If you are one of those who was looking forward to the latest installment of The Avengers (Avengers: Endgame), be very careful. In recent waves, a massive leak of spoilers has proliferated on social networks like Reddit and Twitter, which, through videos, gifs and images, threatens to gut the long-awaited installment of the saga by bringing to light the main keys.

A massive leak of spoilers to destroy Endgame
The most successful product of superheroes on the big screen, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, closes with Avengers: Endgame a long saga that began 11 years ago and that has gathered around it a whole legion of faithful followers.
But all the expectation that the premiere of the latest Avengers movie has generated has been threatened by a new trick of the spoilers that more and more frequently manage to ruin series and movies with the massive leak of spoilers through the network. In this case, Reddit and Twitter have been the chosen channels to do it.
Disney has already gone to work to try to remove sensitive material from the network, but the damage has already been done. The release date for Avengers: Endgame is April 25, but nine days after its premiere, a copy was leaked online . Disney was able to pull the copies, but the spoilers continue to circulate, and anyone is exposed to them.
For its part, Marvel Studios has responded with a letter signed by the Russo brothers themselves and inviting fans of the Marvel universe to live the experience with the utmost intrigue and passion, avoiding spoilers by all means: “Thanos continues to demand our silence ”. Experts believe that this scandal will favor attendance at movie theaters. This past Wednesday, Marvel released a new trailer to warm up the premiere.
– Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) April 16, 2019

How to avoid spoilers from Avengers: Endgame
Given the spread of spoilers, the Marvel fan community has set out to, in a show of solidarity with the rest of the fans, warn through social networks of the danger that lies in wait for them. This is intended to avoid the disaster already experienced previously in cases such as Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (Disney) and season 7 of Game of Thrones (HBO).
What appears to be a case of hacking warns those who were so eagerly awaiting the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, whose details the creators of the latest installment in the saga had jealously guarded . Between now and April 25, anyone can find one of these spoilers by opening Twitter.
How to avoid spoilers
There are some tricks like avoiding keywords or hashtags on social networks: avengers, endgame, marvel, spoilers, filtration, ironman, tony stark, captain america, steve rogers, black widow, natasha romanoff, hulk, bruce banner, hawk eye, ronin, clint barton, thor, rhodey, james rhodes, nebula , thanos, infinity, gauntlet, gamora loki.

1. Silence spoilers on Twitter
There is a protocol to shield the network from the arrival of unwanted information. To silence spoilers on Twitter , the microblogging app is very useful: enter the app, see Notifications, and look for the Settings gear. In the Notification Filters option, activate the third option, Silenced Words. Fill in the blank with the words we provided above, and click Done.

2. Avoid spoilers on Facebook
Facebook is a social network that is especially sensitive to spoilers, a real minefield, especially if you usually visit thematic pages of the movies and series in question. The most effective, in this case, is to block words . At the top of the page, under Settings, go to the “Page Moderation” option and type the words you want to block. Click Save Changes.

3. How to avoid spoilers on Instagram
Instagram has an option to protect you from bad language and violent or sexual content, but you can also use this tool to protect yourself from spoilers. To do so, go to Settings at the top right, and click Comments. You will see an option called Hide inappropriate comments, in which you can include custom keywords. Write them separated by a comma.
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