Do you think that more than a boyfriend or a girlfriend you have a bodyguard
? Don’t be fooled. Here are 20 very common phrases of jealousy and characteristics of toxic relationships. If your partner abuses them, you may want to remove that person from your life or tell them that you have a serious problem. Never let anyone control your life.

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20 Jealousy Phrases to Avoid
Although jealousy can take many forms, these phrases are often the most repeated by excessively controlling people. Next, we explain the reason why they are also absurd. 1. Why do you keep seeing that uncle/aunt?
This is one of the most repeated phrases of jealousy. We all have eyes in our faces and they escape from time to time. It is normal for us to notice a person who is attractive to us, but that does not mean that our partner is less attractive to us. 2. Why do you put on so much makeup
? Why do you look so handsome?

The reason she puts on so much makeup is the same reason why you get ready in front of the mirror. This phrase is very common in jealous people and, if it is repeated frequently, it can be a sign of a toxic relationship. The point is that she wants to feel pretty and she has every right in the world to put on makeup. 3. I only take care of what is mine.
This statement is one of the worst, since, in addition to being a characteristic phrase of toxic relationships, it implies an alarming feeling of possession. There is something that must be clear in every relationship: no one owns anyone . 4. Why do you put the automatic lock option on your cell phone
You have to be really stubborn (to say the least) to interpret that a phone lock hides a secret romantic relationship. The reason is simply that you don’t want anyone who steals your phone to have access to your information. 5. How do you know that man / woman you just greeted?
All toxic relationships hide comments of jealousy of this type. Is it that your partner can’t have friends? A greeting between two responsible adults has nothing to do with flirting. On the contrary, that a person gets along with others around her implies that he has a sociable and open mentality. 6. I trust you but not them.
Although this phrase usually goes unnoticed, it hides an unhealthy jealousy for the couple. If you are confident enough with his or hers, you have nothing to worry about. If you think that all men have a macho attitude or hide hidden intentions or that all women want to woo your boyfriend, you have a self-esteem problem that needs to be solved. 7. Tell me what time and I’ll pick you up Your partner is not your driver and does not have to control each and every one of your movements. Trust and friendship is the basis of the most solid relationships. 8. Why were you talking to that uncle/aunt
Another of the most common phrases of jealousy. As humans, our way of relating is through words and each one is free to talk to whoever they want, always respecting the freedoms of the other. 9. You are connected/connected and you don’t tell me anything.
A person does not have to be aware of the mobile 24 hours a day. Toxic relationships are those that are based on control and obsession. On the contrary, a couple may spend hours without speaking and still love each other like the first day (or even more). 10. I have called you several times and you have not answered me. What were you doing?
This sentence is very similar to the previous one. Perhaps your partner is busy doing anything and does not have to justify it.11. What are you going to do on that girls’ night?
Talk about your things, drink wine and have a good time. There is nothing you can do about it except accept it and be happy for her. 12. Delete those photos where you come out with that cleavage.
It is the choice of each one to wear striking clothes or wear tight necklines. If she likes to show that part of her body, even on social networks, it is because she feels safe with her body and wants to show it to everyone. 13. Give me your Facebook/Instagram password.
Social networks are an excellent tool to exercise your freedom of expression or to share according to what experiences. When they become a control tool for your partner, it is best to tackle the problem immediately. There is no need to share passwords on any social network. 14. Why do you like that photo of your friend?
She likes that photo because she likes what she sees, and if you don’t realize it, it’s your problem. Although sometimes a like can mean something more, most of the time it has no relevance . Do not feel limited or restricted when interacting on social networks. 15. You have received a WhatsApp. Who is
Excessive control can be suffocating. Throughout the day we talk to many people around us, so relax. 16. Today do not go out.
This is the worst of jealousy phrasesand represents the total imposition on the other person. Do not allow it to reach such an extreme and, if you feel like going out and having a good time, you are within your rights to do so. 17. Why do you talk to me about your ex
With this statement we can open a real debate, but I am of the opinion that there is nothing wrong in talking about a previous relationship, as long as it does not become a habit . Talking about the ex implies that he feels comfortable with you and that he wants to leave that stage behind with your help. 18. Do you prefer to defend him / her instead of defending me
Many think that two people who sleep on the same mattress become the same condition. Although there is some truth in that sentence, the truth is that defending a specific opinionIt has nothing to do with the feelings you have towards your partner. If you think it’s wrong or wrong, say so. 19. Would you rather do that instead of spending time with me?
A couple is not an indivisible pack that must go everywhere together. Each person needs their own space and if the relationship is not respected, they can be resentful. 20. What are you thinking?
This is a completely innocent phrase in a normal context, but it can become a sign of jealousy if repeated frequently. It would be the last straw if your partner also restricted your freedom of thought. Moreover, we all have the right to fantasize from time to time.

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