Yuppie style: the origins

The yuppie style was born in the United States and quickly spread internationally in the mid-1980s, during the Reagan administration. Those who prefer this style are the classic businessmen. Usually young people, they are people belonging to families of high social status and very wealthy, usually men, but not only.

The yuppie man graduates from the best universities , aspires to an established professional career and a luxurious lifestyle. The places he usually frequents are exclusive and always accompanied by beautiful women who have the same lifestyle as they do. They are known by everyone and have a very active social life, characterized by excess, glitz and exhibitionism.

In Italy, this style subsequently spread to the USA and cyclically returns to fashion. Famous here is the film Yuppies – Successful young people made in Italy in 1986 by Carlo Vanzina, which faithfully reproduces the milieu of the Milan to drink, where the Italian yuppie style emerged with greater vigor.

How do yuppies dress? Let’s see it in the following lines: keep reading our post dedicated to the most famous fashion styles!

The yuppie man and woman

In the yuppie outfit, the man always wears expensive clothes, luxury watches and the inevitable tie with moccasins. He is always elegant, chic and almost fanatic. He is also very keen on personal care, at times narcissistic. Always hair and beard in order, the yuppie man attends the best sports clubs and has a physique that is always fit and well-groomed. The man who inspired them, especially the yuppies of the past, and obviously the lawyer Giovanni Agnelli, who perfectly embodies this style.

If we look at the latest trends, the style of the modern yuppie differs because it does not always take risks and prefers to have its shoulders more covered. His boldest choices may be buying a luxury apartment, the latest sports car model or the latest technology coming out on the market.

If we look at women, however, they usually prefer suits with trousers or skirt, combined with a jacket with shoulder pads. High-waisted cigarette pants , pencil skirts, evening dresses with dizzying necklines, both on the breast and on the back, are also very common. Finally, very high decollete, which streamline the figure even more.

If you like this style and want to perfectly embody the yuppie man or woman, we have some tips for you. Go to the next paragraph to find out more!

Yuppie outfit

For a yuppie look for men, surely the watchwords are elegance and charm. You can opt for a tailored suit in various colors: gray, black, blue, but also light blue. Always wear a shirt of some prestigious brand, with strictly matched collar and cuffs. You certainly can’t give up on ties , which are a must-have if you want to be a self-respecting yuppie. In this case it is better to buy them in various colors, so in the future it will be easier to combine them with tailored suits made especially for you. Shoes, on the other hand, must be carefully chosen.It is a must that they are signed or even better made to measure by the best craftsmen, perhaps adding some more details that can make you unique and unforgettable. Don’t forget to wear an expensive and luxurious watch, to give your look an extra touch.

In this way you will be perfect on any occasion and you will have a timeless charm!

The best outfit for the yuppie woman is instead composed of a skirt or trousers, strictly signed. You can combine it with a shirt and maybe a scarf. Then there is the jacket, which must be perfectly matched to your outfit. As shoes, the best are the decollete, better if signed or made to measure. The bag is preferable with the handle, obviously expensive, elegant and fashionable.