The cinema genre of science fiction shows a versatility and a propensity for change, a perspective typical of a genre capable of evolving almost on its own. The public especially appreciates its ability to remain a vehicle of specific contents and messages, despite this propensity. A detachment from the observed reality that does not affect in any way from this point of view. The best science fiction films , over time, are characterized by explosiveness and narrative genius as well as interpretative at the same time.

Choosing the top 10 science fiction films is very complicated. Because there are some real masterpieces that have remained out. But the choice is difficult. We have tried.

Here, then, are the titles that have entered our list in the following lines: welcome back to CineMagazine!


  • Blade Runner
  • Back to the Future
  • Inception
  • Metropolis
  • The army of the 12 monkeys
  • 2001 A Space Odyssey
  • Matrix
  • Terminator
  • Star Wars
  • ET L’extraterrestrial

Blade Runner

1982 film with Ridley Scott director, who thinks of reproducing a genre in which the protagonist, actor Harrison Ford, is a policeman in a dystopian Los Angeles. 

This setting favors the proliferation of so-called ” replicants ” or alien creatures, if you prefer, unwanted. Therefore, the special mission that arises and, precisely, make use of the “Blade Runner”, special agents to eliminate intruders.

Back to the Future

Robert Zemeckis celebrates the triumph of time travel, a not too hidden desire of man. Dated 1985 , in this film the protagonist Michael J. Fox plays a boy who meets his parents in the past thanks to the collaboration of the mad scientist Doc.

A film that is not just science fiction but, on the contrary, makes you think a lot. 


Christopher Nolan uses Leonardo DiCaprio ‘s masterful interpretation to enter the human subconscious. He uses this type of technology for business purposes and assigns the protagonist a role, a mission which, however, could destroy him in the long run. Film from 2010 .

A film erroneously judged ‘heavy’. Of course, it requires a little attention and participation even from the public who cannot miss a single scene, otherwise it is not possible to understand everything well.


One of the oldest films ever. It goes back to 1927. It can be said that Fritz Lang is a sort of forerunner of science fiction cinema at its origins. A strict order is established between rich and poor within the same metropolis, but separated by two different areas. The protagonist Hans tries to drag the population into his revolutionary ideas in order to subvert this order.

Will he succeed?

We will not spoilers, but let’s say that it is set in 2026 and that, in many places, it anticipated very well some aspects of the society we are experiencing. 

The army of the 12 monkeys

A film about time travel with a contemporary flavor. Set in a future where humanity is shocked by the extension of a lethal virus that decimates the population.

Actor Bruce Willis plays the part of an inmate, James Cole, who is tasked with investigating the origin of the virus through a journey into the past. But he will have to deal with something else.

With the Covid-19 pandemic there are those who have no longer wanted to put this film in the science fiction field. Beyond who is right, however, we say that it was a sad premonition.


2001 A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick , one of the most influential directors on the science fiction film scene, analyzes human evolution from a scientific and technological point of view. The odyssey of astronaut Clarkman towards Jupiter represents the point of departure and arrival at the same time of this film.

Some frames are the protagonists of memes on social media since various predictions have not come true and are used as the symbol of an involution of the society that is undergoing year after year. 


1999 film starring Keanu Reeves as the chosen one named Neo. Perceived reality is nothing more than an artificially created illusion .

Sometimes the two areas tend to get confused, producing the famous existential choice:

“Red pill or blue pill?”

Which one will our Keanu choose? Find out for yourself!


Film starring American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1984 . Set in the year 2029 where the Skynet computer entrusts a human anti-resistance mission to a machine called, precisely, the Terminator. His goal is to kill Sarah Connor, leader of the human “rebels”.

Star Wars

The genius of George Lucas, another director of a certain depth, produces a cinematic representation oriented to space warfare. Special effects are an integral and active part of this film. In a galaxy far away, the rebels fight against the pre-established empire . From here, in practice, a certain Harrison Ford takes off.

ET L’extraterrestrial

Steven Spielberg launches a phrase on the market that has become a real catchphrase: ET telephone home ”. A request for help that certifies the perfect union between alien species and human species. The alien in question is hiding in a child’s home, but his stay on Earth will be anything but peaceful and comfortable. The group of American government agents continues to track him.