The good thing if brief twice good. And if these short jokes that we present below make you laugh, much better. Laughter has very beneficial effects, and it is that it reduces insomnia, prevents heart attacks and rejuvenates the skin due to the invigorating effect of a good laugh. So get ready for a good ration of health.

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30 good and funny short jokes
We bring you an exquisite selection of jokes to tell in less than 30 seconds.

1. Candles
– Mmmm, candles! What are we celebrating
– That they have cut off our electricity…
The first short joke is this one that reminds us that we must always look for the positive side of things.

2. The WiFi of love
– If my kisses were WiFi, would you ask me for them or would you steal them from me
– I would use mobile data…
What we could baptize as technological cobra .

3. Salary
Someone who goes to a job interview and talking about salary:
– Well, you will start earning €1,000 and later €2,000.
– Oh, well, I’ll come later.
A wise choice.

4. The WiFi key
– Do you have WiFi
– Yes
– And what is the key
– Have money and pay it.
Great short joke and great answer for everyone trying to suck on WiFi .

5. The thieves
* Knock knock *
– Who is it
– Lola.
– Lola what
– Loladrones.
– Wait for me, I’m with lame.
– Lick that
– Machine gun.
Either they’re bluffing or they’ve called the wrong place.

6. I miss you
– Honey, I think you’re obsessed with soccer and I miss you.
– What’s missing
! Missing
! If I haven’t touched you!
Short couple jokes like this are usually very good.

7. Giving jumps
What a guy says to a policeman:
– Hey, Saboya street.
– Man, jumping around, of course “saboya”.

A classic of the Catalan humorist.

8. Avian
curse – How does a chick curse another chick
– Damn you!
A most innocent joke, although it has its beast side.

9. The judge
– Hey. Can you call a judge an imbecile
– No.
– And call an imbecile “lord judge”
? – Yes.
– Thank you, sir judge.
A very elegant way to insulttosomeone.

10. The honest father
– Dad, dad, did you get married in the church or in the civil
– Stupid!
We can’t imagine what this father would say when he had his son.

11. Valuable lesson
A teacher tells his students:
– Intelligent men always doubt, only fools think they know everything.
– Are you sure professor
? – Absolutely sure!
Someone may not get this short joke at first , but it’s still very good.

12. Bad timing
– Quick, we need blood!
– I am 0 positive.
– Well, too bad, here comes to cheer.
Okay,We recognize that it is bad enough . But silly humor is for smart people.

13. Strawberries
-Where are you going
? -To fetch manure for the strawberries.
-Cone, why don’t you try them with cream?
We don’t recommend this joke after lunch or dinner.11. Paradox
– Hey, how did the course for the clueless go
? – Oh, but it was today
It seems to me that the classes are not having an effect.

14. The important detail
– Nacho and I were going.
– No son, Nacho and I were going.
– How
? Then I wasn’t going . It will be
difficult to undo this wrong.

15. Triplets
Two friends meet and one tells the other:
– Wow, Rosario, I didn’t know you had triplets.
– Not if they are not triplets, it is that he is a very nervous child.
One of the best jokes I’ve ever heard, not just from Eugenio.

Her Anniversary A woman tells her husband:
– Honey, tomorrow is our anniversary and I’m going to kill a chicken.
– And what is the chicken’s fault
? Kill your cousin, who is the one I introduce to us.
Another failed marriage joke . Better take things with humor.

17. Holy patience
– My virtue is patience.
– What
– That my virtue is patience, damn deaf!
Another short joke based on the proverb:“Lord, give me patience, but give it to me now!” .

18. Mama, mama
– Mama, mama, at school they call me shampoo.
– Calm down, Johnson, no more tears.
It is important to think about the future that we are giving our children.

19. Important
– I’m sorry but you’re a tightwad and a disgusting cheapskate, I’m not going to marry you, take it, I’ll give you back your ring.
– And the little box? It’s

better that he kept it.

20. Painting
– Do you really like painting
? – Diu: A lot, but more than one bottle makes me sick.
A very short joke but that goes a long way.

21. Very beast
Do you know that the other day my mother fell from the balcony and now she is in heaven
– Well, how your old bounces!
This is one of the most beasts we have found , but you have to take things with humor.

22. Native English
– Dad, can you help me with my English homework
– Sure.
– How do you say door seller
? – Vende-door.
– Thank you daddy.
– Of nothing.
Mastering a language is a matter of improvisation .

23. Mannequins
– Hey, Hey, but why do you hit that mannequin
– Arrrrrrrg! I just can’t stand fake people!
You don’t have to get like that either, man…

24. Cakes
– Nino! Don’t eat more cakes you’re going to burst!
– Well, give me another and get away!
As we have pointed out at the beginning: short jokes are always the best .

25. The relationship-refrigerator
-My wife has left me a note in the refrigerator that she said: “I’m leaving because this doesn’t work anymore”, but I’ve been checking this pot for two hours and it’s cold in luxury.
It seems to me that she is misunderstanding…

26. The party
– Mommy, since dad is Chinese, you are white and I am black
– With what happened that night, she appreciates that you don’t bark.
Well , it would be better not to know what happened that night.

27. Fortune teller
It is someone who goes to see a fortune teller, knocks on the door and they answer:
– Who is it
– Well, what a shitty fortune teller!
There are a few fortune teller jokes, but this is one of the best .

28. The gray car
They were two friends and one of them says to the other:
– Hey, I found out that you bought a car, what color is it
– Cone, don’t scream so much that I’m not deaf.
– No, but it’s a strong gray.
This is, without a doubt, one of the ones that makes me laugh the most , although I don’t know why.

29. The confessional
It’s a guy who goes to the confessional, kneels down and says
– Hey, father, you’re the one who keeps women away from evil
– Yes, son, yes.
– Apart-me two for Saturday.
In this type of humor the clergy always tends to be in a bad place.

30. Submariners
– I like divers because deep down they are good people
Deep down, you know you laughed.

20 Bad Short Jokes
The name of this section may surprise you, but as bad as they are, some of these jokes will make you laugh out loud. Because silly humor is for smart people.

1. The gardener
In an employment agency:
– Hello, do you have a job for me
– Hmmm, maybe, are you interested in being a gardener
– Leave money
, but if I’m looking for it!
Not the best joke in the world.

2. The scale
There was a woman so, so fat that when she weighed herself on the scale she would say:
– I will continue…
It’s not okay to laugh at the physique of others, but you can’t help that malicious giggle

3. The Lord of the Rings
– Hey, did you see The Lord of the Rings
– Yes, but don’t buy him anything…
If Frodo was told this joke I wouldn’t do him an iota of grace.

4. Thor
How does Thor climb a skyscraper
– In ElevaThor. Many puns
can be made with Thor and Aitor . 5. Esdrujulas
– Doctor, I’m asthmatic, is it serious
? – No, it’s esdrujula… Let’s
recognize that this joke has its own.
via GIPHY 6. Agustin
– Hello, is Agustin
– No, I’m uncomfortable.

This is one of those classics that last over time.

7. Mickey’s PC
– Donald uses a keyboard and Mickey mouse.
A short joke for the smallest of the family.

8. Boarding
– Captain, captain, 40 caravelas are attacking us!
– A fleet
? – No, they all float.
Let’s throw that sailor overboard.

9. Socks
– Dad, Dad Do you have holes in your socks
– No, son, no
– Then how did you get your foot inside

Pure and simple logic.

10. The funeral
– Do you know how he died
? – In a fight, the sign says “funeral”, but it doesn’t say with whom.
An accent can change everything.

11. Minister
What is the name of the Japanese defense minister
– Yotiro Tirito.
There are plenty of short jokes with Japanese names.

12. Batman Forever
– Good morning, I’d like to rent “Batman Forever”
– It’s not possible, you have to return it tomorrow…
We must admit that this one has made us very funny.

13. The German shepherd
– How beautiful is your dog, what breed is it
? – He is a German shepherd.
– What’s his name
? – Mr.
– The Lord
? – Yes, because “the Lord is my shepherd”.
For those who haven’t gotten it, the phrase is a religious psalm .

14. Hawaii News
– A family occupied a piece of land in Hawaii. Let’s see who evicts her.
We cannot avoid throwing our hands to our heads at such a joke.

15. Well go
– Do you know the joke about the man between two fences
– No.
– Well go man, go.
One of those jokes that have been shared on social networks .

16. iPhone7
– Dad, you’re obsessed with mobile!
– Shut up, Alfonseven!
When they release a new model, he will go for another son.

17. Superman tricks
– Where does Superman hang his cape
From him-Easy, on super-cheek.
We assume he did it out of superstition.

18. The academy
– Hello, is the English academy here
– If, if. Between, between.

Literal translation: “yes, yes, come on, come on”.

19. The robbery
– Maria!! The adjoining apartment has been robbed.
– With me?
Not with me!
Bad joke where they exist.

20. The cherry
A cherry looks in the mirror and says:
– Cherry
We end the selection with a short but REALLY bad joke.

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