achaga
Claudia Albertario
Graciela Alfano
Angeles Balbiani
Jorgelina Aranda
Valeria Archimo
Mica Arganaraz


Estefania Bacca
Camila Barraza
Marina Blumenthal
Camila Bordonaba


Charlotte Caniggia
Norma Cappagli
Evangelina Carrozzo
Silvana Carsetti
Paula Chaves
Agustina Cherri
Claudia Ciardone
Jesica Cirio
Tatiana Cotliar


Pamela David
Eva De Dominici
Maria Del Cerro
Yamila Diaz-Rahi


Emilia Mernes
Lali Esposito


Mariana Fabbiani
Lujan Fernandez
Gachi Ferrari
Valentina Ferrer


Cecilia Galliano
Brenda Gandini
Sabrina Garciarena
Flo Gennaro
Giselle Gomez Rolon
Solange Gomez
Araceli Gonzalez
Monica Gonzalez (dancer)
Adabel Guerrero
Rocio Guirao Diaz


Natty Hollman


Karina Jelinek


Martina Klein


Romina Lanaro
Alexandra Larsson
Silvina Luna


Solange Magnano
Rocio Marengo
Noelia Marzol
Mirta Massa
Victoria Maurette
Cecilia Mendez
Mariela Montero
Cris Morena


Maria Fernanda Neil
Nicole Neumann
Norma Nolan


Carolina Peleritti
Lola Ponce
Naomi Preizler


Karina Rabolini
Mery Racauchi
Coki Ramirez
Calu Rivero
Ines Rivero
Nelida Roca


Luciana Salazar
Isabel Sarli
Sofia Achaval de Montaigu
Liz Solari
Soledad Solaro
Maria Eugenia Suarez
Silvana Suarez
Silvia Suller


Paulina Trotz


Clarita de Uriburu
Daniela Urzi


Micaela Vazquez


Sofia Zamolo
Valentina Zenere