Being hipster: after this post you will no longer have any doubts and you can follow all the trends related to it!

Hipster meaning and origins of this style

What is the meaning of hipster?

We are not sure about the etymology of the term hipster . According to some sources this could derive from hop  which in jargon means marijuana or hip , which according to the Wolof language means to see.

According to other studies, however, it derives from the term hep , with which the jazz enthusiast is identified.

In fact, this style was born in the America of the 40s thanks to fans of this musical genre and also takes its cue from the white American subculture that was inspired by the novels of Jack Kerouac .

Kerouac himself defines hipsters like this:

Wandering souls bearers of a special spirituality.


Norman Mailer instead, in one of his essays, defines American hipsters as:

American existentialists, who lived their lives surrounded by death, annihilated by atomic war or strangled by social conformity and who decided to “divorce society, live without roots and embark on a mysterious journey into the subversive imperatives of the self”.

So ultimately we do not know the meaning of the term hipster , but we are able to place the birth of this new cultural and fashion movement starting from the 40s in the USA, among those who were against consumerism and all those values ​​that give them little by little they were surfacing.

Hipster culture

The hipster style was therefore born in the 40s but continues to develop over the decades, especially during the 60s, inspired by another cultural and social movement famous at that time: the hippie style .

Over time, therefore, the main characteristics of the hipster culture become:

  • Nonconformity;
  • No to consumerism and mass culture;
  • Sensitivity towards the ecological culture;
  • Free sexuality;
  • Tendencies to follow their own personal fashions and tastes, not those imposed by others;

Hipster fashion: clothing and looks

Here we are at the heart of our post: in fact in this paragraph we will deepen the hipster fashion, following two strands:

  • Hipster clothing and its masculine and feminine variations;
  • Hipster look: trends regarding the man / woman look linked to this eccentric and particular style;

In general, the hipster style winks at vintage , which inspires it for its looks and outfits.

Let’s immediately see how men and women interpret themselves and their being hipster through fashion and personal look.

Dress up hipster

Dressing up hipster therefore means making sure, through your own clothing, to communicate your social unconventionality and the rejection of the rules that society imposes.

Let’s see together how hipsters dress according to gender.

Man hipster style

The hipster man in general is basically a person with a great culture, who does not go in search of branded clothing, even if it is very important for him to be recognized with the right clothes.

Typical men’s hipster clothing is made up of certain fashion cornerstones, which are:

  • Skinny jeans , with a narrow line, therefore adherent. Go to the cuff that reveals the sock , always colorful and imaginative;
  • Checkered shirt , tartan style, typical of a “lumberjack”;
  • oversized sweaters and cardigans  , through which to communicate one’s belonging;
  • T-shirt with original patterns and prints or depicting 80s-90s rock stars (blending a little with the rock style);
  • Converse shoes or alternatively the moccasin ;
  • Large eyeglasses, preferably with thick black or alternatively brown frames;
  • Wool hat from which to glimpse the tuft of hair;
  • Narrow and not too long ties, bow ties and suspenders are widely used as accessories ;

Hipster beard and man hair

As for the hipster look, in reference to beard and hair, this is very recognizable.

Men usually wear long and thick beards , accompanied or not by mustaches (some then wear them curled and pointed), while their hair appears neat, with or without hairspray, and can be more or less long.

We have already written about the hipster beard in our previous post that we invite you to re-read.

Girl hipster style

Even women can be more hipster than ever!

In fact, hipster fashion invades the female universe who dresses for the occasion with a nod to the vintage style, inspired by indie rock music and non-conformist American culture, of which we have previously mentioned. In addition, the girl hipster style is tinged with glam, merging with another style: the bon ton one.

How does a hipster woman dress?

The hipster woman clothes and accessories that cannot miss in your wardrobe are:

  • Tight pants , which can be jeggins, skinny jeans worn to the calf, leggings in eco-leather;
  • Shorts , preferably inspired by vintage jeans;
  • Low shoes , better if Converse and Sneakers;
  • For a perfect woman hipster style, choose dresses with floral patterns , with a retro mood.
  • Very colorful caps and caps ;
  • Original printed and colored tops and t-shirts ;
  • Oversized sweaters and cardigans, such as those worn by boys;
  • Printed or plain colored scarves and foulards ;
  • Large glasses , preferably with black frames;
  • Leather jacket with patches, which is very reminiscent of the rock style;
  • Denim jacket , like a real hipster ;

To complete your hipster look you can then take inspiration from Zooey Deschanel ‘s fringes or alternatively for your hipster hair we recommend an asymmetrical cut, even with locks dyed in bright colors such as copper red.


Hipster neighborhoods and cities

To conclude our post on the hipster style, we indicate what are very hipster cities and neighborhoods:

  • London : above all the Hoxton and Shoreditch districts;
  • New York , Williamsburg neighborhoods in Brooklyn;
  • San Francisco at the Mission District;
  • Los Angeles in Echo Park;
  • Paris Belleville district;
  • Berlin in the Prenzlauner Berg district;

The most hipster city in Italy? Definitely Bologna!