Each season brings with it an intrinsic desire for change, capable of reflecting on the mood of every day. It is an innate attitude, which can be ‘told’ through a much loved and completely subjective activity in the times and ways such as shopping. The objects most purchased by women, especially in these transitional periods, are undoubtedly shoes, intended as that means to face – in the true sense of the word – the challenges of everyday life and the routine of work. The watchword is comfort, called to be interpreted through ad hoc sporty outfits with a sure impact. In short, who know how to ensure an injection of safety in themselves but at the same time respect an absolute diktat such as that of practicality. The solution comes from sneakers, because they are ideal for interpreting versatile looks and able to marry the theory according to which a comfortable and beautiful life. 

Street style is the absolute star

Fashion is made up of historical courses and resorts, no style makes exceptions. On the crest of the wave, since the last century, street style continuously manages to re-emerge thanks to always new stories to tell that capture the general public. Stories that sneakers know how to interpret wonderfully, with that pinch of flair in combinations that is able to defeat banality. How to wear them? There is no rule, every outfit is subjective and reveals a personality. A few examples? A wide two-tone skirt with a high waist will go best with very white sneakers, as long as you are wearing a pair of fun socks. Or even the mix that tastes of the 80s: the one with leggings (also perfect in leather) that sporty the figure and that end up in a pair of colored sneakers.nostalgic of the nineties the combo par excellence is that of monochrome sneakers at the bottom of jeans trousers ripped on the knee. But it is the detail that makes the difference and this applies to the reinterpretation of each historical period, where sneakers can be the main actresses. And the hair? The disheveled effect and the top of the range. 

Studs, glitter and looks for four seasons

Aggressive bags and irreverent or colorful overcoats will announce the arrival of a flashy personality. Sneakers manage to be the absolute protagonists of the fashion catwalks for the four seasons, as they are ideal for many types of looks – they are not simple sneakers – and are warm enough to face the cold months as well as perfect for the summer ones, in a mix of glamor and practicality. Whether white or colored, they are the ideal ‘girlfriends’ of any outfit to go out, especially in relation to a younger target. Which can be daring with an addition of studs or a wild shower of glitter.But to what do these sneakers, declined with a high aesthetic sense and full of details, owe their success? Undoubtedly to their history, a mix of habits and popular cultures that are the background to original and trendy outfits also linked to the urban style.