A satisfactory sexual life is positive for psychological well-being : in addition to helping to reduce stress, rejuvenate the skin, it increases self-esteem and mood and strengthens the immune system.
In bed, each person has preferences and expectations that they hope to see fulfilled; In the same way, it is usual that you want the partner to have the best time possible. At least, it is the idea that should prevail: that there is a certain degree of rapport and that it is not only going to placate the libido. Even if we have sex with someone we barely know, we should not forget that the other person will also want to enjoy the moment.
Regardless of the situation in which he takes us (sex is one more need of the body and desire can come to us in the most unexpected places), there are always positions that are in our repertoire and that we are going to carry out. And it is on this point where we will focus today, on what the chosen sexual position reveals about us.

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11 sexual positions and what they reveal about us
Are you a person who takes the initiative in bed or do you prefer to delegate the work to your companion
Depending on which position you choose, you will be transmitting these messages: 1. The Missionary or “let’s not think more than account” The quintessential traditional position , in which she lies on her back and spreads her legs, allowing him to stand in the middle to ensure easy penetration. When the desire for sex is pressing and you are not too careful, it is the ideal position.
However, despite the fact that it is a very recurrent position and that it can be linked to the lack of ideas and mastery of routine, the missionary well done is enjoyed to the fullest and allows a total connection.
Be very careful: that the missionary is an easy resource is not contrary to the fact that things have to be done well, the preliminaries are respected and whoever accompanies us. 2. Fellatio or “he deserves it”
Oral sex is one of the most pleasurable positions for those who receive it (without forgetting that there are also those who enjoy giving oral pleasure). It is one of the preliminaries that guarantee a good erection for intercourse, but it can also be practiced without having to finish copulating.
Be that as it may, and without wishing to offend, fellatio feels almost like a prize . 3. Cunnilingus or “now it’s your turn”
We reverse roles. This time she is the one who enjoys the playful tongue of her companion. She can play with her clitoris and vagina, as well as combining her tongue with her fingers, stimulating both parts at the same time. A good cunnilingus facilitates the lubrication of the vagina for later penetration (with the penis or not), so it is convenient to dedicate the necessary time to it.
Be careful when you practice cunnilingus, since each girl is different and not all of them like the same thing: you need to discover what makes her reach ecstasy and use it for good sex. 4. 69 or “too impatient to wait my turn”
You don’t know what to do while you are having oral sex
Are you too in tune to just lie down while your partner has his head between your legs?
There’s a solution if you’re too impatient: position yourself between his legs and stimulate him as well.
In straight couples, it is recommended that he be the one below her and she on top, although it can also be practiced from the side. This last option is ideal to prevent choking in the case of homosexual men. 5. Fingering or “G-spot activation”
By “fingering” we don’t mean hitchhiking. The importance of female masturbation should not be overlooked, so before we run to drop our pants, we have to stop and caress her crotch in search of her clitoris, but without going too fast. Slowly,we will stimulate the inner face of the leg and we will get closer to the objective.
We trust that there will be no problems locating this button of joy or dedicating the required attention.

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6. Stand up or “let him take care of everything”
A very awkward posture that requires a lot of strength to hold her well and not lose her balance. If you manage to stay on your feet you can achieve a most erotic posture. Doing it standing up implies that he will be the one to do all the work , she simply has to hold on and let herself go.
One recommendation is not to try it if you are not sure that you will be able to lift your partner, since the risk of back injury is high and there are other alternatives that can be carried out. 7. Cowgirl or “let her take care of everything”
A position in which she is the one who will take charge of the situation. Knocking the man on his back, she will be placed on top of him to be easily penetrated as a cowgirl, as indicated by her stage name. Although the man can contribute to the management of the rhythm even while lying on his back, here she is the one who controls the tempos . 8. Reverse cowgirl or “I’ve seen too much pornography”
Watching pornographic videos has its charm, but we should not base ourselves too much on this industry so as not to generate too many expectations in bed.
The posture of the reversed cowgirl (same as in the previous one but with her turning her back on the man) may seem somewhat cold at first if we take into account that no eye contact is established. Nevertheless,it can mean the opportunity to play with her clitoris while being penetrated or with her breasts ; yes, without crushing them like grapefruits to make juice. 9. Puppy or “we are like Kahl Drogo and Daenerys”
There is no harm that is not good. In the same way that porn should not be taken as a reference, neither should fiction series. But hey, let’s try to take advantage of the situation. “The puppy” also allows the use of the man’s hands and contributes to increasing her pleasure, but for many it is still seen as something demeaning because it is a position in which he acquires an overly dominant role.
As we always say, you need to know what you like and what you don’t; as well as not acting before knowing anyone’s sexual preferences.10. Masturbation or “let’s get this over with”
Let’s face it: when you can’t, you can’t. Sometimes one or both of us gets stuck and there is no way to continue frolicking . Do not panic! No one has said that we have to dress up, but that we can masturbate or masturbate our partner so that they can reach orgasm. 11. Mutual masturbation or “let’s get this over with… together”
As with 69, we can touch our partner while she also does the same with us and thus culminate the experience together. Let’s see who can hold out…

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