Macarena Gomez , a face known for being part of the cast of ‘La que se avecina’, in addition to having participated in several films, joins the cast of ‘Angry Birds 2’ , which completes the trio formed by Santiago Segura, Jose Mota and Alex de church.
The actress will give voice to a new character that will revolutionize life on the island and force birds and pigs to face a new threat .

Macarena Gomez will voice a new bird from ‘Angry Birds’

At the premiere of ‘Angry Birds’ in 2016We were able to hear the voice of the well-known psychologist from ‘La que se avecina’ Cristina Castano, giving life to the main character of Matilda, one of the most important characters in the plot because she was the therapist who was in charge of appeasing the aggressive birds.
Before the next premiere of ‘Angry Birds 2’, it has now been announced that another of the actresses of ‘La que se avecina’, Macarena Gomez, takes over from Cristina Castano and will give the voice to the new pajara who will have a relevant role in the movie. The actress, who plays the role of Lola Trujillo in the comedy series, has participated in more than thirty films, including ‘Pieles’ and ‘Musaranas’.
Based on the video game collection, in ‘Angry Birds, the movie’ we meta community of happy birds that do not fly in which there were three outcasts: Red, a bird with a very bad temper, the fast Chuck and the volatile Bomb. The apparent tranquility of the island was then altered by the arrival of some mysterious pigs, whose purpose the three outcasts were investigating.
In ‘Angry Birds 2’ Red, Chuck and Bomb will return to their old ways with their tension with the green pigs, but in this case a new and evil villain appears, Zeta , who lives on the Frozen Island and who, tired of living Between ice blocks, it will threaten Pig Island and Bird Island, forcing each other to overcome their differences to guarantee the survival of their paradises.

Macarena Gomez will be precisely the one in charge of giving voice to Zeta. The actress gained experience dubbing animated films with ‘Emoji: The Movie’ (2017). She now joins the cast of ‘Angry Birds 2’ along with Santiago Segura (Red), Jose Mota (Chuck) and Alex de la Iglesia (Leonardo), who already put their voices in the first part of the saga.
The cast of the original version of the film is made up of Jason Sudeikis (Red), Peter Dinklage (Chuck) and Danny McBride (Bomb), while actress and comedian Leslie Jones is in charge of voicing Zeta.
The sequel to ‘Angry Birds’ is directed by Thurop Van Orman(‘The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack’) and Jack Rice (Rick Morty). Peter Ackerman , well-known creator screenwriter among others of ‘The Americans’ and ‘Ice Age 3: The origin of the dinosaurs’, has been in charge of writing the story based, again, on the video games developed by Rolo Entertainment.
The first part of the franchise caused a division of opinions and, together with those who saw it as an acceptable adaptation, there were also those who considered it boring and unnecessary. ‘Angry Birds 2’ will be released on August 23 with the mission of providing something new that justifies its existence.

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