1) Vanilla

The first idea on this list of how to call your dog is one of the sweetest of all: Vanilla . Only by saying it do the flavors and aromas of homemade cakes and the pleasant ice cream of this taste come to mind. For a sweet and refined dog it is certainly a very original idea.

2) Elvis

The choice of the name can also be oriented on the size of the dog. For a puppy that will remain petite and with a cheerful and rather lively character, Elvis is the perfect name. The songs of the famous singer immediately bring a lot of joy , as only dogs can give to their masters.

3) Yuki

One of the most original and very fashionable names in recent times is Yuki . This is a Japanese city in Ibaraki prefecture but also a personal name in Japanese, which is given to both men and women. In addition, in this country it is also used as a surname .

4) Lupin

Are you passionate about cartoons and would you like to give your male puppy a nice and original name? Why not call him Lupine , as the most clumsy and likeable thief on TV for the little ones? With this choice you will be very original and your puppy will immediately stand out for the sympathy of the name you have chosen.

5) Mimosa

This time the idea for a truly original name comes from nature and flowers . In fact, the Mimosa , nicknamed the winter sun, due to the color and the period of its flowering, from January to March, is another very interesting proposal to give a particular name to your female dog.

6) Sketch

For a small dog, such as the exuberant jack russel or the jumping pinscher, a short, simple name that represents their very active character is definitely more appropriate . Schizzo is certainly a more than perfect choice for a little dog who does not stop for a moment and who always wants to play.

7) Cassandra

Greek mythology always has its charm. To honor her you could call your puppy Cassandra , like the priestess in the temple of Apollo from which she had the faculty of foresight . In these visions of the future she foresaw terrible misfortunes, for this reason she was hated and kept away from many.

8) Pepe

Equally cute and likeable for a small , tender but alert and very brave puppy , like a chihuahua, and the name Pepe . VIP singer Rihanna, who already owned a dog named Oliver, found one in a club bathroom and adopted it under this name .

9) Juno

Always remaining in mythology , this time Latin , even the name Juno is among the most original ones you can give to your dog. This mythological figure is the bride of Jupiter , therefore queen of the gods, and is the protector of female life and marriage . Juno, as the poets wrote, was very jealous and made a lot of scenes against her husband, because of the constant amorous adventures of this of her.

10) Varenna

Why not name your male puppy dog ​​with a name as important as that of a major winner ? Varenne , the name of the mythical horse, could be just for you. Just think that, having totaled winnings totaling € 6,035,665, he is the richest trotter in history .

11) Zelda

For the true princess of the house there can be no more suitable name than Zelda. Indeed, this fictional character, from the video game series , is the Princess of Hyrule . Together with the hero Link , Zelda protects his kingdom of hers from the evil Ganondorf and is a very strong character who is rarely in danger.

12) Beethoven

For large dogs , such as the Sambernards, it is good to consider important names but at the same time funny and ironic. Surely Beethoven is the first that could come to mind looking at the big eyes of this beautiful puppy. Also thanks to the 1992 film, and definitely a right name.

13) Pollon

Cartoon character names can provide great ideas for both male and female dog names. In fact, the nice character of Pollon , and certainly another idea to consider when calling your puppy. Short , very nice and easy to remember!

14) Gastone

Another very special name for a little dog is Gastone . Many will remember Gastone Scrooge , the fictional character from Disney comics and cartoons created by Carl Barks . He made his comics debut with the cute long- lingual Donald Duck on Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories in 1947.

15) Eureka

The word eureka is often used to indicate and celebrate a discovery that has just happened or an invention and it too can be a nice idea on how to name your dog.

16) Rambo

Instead, for more gritty and medium-sized dogs , such as pit bulls and rottweilers, which will surely tear a smile and that of Rambo . The name of the famous character, Vietnam veteran, played by Sylvester Stallone , is perfect for dogs with a great temperament.

17) Hawaii

Why not call your puppy with the name of one of the most beautiful and romantic islands in the world? Hawaii has a pleasant sound and immediately evokes the warm and beautiful days by the sea.

18) Lucky

The translation of the word lucky is lucky . Choosing this name will be very auspicious for a new puppy dog ​​that will become part of the family.

19) Brunilde

Finally, always drawing inspiration from mythology but this time Norse , the name of the Queen of Iceland , Brunhilde , could be for you.