In the cinema and on television, everything tends to be fictional, since small details that we cannot even imagine, even the sex scenes that may exist, can be retouched in post production. However, from time to time we get movies in which the directors decided to transgress all the rules of decorum to show the actors consummating relationships before the camera, bringing with it the controversy and, incidentally, a bit of publicity.
Let’s take a look at some of those raunchier moments, both real and fake.

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12 scenes of real sex in movies
Without cheating or cardboard. In these sequences those involved had real sex.

1. The empire of the senses (Nagisa Osima, 1976)
The way of making movies of yesteryear has nothing to do with how many controversial or complex sequences are currently shot in terms of their realization, something that is clear if we see The empire of the senses, based on the passionate real-life romance between a geisha and a married man during interwar Japan. To make the romance of the protagonists more realistic, Osima had no qualms about filming them having real sex , which caused a wave of criticism that meant that these sequences had to be cut.

2. Caligula (Tinto Brass, 1979)
To give authenticity to the sexual debauchery that reigned in ancient Rome, producer Bob Guccione pressed the brazen Italian director (who would end up being fired) to add several real sex scenes, including a massive orgy that also includes fellatio. Although it is true that porn professionals were used for this sequence , it is no less true that Helen Mirren, Peter O’Toole and Malcolm Mcdowell (Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange) starred in other of the most torrid moments; yes, simulated.

3. On the Hunt (William Friedkin, 1980)
The filmmaker who had triumphed in 1973 with The Exorcist went behind the camera to film a tape that took place in the gay areas of New York, where a serial killer is dedicated to ending the lives of homosexuals in the community . To find him, agent Burns will frequent the local premises, where lewdness is the order of the day.
Originally titled “Cruising” (alluding to the sporadic encounters that take place in public places, very common in the gay community), this eighties film has almost forty minutes of masturbation, oral sex and orgies between several men , which had to be cut of its final version.

4. Lucia and sex (Julio Medem, 2001)
If a large part of Spanish cinema has been characterized by something, and Lucia and sex was not going to be exempt from it, it is because of the high erotic content in a large part of its films. In this work by Medem, an irrepressible passion will be born between Lucia and a famous writer whom she admires. Both will give themselves to each other unceremoniously, giving free rein to their most carnal instincts.
Of his most torrid real sex scenes (yes, carried out by doubles who pretend to be the star couple), one stands out on a beach in Formentera, where there is a lot of mud in between and, eye to the data, the close-up erection of a virile member that is closely focused while being masturbated .

5. Ken Park (Larry Clark and Edward Lachman, 2002)
Ken Park, the controversial work by Larry Clark after the dramatic Kids (1995), presents us with the sexual awakening of a group of teenagers, friends since childhood, who live in a California neighborhood. Despite their age, the three boys and the girl about whom the plot is planned, will immerse themselves in all kinds of sexual games without taboos , to which they resort as an escape valve from their stormy existence.
Moments like those of the trio or the bed scene between an adult woman and a minor, if they were recreated by body doubles because of age the actors could not carry them out by themselves; while others, like Tate’s masturbation to climax, were not recreated at all .

6. The Brown Bunny (Vincent Gallo, 2003)
Professional motorcyclist Bud Clay travels on his motorcycle from New Hampshire to California to compete in a new race. During his tour, he runs into several women with whom he has fleeting, yet fiery, one-night stands. However, none of them are good enough to get Daisy out of his mind, an old flame he still thinks about.
Vincent Gallo directs and stars in this auteur film that, beyond its explicit but tolerable scenes, was thrashed in Cannes for daring to show real fellatio, practiced by Chloe Sevigny (in the role of ex-girlfriend) on Gallo , his partner. in reality back then. The main detractors claimed that such an explicit moment had only been recorded to publicize the film.

7. 9 Songs (Michael Winterbottom, 2004)
Lisa and Matt meet at an overnight concert in London. Since then, these two strangers will embark on an adventure that will mix live music with wild sex to the sound of 9 songs, which will be the soundtrack of their sexual encounters.
In just 70 minutes, the Englishman Michael Winterbottom made what is probably his most provocative film, in which the main duo’s sex sequences were totally authentic , without resorting to body doubles; which brings 9 songs dangerously close to the category of pornography if it weren’t for its post-production montage.

8. Shortbus (John Cameron Mitchell, 2006)
A film that, unlike those discussed so far, takes sex in a more casual way, almost bordering on the comic tone. Here, Severine, who works as a dominatrix, will be in charge of helping Sofia (eye to the data, sex therapist), so that she can have an orgasm once and for all. The “Shortbus” club will be the setting in which this story will converge with that of a diverse group of characters who have something in common: they come to this place to escape their miseries through lust .

9. Little ashes (Paul Morrison, 2008)
Shortly before becoming a vampire covered with the best of Swarovski, Robert Pattinson got into the skin of the young painter Dali, who spent his youth in a Student Residence in Madrid, a place where who became friends with Bunuel and Lorca.
Morrison’s film explores the early years of this charismatic trio of artists and, although it went unnoticed by most of the public, it has become famous now that it is known that the future Cullen gave himself pride until culminating in a close-up of his face , reflecting a pleasure that was anything but rehearsed.

10. Nymphomaniac. Volumes I and II (Lars Von Trier, 2013)
Always ready to arouse the wrath of viewers (and especially critics), Lars Von Trier directed this diptych on sexuality in which he reflected his most primitive fantasies, narrated in the form of flashback by Joe, the nymphomaniac after whom the film is named, after being rescued from an alley where she has been beaten.
Relying on a cast of highly prestigious actors, Trier put them to the limit of their acting skills to make them record a multitude of racy scenes that, although he argued that they were carried out using fictitious prostheses and that there were no real intercourse; moments like Shia Labeouf and Stacy Martin make it hard to believe. However, it seems that everything was an elaborate montage in which the torsos of the superstars were combined with the private parts of their doubles (who did copulate), in order to create the illusion that they were having real relationships .

11. The stranger of the lake (Alain Guiraudie, 2013)
The secluded beach of a lake is the place frequented by several cruisers in search of sex without commitment while they are roasting in the sun. In this atypical place, the lonely Franck meets the mysterious Henri, a man to whom he feels strongly attracted. Despite his dark secret, Franck will surrender to the desires of the flesh in order to fill his void…
Despite the filmmaker’s multiple attempts to get the actors to appear in the homosexual sex scenes, this he eventually had to give in and hire body doubles to do it for him. But yes, they did.

12. Love (Gaspar Noe, 2015)
Another who likes to stir consciences, like the good guy from Trier, is the Argentinian Gaspar Noe, something he’s been very good at since that kick in the stomach called Irreversible (2002). In Love, conveniently shot in 3-D, we witness the tortuous relationship of dependency that is created between Murphy and Electra, who decide to include a third party in their bed.
Without cutting a hair, Noe gives us a meat festival that differs little from conventional porn except, perhaps, for a more elaborate script and a very careful staging .

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6 sex scenes in highly successful series
Although they are far from being authentic, the sequences of these fashionable fictions are really hot.

13. Queer as folk (1999 – 2000)
Before the American remake, which would last up to five seasons, this British production premiered, focusing on three gay characters from a Manchester neighborhood, Vince Taylor, Nathan Maloney and Stuart Jones. These last two (incarnated by the very ‘Little’ from Game of Thrones and a very young ‘Jax’ Teller, before joining the Sons of Anarchy) would share a bed in several quite graphic gay scenes, rarely seen to date in a series that was broadcast on television .

14. Nip/Tuck (2003 – 2010)
The day-to-day life of the ‘Mcnamara & Troy’ aesthetic clinic was the perfect setting for this series, which reflected on the frivolities that surround the world of cosmetic surgery and what many are capable of achieving by having the perfect body . Outside of that, the series focuses its interest on the sexuality of its characters, including Christian Troy, the co-owner and gold playboy who likes to sleep with any woman he comes across, especially his ex Kimber, with who has a somewhat stormy relationship.

15.Californication (2007 – 2014)
Hunting down dangerous extraterrestrial entities leaves anyone touched, and if not ask David Duchovny, now converted into a writer fond of wild sex, cocaine and drink. And the thing is that if we didn’t lack something in Californication it would be promiscuity or absolute chaos , that is, seasoned with the notes of an ingenious acid humor to make this cocktail, if possible, more irreverent.

16. Game of Thrones (2011 – ¿

Up to seven seasons we had to wait for Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen (the few characters who have the privilege of having survived from the first season to the carnage that this mass success has brought) They will end up sleeping, especially after their failed love stories. And it is that Ibeyond script twists, betrayals and cruel unexpected deaths; the sex scenes of Game of Thrones are another of her great attractions .

17. Shameless (2011 – ¿

The Gallaghers are a large family adrift, thanks in part to the negligent head of the family, Frank. In return, her eldest daughter Fiona will be the one who takes responsibility for her brothers and her alcoholic father, while she tries to lead a normal life of her age. From the first chapter, Fiona made it clear to us the high doses of hard sex that we were going to find in this series that is not politically correct.

18. Big Little Lies (2017 – ¿

HBO gave the surprise in 2017 with this portrait of the apparently idyllic lives of three mothers of different ages: Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley, all excellent in their respective roles. But not everything is what it seems at first glance, since the duo formed by Celeste Wright (Kidman) along with her dream husband, Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgard, with whom she represents the paradigm of an idyllic life), perform one of those scenes that, although sensual, reveal the background of abuse that underlies the marriage .

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