Either because they no longer wear ties or because no one has taught them, most mortals would not know how to tie a tie knot . However, the tie is a unisex garment that combines with more modern and casual looks.

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The origin of the tie dates back to the 17th century, during the reign of Louis XVII , when French soldiers began to wear the scarf around their necks to protect themselves from the cold. Shortly thereafter, this trend spread to the court and in the centuries to come took new forms.
It is in the second half of the 19th century when the current tie appears, longer and more functional, without a specific practical function. Today thousands of people wear it, although not everyone knows how to tie a knot correctly.

Step by step: how to tie a tie knot
Let’s go with the easiest and most elegant way to tie a tie: the simple knot. It is perfect for men and women of medium height, while the shorter ones will have to dare with the double knot that we detail later.
1. First we raise the collar of the shirt and fasten all the buttons. We hang the tie so that the narrow part is on the right side of the chest, with the point in the middle of the torso.
First step to tie a tie knot. | Image from: Youtube.
2. Next, we cross the wide part over the narrow part, just below the neck. The thumb of the left hand holds the knot from behind.
Second step to make a tie. | Image from: Youtube.
3. We fold the wide part belownarrow, so that it is on the right.
Third step to tie a tie knot. | Image from: Youtube.
4. We fold again, this time above , so that it is again on the left. We tighten the knot with the index and thumb.
Fourth step to tie a tie knot. | Image from: Youtube.
5. Now we come to the key moment. We pass the wide part through the inside of the neck, so that it protrudes above, and pull it.
Fifth step to tie a tie knot. | Image from: Youtube.
6. To finish, we place the index finger inside the knot that has been left just in front of the chest and pass the wide part inside , as it appears in the following image.
Sixth step to tie a tie knot. | Image from: Youtube.
7. Pull gently to tighten the knot and adjust the tie. We are ready to find the perfect jacket. In case it is not entirely clear to you, you can see the video below.

Types of tie knots
But not everything is reduced to the simple knot. Next we expose several types of knots for all kinds of suits.

1. Double knot
Ideal for those of smaller stature , since the wide part is crossed twice. To do it correctly, we must repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 twice, so that a resistant knot remains.

2. Windsor knot
Another classic is the Windsor knot, fromelegant English style for special occasions . It owes its name to the Duke of Windsor, who popularized it. It is somewhat more complex, since it must fall between the two parts of the neck and hide the last button of the shirt.

3. Half Windsor
If you are unable to correctly tie the previous knot, we offer you an easier but just as popular version . For thin and slightly thick ties.

4. Small knot
If you have little time, the ideal is to make a small knot, the easiest way to tie a tie . It fits perfectly on thick ties, but doesn’t look too good on long-collared shirts. The key is in the initial 180 degree turn.

5. Butterfly knot
If you have atuxedo with bow tie neck , an easy and elegant option is the butterfly knot. It has multiple variations and we can use various colors and motifs.

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