Cheap outfits: our “fast fashion” ideas in today’s post

Imagine seeing a beautiful woman, super top model, advancing through the course, with the latest clothes, accessories of great style, fashion jewelry,  and then discovering that she found everything at the local market!

Would it surprise you?

Yet it shouldn’t because the art of dressing well for a few euros is not new. Many people practice it, and they really manage to spend very little, obtaining in any case a cover-style result.

The right dress, if you have a flair for fashion, can be found everywhere: here are five examples for your cheap outfits with a “WOW” effect!

Casual outfit with a few euros

Dressing casual means dressing in a way suitable for almost any occasion of the day, whether for work, to go to an aperitif with friends, to go to the children’s play. To do this, just focus on a single style accessory , leaving the rest “to chance”. 

Simple shirt or sweater , possibly one color, with blue jeans and tennis shoes will be your base; then, not too elegant shoulder bag; finally – the touch of class – a raincoat or long coat according to the fashion of the moment, with the fashion color of the moment. In practice, you will have saved on four elements by investing only in one.

Outfit per lo sport

For your Sundays dedicated to running, to outings, or to the gym every day, you need normal sportswear. But who says that wearing sporty can’t mean dressing in fashion? And to be fashionable in sports today, just find, for example,  a nice top or a brightly colored tank top and combine it with a tracksuit.

Maybe a jumpsuit with patterned prints, in a completely different color to that of the top. Complete with sneakers-like tennis shoes and a single-colored sweatshirt that perhaps incorporates the inner top. In short , a crazy mix of styles and colors that already makes you cool!

An inexpensive outfit just for work

If you do a particular job, such as a sales rep, salesperson, real estate agent, business manager, you might prefer to have a specific look to show off in the office. With very little expense you can try the “androgynous look” , that is to dress like a boy !

Just use the simplest shirt you have, the pants of the suit you are already wearing and steal your husband’s tie! Or, a simple one-color t-shirt, masculine-cut jeans trousers, leather pouch and all over a long striped and flared raincoat, like a men’s shirt in a giant size, as is used today. The biggest expense will have been just for this.

Cheap evening outfits: first idea

An idea for your gallant Saturday night outing? You will only have to spend to buy a little black dress, a fairly simple dress that is also cheap. To make this garment fashionable, unleash your imagination with what you have at home. 

A colored silk scarf could become his original belt , a brooch – an accessory that is back in fashion – on the chest, matching shoes and on the whole a short coat or a linen shoulder cover that recalls the color of the belt.

Evening outfit, second idea

Smart tip to adapt to the times. Buy a nice evening dress on e-commerce sites , which online will cost you less than half a shop. Look for it simple and in one color. You will do the rest by combining the right bag, perhaps colored and matching the shoes , or by combining a shoulder cover or a particular shawl.