If there is a saga that, in recent years, has remained at the foot of the canon despite changes in the industry and in the public, that is The Purge . In such a volatile genre and in which as much trash is released as in terror and suspense, that The Purge is in its fifth installment, when it started from such a simple formula, is a sign that things have been done very well there .

The Purge 5, the end of the saga
One of the most responsible for this good work has been James DeMonaco, the creator of the franchise , director of the first three films and screenwriter of the four, who has been in charge of telling the world the good news.
For those who do not know, the Purge movies take place in a dystopian United States where, after a great institutional crisis due to crime waves, it is decided to suspend the laws one night so that people can satisfy their baser instincts . In the first installments of the saga, three different “purge” nights are told, with protagonists as disparate as a poor family from a troubled neighborhood or an aspiring senator who opposes the celebration of “The Purge.” In the fourth movie we were told the beginning of this bloody tradition, what will the fifth installment bring us?
Everything we know about the fifth installment of The Purge. | UniversalPictures.

What we know about the fifth installment of The Purge
Well, James DeMarco has not wanted to give us any advance. He has only said that the way to end the saga with this fifth installment will be “a great way to end everything” and that, following the line of the saga of releasing a tape every two years since 2014 , when the second installment was presented.
“I think I’m going to write it, it’s a great way to end everything. We want to end all this, and I’m very excited. When I came up with the idea and proposed it to everyone, they seemed delighted, and I think it will be a really great ending, “says James DeMonaco
The saga of films managed by Universal has meant a lot to the United States. It began as a criticism of society and has led to political allegoryof the times in which we live. Anticipating controversial figures like Donald Trump through his New Founding Fathers, the Purge saga has become a way of taking the pulse of American politics. It is already known that, many times, fiction explains reality much better than the most rigorous news.
The Purge 5 will be the end of the saga and will be released in 2020. | UniversalPictures.

Release date for The Purge 5
The final release date for the fifth installment has been announced for July 10, 2020 . We will have to wait until then (a little over a year) to enjoy the last part.
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