Being parents, as we know, is a constant challenge, made up of new discoveries every day , both for us and for the little one. We often find ourselves slightly unprepared when the baby arrives and we may be carried away by the advice of other parents or by habits . This happens above all in the context of purchases for the little one, driven by the fact that that precise object is useful for its correct development.

Yet, the purchases towards which we are directed turn out to be completely useless most of the time, both for growth and for the practical life of every day. Think, for example, of baby bodysuits, present in huge quantities inside the wardrobes of new parents, but used a couple of times each, or even never.

Babies, as well as children and young people, to grow well and be healthy first of all need attention, someone to interact with and to take as an example . Objects and material goods can certainly lend a hand, but they are by no means fundamental and should never be considered as a substitute for parents.

Following an idea from , let’s discover together 10 useless objects for the growth of children!

1) Baby walker

For decades now , the walker has accompanied many children towards their first steps and the discovery of the surrounding world. Many parents think that it is a real fundamental support for the little ones, but it is actually a useless object for growth ! In fact, even if the walker actually keeps the baby “standing”, it risks making the process towards the autonomous upright position slower and more complicated . Furthermore, the boundary that surrounds the child does not allow him to touch and explore the environment that surrounds him in the best possible way.

2) Scale weighs babies

Among the useless objects for the growth of children there is also the baby scale . In fact, this risks being an unjustified concern for parents. The double weighing, before and after breastfeeding, does not give a real measure of whether the baby has fed enough . To be sure, just follow the instructions of the doctors: at least 8 meals in the space of 24 hours , the little one will show his satiety. When he detaches from the breast and because he is no longer hungry , regardless of the amount of milk taken from time to time.


3) Anti-plagiocephaly pillow

The concern of new parents about plagiocephaly is certainly justified . It is often believed that it can be solved with special pillows, which are actually useless . In fact, the rules for the prevention of cot death syndrome (SIDS) advise against letting the baby sleep on soft supports, such as pillows. To prevent plagiocephaly, however, we must rely on the advice of our trusted pediatrician, who will surely be able to show us the best way to follow!

4) Box

Another rather useless accessory for the growth of the child is the playpen in which they can be played safely. Even if using them does not represent any risk for the little one in any way, it would be better to leave them as free as possible to explore inside the house . A good idea could be, if possible, to make at least one room in the house completely child-friendly, obviously staying together to control it.

5) Orthopedic insoles

To say that orthopedic insoles are useless for the growth of children could be partially incorrect . In fact, if they are recommended by the pediatrician or by any expert who has visited the child, they must be used without hesitation. But choosing to use them preventively is not a good idea , we would be wrong to think that they can avoid the development of problems. Furthermore, for the correct development of the foot, it is advisable to avoid forcing it, making it stay barefoot at least inside the house.   

6) Mobile phone

Even in this case it might seem superfluous to say, but even the mobile phone is useless for the child’s growth . No one would directly buy a cellphone for the little one, but use it even just to show him a cartoon is not recommended . In fact, since it is an illuminated screen very close to the eyes, long exposure during the growth period could lead to vision problems after development. Better not to risk, on the other hand, even a toy is enough to keep them busy.

 7) Body

The leotard is a typical garment that is quite useless for the child to grow . It is a jumpsuit that can certainly be functional at certain times of the day, but it is also equally true that it could excessively constrict the little one . We could, rather, opt for rompers with long, softer and wider pants and sleeves . In the case of leotards, however, we are careful not to choose them too tight in the attachment and prefer velcro to buttons.

8) Games for brain development

Although they can actually contribute in part to their function, brain development games are more often than not useless for the growth of children . The best way they have to learn is, in fact, the contact with reality, with other children and even with adults. It is our job to ensure that they are always stimulated enough by their surroundings, without turning to electronic games that could make them lazy.

9) Industrial baby food

It might sound strange, but industrial baby food, sold as a best solution for growth, may also be useless . It is not harmful and does not cause any problems, but it would be preferable to prepare something by hand to feed the baby. On the internet there are numerous recipes and advice, for extremely healthy and chemical-free baby food sometimes present in commercial counterparts. Obviously, however, you don’t always have time to do it, and in those cases we could easily use the baby products we find at the supermarket, checking the ingredients!