Valentine’s Day is upon us. The party of lovers is fast approaching and it takes some preparation so that everything is perfect for the most romantic evening of the year . If you have not yet thought about the program and the details to make your lover’s heart beat faster, here are some style tips and more .

The look that makes you feel beautiful

Let’s start with the outfit. To be really trendy, among the protagonists of this season we find the high boots , up to the knee, to be worn with  leggings or with mini dresses . No matter the height of the heel, high, stiletto-based with a wedge, fashion designers have decided to please everyone. Obviously, if you are not used to walking on stilts, it is better to opt for a comfortable and low shoe that does not make you appear clumsy and in difficulty while walking. But the most important advice is to feel comfortableand beautiful in the dress you have chosen to wear, which is not a trivial matter. Among other things, even if fashion imposes certain rules, always remember to choose clothes based on your height. Still have no idea what to choose? Get advice from your most elegant friend or take a look at online fashion sites, such as the new style guide by Zalando Prive. You will immediately have the ideas suitable for the perfect dress code!

Strong emotion-proof makeup

For a make-up that lasts all evening , however, it is better to focus on a very natural effect. In this case it is essential to use small tricks to make it last as long as possible. So, to create a perfect base, the ideal is to use a moisturizer with a very light texture, wait for it to dry and proceed with the primer and then apply the foundation. Better to use the brush to avoid product waste and have a more velvety effect . Finally, apply a veil of powder that will set the base and a blush to define the complexion.

Sensual notes

After talking about make-up, perfume shouldn’t be overlooked either . But be careful not to overdo it. In fact, too much splashing could annoy the partner. For those who want to change scent there is really spoiled for choice. The scented novelties for the cold season are all to try and discover. In fact, you can choose between delicious and classic notes such as: pink pepper , mandarin and jasmine . Or opt for floral oriental fragrances.

The right gift

For those who have time and, above all, desire, it would be nice to make a Valentine’s Day gift for their partner with their own hands. But if this is not possible, do not resort to a thought bought at the last minute anyway. On the contrary, carefully choose a special thought that truly represents your loved one and, if the local shops do not satisfy you, remember the simplicity of buying on the Internet.

Valentine’s Day at home

Are you an incurable romantic and want to organize Valentine’s Day at home? Here are some tips for turning your apartment into a luxury restaurant. The first is to pay close attention to the menu. Better to shop the day before and prepare light and slightly spicy foods. Don’t forget the wine and dessert , preferably prepared with your own hands. To adorn the table, choose two shades of color, not just red to be clear, and place a nice centerpiece of fresh flowers. Finally, the right lighting is required for a fairytale atmosphere. The best choice is the use of small light points, such as candles or mini LEDs, in various areas of the room that will favor a pleasant intimacy .