We know, or so they say, that our appearance says a lot about us: in addition to our way of dressing or combing our hair, there are other types of details of our physique that do not go unnoticed by some people with whom we come across and interact, such as our figure. and height. The latter is a factor that influences, although without being decisive , when judging our agreeableness.
Height can be a blessing or a nuisance depending on which people, that is why in today’s writing we have proposed to make a list of the pros and cons of being a person of medium or small height. With no intention of offending anyone and less frivolous, we simply try to see the friendly face of something that can become a complex (by default or excess) for some people.

The height of each country
Before entering the subject, we will provide a series of interesting data on the average height according to an analysis carried out by the OECD (Organization for Economic Consumption and Development) in relation to the average height of 27 countries.
This 2009 comparative study found that at the head ofThe countries with the tallest men are Denmark and the Netherlands, with an average of 182 centimeters ; while the tallest female population is found in Iceland and also Denmark, with an average height of 168 centimeters. These figures refer to the population between 20 and 49 years of age.
On the other hand, the European average ranges between 177 centimeters in the case of men and 164, in the case of women . In what part of the ranking is Spain located, at the top or the bottom
? “Think wrong and you will be right”, they say; and it is that the small country is almost at the bottom of this ranking, with figures that go from 174 centimeters in height in men and 163 in their colleagues of the opposite sex.
However, other countries are below Spain. For example:the average height of men in Japan, South Korea, Portugal and Mexico is lower (from 172 to 167, respectively) ; while the countries with the average height in women below the Spanish are the United States, Turkey and those already mentioned, whose values ​​fluctuate between 162 and 154 centimeters.

Disadvantages of short people
Without trying to fall into pessimism, we have decided to start with the points against not being very tall, and then counteract them with optimism through the advantages that we can take advantage of being short.

1. Not reaching for objects that are too high
That happy cup that is stored on top of the cupboard, the dishes for special occasions that have been stored since the last dinner we celebrated at home and that there is no way to reach; or the book that interests us that is on top of the shelf of the bookstore or library… Be that as it may, for some people it can be an uncomfortable moment to have to ask someone to hand it to us.

2. Grab the bottom of pants or dresses
A fight without truce is the one that takes place every time you go to buy new clothes. The length of most pants and dresses responds to measures that not everyone always meets. It is not uncommon to find that the bottom of the pants drops too much, making the garment lose its shape; or in the case of women’s dresses, which is dragging on the ground.
The solution
Take it to the tailor to fix, something that a priori does not cost too much effort or money , we simply try to emphasize that there are those who do not need any additional fix.

3. On the subway or bus, you reach people at armpit height
This is a problem that is accentuated in summer, although the phenomenon can occur during all seasons and it is just as bad for those who have to suffer it.
When we travel on public transport and we are forced to stand the entire way, some users cling to the safety bars in positions that leave their armpit too close to the nose of short people, rewarding the people who are below with a sample of unbreathable body odors , the result of sweat glands that are too hardworking.

4. Short guys are invisible to some girls.
Yes, there are those who may think that certain stereotypes have already become outdated regarding the height of couples of unbalanced height, but the truth is that for certain types of girls it is still a reason to rule out finding boys shorter than them .
The excuse that is used is that a couple in which she is taller than the “does not look good” (who knows what that means), even more so when many like to wear heels on special occasions.
That this is a lie and doesn’t happen anymore?
We invite skeptics to take a look at Tinder and other social contact networks and read the profiles of some girls and see how they warn that they will ignore any candidate who is not from the same height or more.

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5. Clothing sizes run out quickly
In many countries, where we have already said that the average height does not usually exceed one meter seventy-five, finding the proper sizes for people of this height is sometimes an impossible mission , since they are usually the that are previously sold. Yes, there are also those who wear large sizes and may find that some brands do not manufacture the one that fits them well, but we believe that it is a problem that little by little is already beginning to be mitigated.

Advantages of short people
Everyone rest assured, here are five points in favor of being a short person, it wasn’t going to be all bad!

1. More comfort in airplane or bus seats
Yes, there is an advantage that people of small height benefit from and that has to do with the space between the seats of a bus or passenger plane. And it is that many companies leave a hole through which the legs barely fit and makes the trip a nuisance for people who have them too long.

2. In team sports it is easy to slip away
Many sports, such as soccer or basketball, use attack strategies based on the speed and ability of their smaller players to slip between the opponents in order to stop more options to score the greatest number of goals. as many possible.

3. You don’t have to lower your head to go through certain places
Fortunately or unfortunately, the frames of many doors and entrances are usually well above the heads of many people, so they do not have to be careful not to collide every time they cross these thresholds.

4. Being able to stretch without problems
At break time, there is no problem in stretching out on the sofa at home or in our bed, because those who are not too tall will go without having to bend their legs and will be able to get into almost any position without too much effort .

5. Tailor-made suits are cheaper as they use less fabric
For those special occasions in which formal dress is required, such as weddings, baptisms, communions or business dinners, those who cannot find suitable suits for their height or want to indulge themselves, can choose to hire a tailor to make one for them . measure . Although it is an expensive option, it will be less if we take into account that the amount of fabric required will be less than that of someone taller.

Is it better to be tall or short?
Although this time we have focused on a group of people, it would not be fair to ignore the fact that tall people also have to deal with certain inconveniences in their daily lives related to their great stature. For example: Being tall makes you stand out from a crowd even if you don’t want to.to be seen; while this can be a problem for people on the other side of the spectrum who want to be seen.