Cinema has the peculiarity of being a channel through which multiple disciplines circulate: just as there are films based on literary works, there are also products influenced by cinema. Perhaps this is due to the popularity of the audiovisual medium, which attracts a massive audience; perhaps it is a product of the malleable nature of this artistic discipline, which adapts to any format and adapts any format to its structure. The truth is that some movie classics, as well as some modern movies, have become the theme used by online slots.
From the big screen to the casino: five movies that inspired slot games | @felixmooneeram

The phenomenon of online casinos
Despite the fact that they represent a minimal percentage of the total banking, online gambling has grown enormously in the last decade, and it is postulated as a promising industry, with a wide potential for expansion. The main tool of this commercial success is the constant traffic of users: the more people participate in online gambling, regardless of the amount they bet, the more the sector will grow. Thus, there are options for all types of public: visit this page to try your luck at online casinos in Mexico, where the possible dangers of Internet gambling are explained, as well as the parameters to take into account when gambling. to bet. This way of playing also has the peculiarity of being portable and available all the time, for which it becomes much more practical than traditional casinos. The banking virtualization process seems to be immersed in a larger phenomenon, which is the virtualization of the human experience in general: relationships and communication are increasingly mediated by devices and screens, and it seems that this trend is both irreversible as necessary.

Cinema in online slots The case of Planet of the Apes
is curious : this film from the 1970s is a tribute to the book of the same name, published in 1963 by Pierre Buolle. Of course, in the passage from one artistic medium to another, there are inevitable changes; likewise, the successive remakes of this film were adding or modifying layers of content. What to say about the translation of all this artistic journey into an online slot
machine? This is the case of the game created by Netent, one of the most prestigious online casino developers on the market. This slot features a group of men and women facing off against a contingent of primates. The music of the game is quite revealing, as it reveals the warlike animosity of the spirit of the work.
The same company has created a Jumanji slot machine, the 1995 film starring Robin Williams, which is on the billboards again today. The focus of attention in this case is on the dynamism of the adventure, in order to translate that essential part of the movie into the functionality of the slot machine. Also, Netent has announced that they will launch slots based on the Netflix series Narcos and Vikings, so it seems that the link between cinema and games is barely being explored.
“I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse,” said the immortal Vito Corleone in the movie The Godfather .; Perhaps that phrase has another meaning today. This classic could not be missing from the list of movie slots, which was developed by Gamesys, a company located in the United Kingdom. It could be said that The Godfather has ceased to be a mere film to become a leitmotif that can be used by any discipline: it no longer belongs to Mario Puzo, author of the original novel, nor to Francis Ford Coppola, but is heritage of all, as often happens with the classics. Jurassic Park
could not be missing from this list either., another gem of mainstream cinema that was reappropriated by countless disciplines. The attraction potential of this imaginary plagued by dinosaurs and dangers is unlimited: all kinds of people can feel the call of the Jurassic park. This is how the Microgaming company, creator of this slot machine, saw it.
Finally, an illustrative example of this translation process leading to the creation of a slot machine can be presented. What would the creators of the video game Tomb Raider have thought, back in 1996, if they had been told that their product would go on to be a successive cinematographic success, as well as the raw material for gambling games?
Surely they would not have believed it, but it is today.
The process that leads a movie to become a slot machine is the product of an intersemiotic translation, where the essence of cinema must be reflected in the game. The plastic potential of the big screen seems endless.